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5/5 88% [Rec] (2007) If you're going to a horror movie, it's because you want to be scared senseless. In this regard, they don't come better than [REC].‐
Read More | Posted Sep 29, 2015
3/5 83% My Name Is Khan (2010) An accessible and enjoyable watch.‐
Read More | Posted May 26, 2015
4/5 88% Inglourious Basterds (2009) Vintage Tarantino returns to the big screen and he's brought all his trademark moves with him.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 23, 2014
3/5 62% The First Grader (2011) With the melodrama cranked up as high as it is, it's hard to believe this was a true story.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 15, 2011
4/5 96% 13 Assassins (2011) A wildly entertaining blockbuster that should appeal outside the extreme Asian cinema niche market.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 7, 2011
4/5 82% The Double Hour (2011) Ambitious and intelligent, expect to see a Hollywood remake.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 14, 2011
3/5 67% The Company Men (2011) The points made are good ones, even if you wish they could work them in a more subtle way. At the very least, it's a hopeful take on a troubling issue, with a genuine belief in old-fashioned Americana values as the key to survival.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 7, 2011
3/5 33% The Hangover Part II (2011) If you can look past the fact that this film is closer to a remake than a sequel, it's an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half. Might not be original, but it's still funny.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 21, 2011
3/5 59% Scream 4 (2011) This fourth instalment will please the older fans of the series and should make some new ones amongst the audience who were too young to catch Scream on its first go round.‐
Read More | Posted May 16, 2011
2/5 25% Arthur (2011) It's depressing to watch something that starts out with so much promise devolve into genre fodder.‐
Read More | Posted May 16, 2011
4/5 89% Certified Copy (Copie Conforme) (2011) In this gracefully understated setting, Juliette Binoche delivers an acting master class.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 9, 2011
3/5 34% Hall Pass (2011) ...sees the Farrelly brothers making a virtue of their newfound 'maturity'.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 3, 2011
2/5 9% Saw 3D (2010) The novelty has worn off and familiarity has kicked in as the creators show no signs of deviating from a well-worn formula. Now it's the Police Academy of its style.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 3, 2011
3/5 30% Sanctum (2011) For the best part, the actors shut their mouths and the story becomes far more action based.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 17, 2011
2/5 79% Fair Game (2010) ...sets itself up as a political thriller, but abandons this path half way through to turn into a domestic melodrama and moralising political message.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 8, 2011
3/5 33% Wild Target (2010) ...mindless entertainment in a refined style.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 3, 2011
3/5 44% The Green Hornet (2011) A bit shapeless as a story but relies on the charm of Rogen and a few big set pieces to connect the dots.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 20, 2011
3/5 86% Unstoppable (2010) This simple but effective man versus machine blockbuster signals a return to form for director Tony Scott.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 11, 2011
1/5 16% Skyline (2010) A movie with this many quality special effects shouldn't ever be as genuinely boring as this.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 5, 2010
4/5 87% Let Me In (2010) It may not have the depth or nuance of the original, but it's still a great story, stylishly told.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 22, 2010
5/5 89% Lebanon (Levanon) (2010) Given the current global climate, this is an important film - a personal, powerful anti-war statement.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 15, 2010
3/5 65% Jackass 3 (2010) The real star is the slow-motion high-definition camera that gives even the most basic punch to the face a cinematic sensibility.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 7, 2010
2/5 6% The Last Airbender (2010) Why do the water tribe have so much difficulty defeating their fire opponents when the battle takes place on the ocean?‐
Read More | Posted Sep 22, 2010
3/5 78% Mother and Child (2010) Provides moments of genuine emotion and pathos, be you a man or woman, parent or childless.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 16, 2010
4/5 73% Piranha 3-D (2010) The carnage is incredible, with each death more imaginative and bad-taste funny than the last.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 25, 2010
2/5 30% The Collector (2009) Delivers gruesomeness but not a whole lot else.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 10, 2010
2/5 86% Skin (2009) Something akin to a Sunday afternoon TV movie of the week.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2010
3/5 73% Soul Kitchen (2010) While some of the characters veer towards caricature, the actors milk them for all the humanity and lo-fi humour possible.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2010
3/5 50% Second Hand Wedding (2008) You can see where you're supposed to laugh and cry, but most of the time the techniques employed to achieve this err too far on the side of subtlety. Because of this, Second Hand Wedding doesn't linger long in the memory after the credits have rolled‐
Read More | Posted Jul 29, 2010
1/5 18% Dance Flick (2009) I'm trying to think of something nice to say about this movie but I'm drawing a blank.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 22, 2010
3/5 65% Predators (2010) For a movie with an all-action style, there's a little more down time than you'd expect but both sci-fi and gore fans should easily get their fix.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 8, 2010
4/5 85% A Single Man (2009) Be it colour, composition or movement %u2013 Ford seems to have a natural ability to use the camera to create a vivid but tasteful milieu that works as both an eye-catching palette and an expressive representation of grief.‐
Read More | Posted May 13, 2010
3/5 67% Daybreakers (2010) Daybreakers could have been a pulpy delight instead of just another, albeit entertaining, action movie.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 15, 2010
4/5 73% Winter in Wartime (2011) The final plot twist acts as the catalyst for an edge-of-your-seat finale, one of several exciting set pieces.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 12, 2010
3/5 67% Date Night (2010) Fey and Carell both show why they are so highly regarded, bringing pitch-perfect comedic timing to their parts as they bounce material off each other like it's the most natural thing in the world.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 8, 2010