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To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

""To Kill a Mockingbird" relates the Cult of Childhood to the Negro Problem with disastrous results." ‐Village Voice
Posted Feb 22, 2016

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

"Mr. Lucas is not without a certain technocratic sagacity, but I don't think he's communicating even with the young as astutely as he once did." ‐New York Observer
Posted Nov 16, 2015

The Warriors (1979)

"If the movie is not as dangerous as its detractors claim, neither is it as glorious and memorable as some of its less discriminating admirers would have it." ‐Village Voice
Posted Sep 8, 2015

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

"Nichols has actually committed all the classic errors of the sophisticated stage director let loose on the unsophisticated movies. For starters, he has underestimated the power of the spoken word in his search for visual pyrotechnics." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 10, 2015

The Last Picture Show (1971)

"At first glance, the movie is a faithful and skillful adaptation of the source, but a second look at both the film and the book reveals some interesting divergences." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 2, 2015

Public Enemies (2009)

"The desperate times in which we suddenly find ourselves ... make Public Enemies seem especially timely." ‐Film Comment Magazine
Posted Sep 24, 2014

Wild Wild West (1999)

"Forget all the ruinously expensive special effects. They're not worth a minute of your time, much less two hours of mind-boggling mediocrity." ‐New York Observer
Posted Jun 17, 2014

Pearl Harbor (2001)

"The best way to see the movie is as I did: expecting nothing and being pleasantly surprised, and strangely moved, by Mr. Bay's audacity in filming his lovers in end-of-the-world close-ups, however briefly." ‐New York Observer
Posted May 28, 2014

Politist, adj. (Police, Adjective) (2009)

"The film proceeds at Detective Cristi's pace, stopping and starting, hiding and emerging, scanning and staring, as the languid camera surveys the dismal neighborhoods with undisguised ennui." ‐Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 20, 2013

Vincere (2010)

"Bellocchio encapsulates the long-running mass hysteria of a nation enthralled by the demagogic antics of a now-seeming buffoon." ‐Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 20, 2013

Octubre (2011)

"It is through its loving attentiveness to words and silences that the movie draws us closer and closer into its universal theme. " ‐Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 20, 2013

The Ghost Writer (2010)

"In the total context of Polanski's hard life and grim ordeals ... The Ghost Writer constitutes a miracle of artistic and psychological resilience." ‐Film Comment Magazine
Posted Jun 20, 2013

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

"A painless, bloodless, and ultimately pointless futuristic fantasy." ‐Village Voice
Posted Feb 6, 2013

Patton (1970)

"George C. Scott's performance cannot be praised highly enough for capturing both the violence and the vulnerability of the Patton personality without degenerating either into vulgar caricature or cardboard sentimentality." ‐Village Voice
Posted Feb 6, 2013

The Birds (1963)

"Drawing from the relatively invisible literary talents of Daphne DuMaurier and Evan Hunter, Alfred Hitchcock has fashioned a major work of cinematic art, and "cinematic" is the operative term here, not "literary" or "sociological."" ‐Village Voice
Posted Jan 18, 2013

Nashville (1975)

"I hate to go out on a limb after only one viewing, but Nashville strikes me as Altman's best film, and the most exciting dramatic musical since Blue Angel." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jan 15, 2013

The Candidate (1972)

"Redford fancies himself so superior to the electoral process that he ends up with a completely fatuous characterization of a politician." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jan 14, 2013

The Graduate (1967)

"The emotional elevation of the film is due in no small measure to the extraordinarily engaging performances of Anne Bancroft as the wife-mother-mistress, Dustin Hoffman as the lumbering Lancelot, and Katherine Ross as his fair Elaine." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jan 14, 2013

Psycho (1960)

"Hitchcock is the most-daring avant-garde film-maker in America today." ‐Village Voice
Posted Oct 8, 2012

The Godfather (1972)

" Brando's triumph and fascination is less that of an actor of parts than of a star galaxy of myths. " ‐Village Voice
Posted Sep 24, 2012

L'Avventura (1960)

"A graduate of Screenwriting 1-2 might dismiss this method as casualness or even carelessness, but every shot and bit of business in L'Avventura represents calculation of the highest order." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jul 6, 2010

Séraphine (2009)

"The film is a commendably worthy endeavor, and I am almost ashamed that my ingrained hedonistic attitude toward movies prevents me from recommending Séraphine more enthusiastically." ‐New York Observer
Posted Jun 10, 2009

Tetro (2009)

"Despite all its longueurs and extreme aggravations, Tetro deserves to be seen as the late work of one of the cinema's most accomplished masters of mise-en-scène." ‐New York Observer
Posted Jun 10, 2009

Herb & Dorothy (2008)

"Herb & Dorothy describes and amply illustrates the extraordinary saga of the Vogels, who double-handedly built one of the most important collections of Minimalist and Conceptual Art in history with their modest salaries." ‐New York Observer
Posted Jun 3, 2009

Okuribito (Departures) (2009)

"The ultimate beauty of the film rests in its symbolic details that bridge the abyss between the living and the dead. As the French might say, it is to make one cry." ‐New York Observer
Posted Jun 3, 2009

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight (2009)

"What elevates the film to something more than a talking-heads documentary is the rapport established between Mr. Glaser and Ms. Keys on a project they both saw as a visual and verbal love letter to New York City." ‐New York Observer
Posted May 20, 2009

Terminator Salvation (2009)

"I cannot completely condemn a movie that has been very competently written, directed and acted, any more than I can blame Mr. Schwarzenegger for all the woes he has encountered while trying to govern California." ‐New York Observer
Posted May 20, 2009

Management (2009)

"In this Springtime of our Discontent, Management offers a bit of sunny but not entirely silly escapism." ‐New York Observer
Posted May 13, 2009

Adoration (2008)

"As for Mr. Egoyan, he remains an auteur at the highest level of cinematic creation, and even one of his lesser films, like Adoration, deserves to be seen." ‐New York Observer
Posted May 6, 2009

La Ventana (The Window) (2008)

"The Window is not without a certain visual spell that makes it a first-rate artistic achievement." ‐New York Observer
Posted May 6, 2009

Jazz in the Diamond District (2009)

"The music, with its infectious energy, together with Ms. Cameron's onstage charisma makes Jazz in the Diamond District well worth seeing." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 29, 2009

A Wink and a Smile (2008)

"A Wink and a Smile struck me as 90 minutes of narcissism with a hyper-feminist slant, and no erotic charge whatsoever." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 29, 2009

Revanche (2009)

"One of the most compelling assemblages of character studies I have seen so far in this too-often-dismal year of moviegoing." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 22, 2009

The Soloist (2009)

"Mr Downey and Mr. Foxx both turn in Oscar-worthy performances in their very strenuous and detail-drenched roles." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 22, 2009

Etz Limon (Lemon Tree) (2009)

"Lemon Tree is well worth seeing as a first-class artistic achievement bridging two civilizations." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 15, 2009

State of Play (2009)

"It is Mr. Crowe who lends State of Play a sense of perpetual urgency as he traverses the corridors of power in search of massive wrongdoing at the risk of his own life." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 15, 2009

Goodbye Solo (2009)

"A darkly poetic parable of the solitude of human existence, somewhat ameliorated by the occasional generosity of the human spirit." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 8, 2009

Lymelife (2008)

"The sterling ensemble portrayals of Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Hutton and the Culkin brothers on the male side and Ms. Hennessy, Ms. Nixon and Ms. Roberts on the distaff side make Lymelife worth seeing, especially in these dire times." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 8, 2009

Gigantic (2009)

"The various twilight performances of the veteran players deserve a look, as do the always interesting appearances of Mr. Dano and Ms. Deschanel. Only the sparks are missing this time." ‐New York Observer
Posted Apr 1, 2009

The Education of Charlie Banks (2009)

"I fully recommend The Education of Charlie Banks to anyone looking for something truly and subtly different." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 25, 2009

Un Baiser s'il vous plaît (Shall We Kiss?) (2009)

"The French cinema continues to be the source of our most timelessly enchanting romantic entertainment." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 25, 2009

Hunger (2009)

"A harrowing yet lyrical account of the fatal hunger strike of Irish Republican Army prisoner Bobby Sands in the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, in 1981." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 18, 2009

Duplicity (2009)

"Mr. Gilroy has outsmarted himself by pulling too many switches in his narrative. He then fails to recover by coming up with a smash ending that pulls all the scattered pieces together." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 18, 2009

Tokyo Sonata (Tokyo Sonata) (2009)

"Tokyo Sonata speaks to us, with feeling and passion, as one of the most eloquent statements on the world today that we are likely to see in this moviegoing year." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 11, 2009

Carmen and Geoffrey (2009)

"Linda Atkinson and Nick Doob's Carmen & Geoffrey is one of the most revelatory dance films I have ever seen." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 11, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

"Sunshine Cleaning is made of sterner stuff than the usual chick flick, and is well worth the time of all serious moviegoers." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 11, 2009

Sherman's Way (2009)

"Sherman's Way manages to be a road movie that never gets very far because it keeps going around in circles." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 4, 2009

Reunion (2009)

"Since no one in the cast is a household name, the series of confessions and critiques resemble nothing so much as actors' auditions." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 4, 2009

Fados (2009)

"Casts a wondrous spell as the third installment of the Spanish director's musical trilogy, which also includes Flamenco (1995) and Tango (1998)." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 4, 2009

Tokyo! (2008)

"The cumulative strangeness of Tokyo! is consistent with the previous eccentricities of the three directors, and is well worth the time of any moviegoer looking for something different in their movie diet." ‐New York Observer
Posted Mar 4, 2009
Showing 1 - 50 of 971