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4/4 98%

Before Midnight (2013)

"Think of it, in the best way possible, as an intellectual's midlife crisis movie, which resonates all the more because we've known them - and aged along with them - for the last 18 years." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted May 31, 2013
3/4 79%

Iron Man 3 (2013)

"It gives Black and his co-writer Drew Pearce ample opportunity to showcase the natural ease with which Downey creates America's snarkiest of flawed heroes." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted May 2, 2013
3/4 53%

Oblivion (2013)

"A twisty-turny piece of sci-fi escapism that mostly stands on its own." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Apr 19, 2013
3/4 61%

Evil Dead (2013)

"Alvarez is relentless in his pacing, delivering blow upon blow with so much breathless gusto that you don't know whether to scream, vomit or laugh maniacally." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Apr 5, 2013
4/4 95%

War Witch (2013)

"Nguyen creates a mesmerizing tone through his camerawork, editing, sound and the infusion of African folk imagery and ritual, but it's Mwanza's performance as Komona that makes "War Witch" feel so miraculous." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Mar 29, 2013
3.5/5 59%

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

"It's a little bit corny and sometimes too in love with its own cleverness - but it's also the most fun I've had at the movies this year." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Mar 8, 2013
2/4 52%

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

"It's all at the right level for a PG-13 audience, though older teens, and adults not accompanying kids, might find it all to be just a little too storybook." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Mar 1, 2013
1/4 46%

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

"A clumsy mess of supernatural hooey that conveniently shifts its rules and reasoning whenever the story needs a shove in the direction of its inevitable showdown." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Feb 14, 2013
1.5/4 14%

A Good Day To Die Hard (2013)

"Although he can still kick it into gear when the situation demands it, it's not entirely clear if it's McClane, Willis, or maybe the franchise itself that's barely mustering up the strength to carry on." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Feb 14, 2013
2.5/4 37%

Stand Up Guys (2013)

"A thoughtful little buddy caper comedy that wisely exploits the audience's natural affection for its aging stars." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Feb 1, 2013
3.5/4 100%

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Live Action (2013)

"A delightful set of films spanning genres, styles and the globe in just one outing." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Feb 1, 2013
3.5/4 95%

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animation (2013)

"A delightful set of films spanning genres, styles and the globe in just one outing." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Feb 1, 2013
3.5/4 96%

West of Memphis (2012)

"Nearly overwhelms you with hopelessness, if not an adrenaline rush of rage - even if you're familiar with the case." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jan 25, 2013
4/4 98%

56 Up (2013)

"Apted possesses the unsettling ability to shape perceptions of their lives and personalities from inside an editing suite, a fact that the members of his flock begin to recognize at varying points throughout their adult years." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jan 25, 2013
1.5/4 31%

Gangster Squad (2013)

"Ruben Fleischer's gleefully grisly shoot-'em-up is just one more chapter in the epic love story between Hollywood, guns and gratuitous violence." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jan 11, 2013
4/4 93%

Amour (2012)

"Haneke treats Georges and Anne with absolute respect, never pandering to sentiment or cliché and most assuredly not sugarcoating the experience of walking one's partner through suffering, toward death. " ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jan 11, 2013
4/4 92%

Zero Dark Thirty (2013)

"The suspense comes not from how we ultimately bring down bin Laden, but how Maya - and what remains of America's fraying do-gooder conscience - fares in the process." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jan 3, 2013
3/4 88%

Django Unchained (2012)

"It's not much of a stretch to call Tarantino's entertainment-oriented brand of revisionist history tacky, if not deeply offensive, but the energy and audacity with which he executes it is undeniable." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Dec 21, 2012
2/4 51%

This is 40 (2012)

"It's great that Apatow isn't afraid to dig deep to mine the uglier sides of matrimony, but his unusual personal connection to the material and the somewhat off-putting." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Dec 21, 2012
2/4 64%

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

"Jackson's risky creative choices have drained Bilbo Baggins' adventure of its magic." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Dec 14, 2012
3/4 62%

Hitchcock (2012)

""Hitchcock" marks the first time Hopkins and Mirren have appeared together on-screen, and it's as fun to watch as you'd imagine." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Nov 30, 2012
3/4 74%

Killing Them Softly (2012)

"For all the guys who get whacked in gloriously grisly and stylized ways, there wasn't one moment when I cared even slightly who came out of it alive." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Nov 30, 2012
3.5/4 87%

Life of Pi (2012)

"Even during Pi's bleakest moments lost at sea, Lee's artistry gives us something at which to marvel" ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Nov 24, 2012
3.5/4 90%

Lincoln (2012)

"It's Kushner the playwright who moves "Lincoln" from uncanny historical re-enactment to near-mythic memorial." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Nov 16, 2012
3.5/4 93%

Skyfall (2012)

""Skyfall" is as much a joyful trip down memory lane as it is a 21st-century Bond adventure." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Nov 9, 2012
3/4 78%

Flight (2012)

"In an outstanding, raw performance, Washington never strays from Whip's rough road of addiction and psychological turmoil." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Nov 2, 2012
2.5/4 66%

Cloud Atlas (2012)

"With all that Cloud Atlas throws at you over the course of three relatively swift hours, something is bound to stick." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Oct 26, 2012
2/4 84%

Smashed (2012)

"Despite the youth of its main characters, "Smashed" doesn't deliver much that's new to the sobriety genre." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Oct 19, 2012
4/4 96%

Argo (2012)

"Take away the regrettable late-1970s fashion and facial hair and director Ben Affleck's "Argo" is one timely, taut thriller." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Oct 12, 2012
1/4 43%

The Paperboy (2012)

"The one thread that does run through Daniels' wildly fluctuating, self-indulgent film is a preoccupation with pointless perversity." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Oct 12, 2012
3/4 87%

Frankenweenie (2012)

""Frankenweenie" is Burton boiled down to his wonderfully weird essence, coated with warm nostalgia for his early days as a filmmaker and his childhood as an artsy loner stuck in the suburbs." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Oct 5, 2012
3/4 84%

Sleepwalk With Me (2012)

"It's not the most novel character arc in the world, but sometimes a story doesn't need to break new ground. Sometimes it's enough for it to feel comfortable, maybe even familiar, and make you smile." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Sep 14, 2012
1.5/4 24%

The Words (2012)

"It's Cooper who's the biggest casualty, forced to deaden his surefire spark to accommodate his dud of a character." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Sep 7, 2012
3/4 56%

Bachelorette (2012)

"An unexpected and bitterly funny take on the misery of the modern, maladjusted woman." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Sep 7, 2012
2/4 67%

Lawless (2012)

"A steady, though rather lifeless backwoods crime drama." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Aug 29, 2012
1.5/4 75%

Premium Rush (2012)

"If it didn't star the universally beloved Gordon-Levitt, "Premium Rush" would quietly fall in the category of late-summer time killer for teenagers. " ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Aug 24, 2012
3.5/4 86%

Robot & Frank (2012)

"A bittersweet, quietly hilarious buddy caper that deserves to be the sleeper hit of the summer." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Aug 24, 2012
3/4 78%

Killer Joe (2012)

"Friedkin creates a twisted work of trailer-park noir that both surprises and horrifies, and gives us one more reason to call 2012 the year of McConaughey." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Aug 17, 2012
2/4 56%

The Bourne Legacy (2012)

"For a film with Jason Bourne's DNA, this is the slow one in the family." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Aug 10, 2012
3/4 78%

Ruby Sparks (2012)

"A refreshing romantic comedy for the smart set. " ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Aug 3, 2012
2/4 94%

The Queen of Versailles (2012)

"A tragicomic indulgence of schadenfreude with the sophistication of a Kardashian reality show." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jul 27, 2012
3/4 87%

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

"There's no doubt that fans of the legendary Nolan trilogy will find a finale that satisfies." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jul 20, 2012
3.5/4 86%

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

"Zeitlin's grainy, hypnotic feature film debut offers a child's fantastical perception of life at nature's edge." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jul 13, 2012
2/4 44%

To Rome with Love (2012)

"Even at 76, Allen maintains his grueling pace of releasing one film a year, which doesn't allow much time for finely tuned scripts, robust character development or visual finesse." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jun 29, 2012
2/4 78%

Brave (2012)

"It's disappointing that the team of writers, including Andrews and Chapman, failed to redefine what it means to be a heroine in big-budget animation." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jun 22, 2012
1/4 41%

Rock of Ages (2012)

"The film feels much like where it came from, modern-day Broadway - a formerly grimy section of New York City that's been scrubbed clean and thoroughly Disneyfied." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jun 15, 2012
3.5/4 72%

Prometheus (2012)

""Prometheus" may go overboard on the existential inquiry, but it's still an epic ride." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jun 8, 2012
3/4 94%

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

"Exactly what you expect from Anderson, and also dangerously close to overstaying its welcome." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted Jun 8, 2012
1/4 57%

Hysteria (2012)

"For a film that's so up in women's business, it's surprising how far it gets from putting an authentic woman on the screen. " ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted May 25, 2012
1/4 68%

Men in Black III (2012)

""Men in Black 3" is a bore." ‐San Diego Union-Tribune
Posted May 25, 2012
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