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Shattered Glass (2003)

"A deeply unsettling tale." Dallas Observer
Posted Nov 14, 2003

Elephant (2003)

"In the spaciousness of its concerns, it amplifies some burning questions about American life." Dallas Observer
Posted Nov 6, 2003

The Human Stain (2003)

"A relentlessly moving film whose emotions are the equal of its ideas." Dallas Observer
Posted Nov 1, 2003

Radio (2003)

"After enduring this flagrant emotional blitz, you may feel like throwing a penalty flag." Dallas Observer
Posted Oct 24, 2003

Home Room (2003)

"Thanks to Philipps's explosive need and Christensen's struggling vulnerability, we see the human costs inherent in tragedy once the TV trucks have left and only the haunting remains." ‐New Times
Posted Oct 14, 2003

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

"A virtual case study of Hollywood's irrepressible urge to lower the bar in the hopes of upping the take." Dallas Observer
Posted Sep 27, 2003

The Magdalene Sisters (2003)

"Powerful stuff, if a bit plodding and schematic." Dallas Observer
Posted Aug 15, 2003

S.W.A.T. (2003)

"A thoroughly unremarkable police action movie." Dallas Observer
Posted Aug 9, 2003

Lucia, Lucia (2003)

"Serrano keeps the wit coming, and another richly nuanced performance from the lovely, red-headed Roth keeps us always focused on the real mystery of the piece -- whether this appealing woman will find a way to find herself." Dallas Observer
Posted Aug 1, 2003

Hulk (2003)

"Seems as unhappily divided in its nature as Bruce Banner himself." Dallas Observer
Posted Jun 20, 2003

Sweet Sixteen (2003)

"The mission they undertook long ago -- the director once said it is 'to clarify the lives of ordinary people' -- has never seemed clearer, and the unpleasant realities they uncover here strike us with blunt force." Dallas Observer
Posted Jun 13, 2003

Finding Nemo (2003)

"Absolutely beautiful to look at, even when it has a bad case of the cutes." ‐New Times
Posted May 30, 2003

Stone Reader (2003)

"Such stuff will most appeal to an endangered species -- the devotee of literary fiction -- but anyone who gives a damn about the state of popular culture and the future of language will want to take heed." Dallas Observer
Posted May 9, 2003

The Safety of Objects (2001)

"After a slow start in which the complexities of person and plot take an age to get established, the film catches real emotional fire in some most unexpected places." Dallas Observer
Posted Mar 14, 2003

Lost in La Mancha (2003)

"An ideal film for movie buffs." Dallas Observer
Posted Mar 7, 2003

Das Experiment (The Experiment) (2001)

"A prison movie featuring superb performances and high emotional tension." ‐New Times
Posted Sep 19, 2002

Elling (2002)

"Beautifully observed, miraculously unsentimental comedy-drama." Dallas Observer
Posted Sep 5, 2002

Little Secrets (2002)

"The shock troops of the Cinema Without Limits army are unlikely to buy many tickets, but those who do will probably see the thing as sanctimonious pabulum -- even for its target audience of adolescents." Dallas Observer
Posted Aug 22, 2002

Swimming (2000)

"A coming-of-age film that avoids the cartoonish clichés and sneering humor of the genre as it provides a fresh view of an old type -- the uncertain girl on the brink of womanhood." ‐New Times
Posted Jul 25, 2002

My Wife Is an Actress (2002)

"Yvan Attal may be happily entangled in his fair Charlotte's web, but he doesn't manage to snare us." Dallas Observer
Posted Jul 11, 2002

Margarita Happy Hour (2001)

"A knowing look at female friendship, spiked with raw urban humor." ‐New Times
Posted Jul 3, 2002

Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) (2002)

"Deserves a place of honor next to Nanook as a landmark in film history." ‐New Times
Posted Jun 13, 2002

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)

"Why has Callie Khouri, a writer who startled men and women alike with her brilliant screenplay for Thelma & Louise, chosen a project this mainstream-safe for her directorial debut?" ‐New Times
Posted Jun 6, 2002

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001)

"A vivid, sometimes surreal, glimpse into the mysteries of human behavior." ‐New Times
Posted May 23, 2002

Home Movie (2001)

"Unless you're on a respirator, you'll find these folks fascinating and come to the inescapable conclusion that dwellings are not only necessity but autobiography." Dallas Observer
Posted May 23, 2002

The Believer (2002)

"This daring film challenges most widely held notions about religious conviction while providing a complex portrait of an identity crisis that's run amok and a good mind that's jumped the tracks." ‐New Times
Posted May 16, 2002

Life or Something Like It (2002)

"A cautionary tale about the folly of superficiality that is itself endlessly superficial." ‐New Times
Posted Apr 25, 2002

Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

"Peralta's mythmaking could have used some informed, adult hindsight." ‐New Times
Posted Apr 25, 2002

Murder by Numbers (2002)

"A thriller without thrills and a mystery devoid of urgent questions." ‐New Times
Posted Apr 18, 2002

The Cat's Meow (2001)

"This may not be great moviemaking ... but it's vastly enjoyable in a low-down, scandal-mongering way." ‐New Times
Posted Apr 11, 2002

National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002)

"Merely labeling National Lampoon's Van Wilder 'sophomoric' or 'vulgar' doesn't do justice to the perpetrators' dedication." ‐New Times
Posted Apr 4, 2002

Crush (2002)

"A loquacious and dreary piece of business." ‐New Times
Posted Apr 4, 2002

The Rookie (2002)

"It's a paint-by-numbers job of the worst sort, stuffed with more tired old baseball baloney than Harry Caray and about as dramatic as shagging flies in St. Pete." ‐New Times
Posted Mar 28, 2002

Pauline & Paulette (2002)

"Disturbing, beautifully acted movie." ‐New Times
Posted Mar 14, 2002

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

"In elevating bawdy teen farce to political metaphor without squeezing the fun out, Alfonso Cuarón has pulled off a nice little miracle." ‐New Times
Posted Mar 14, 2002

Big Bad Love (2001)

"Constantly touching, surprisingly funny, semi-surrealist exploration of the creative act." ‐New Times
Posted Mar 7, 2002

Time of Favor (2000)

"This fascinating look at Israel in ferment feels as immediate as the latest news footage from Gaza and, because of its heightened, well-shaped dramas, twice as powerful." ‐New Times
Posted Jan 31, 2002

A Walk to Remember (2002)

"Parents wishing to protect their beloved daughters from cliché overload might do well to withhold the old allowance money for a couple of weeks." ‐New Times
Posted Jan 24, 2002

La Stanza del Figlio (The Son's Room) (2002)

"Without unduly twisting our emotions or making any demands on our tear ducts, one of the world's most fluent filmmakers comes to terms with the 'divine and terrible radiance' of grief." ‐New Times
Posted Jan 24, 2002

Beijing Bicycle (2001)

"The complex, politically charged tapestry of contemporary Chinese life this exciting new filmmaker has brought to the screen is like nothing we Westerners have seen before." ‐New Times
Posted Jan 24, 2002

Dark Blue World (2001)

"The filmmakers give us a bitter taste of both the Nazi and Red regimes and take pains to remind us that one form of totalitarianism is no less cruel than another." ‐New Times
Posted Dec 27, 2001

Kate & Leopold (2001)

"Mangold gets stuck in the gooey sweet spots of his tale a little more often than he breaks loose with a bracing jolt of perversity." ‐New Times
Posted Dec 27, 2001

Ali (2001)

"Ali lands a few solid blows, but, sadly, it's no knockout." ‐New Times
Posted Dec 27, 2001

Lantana (2002)

"Lawrence constructs a vivid pastiche of human foibles, nicely flavored with a touch of suspense and some well-timed jolts of humor." ‐New Times
Posted Dec 13, 2001

The Business of Strangers (2001)

"It's a pleasure to watch these two superb actresses circle and attack, conspire and conflict in the corporate shark tank." ‐New Times
Posted Dec 6, 2001

Novocaine (2001)

"It takes a nimble mind to mix light and dark, to wed humor with treachery, and in Novocaine newcomer David Atkins is not always up to the task." ‐New Times
Posted Nov 15, 2001

The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)

"To call it great fun may be an exaggeration, but there's no reason to stop laughing at the cruel jokes life plays against the Ed Cranes of the world." ‐New Times
Posted Nov 1, 2001

Amélie (2001)

"If you're in the mood for a little sensory overload, some spirited intellectual gymnastics and an introduction to the most intriguing new actress Europe has produced in years, get in line with the rest of the thrill-seekers." ‐New Times
Posted Nov 1, 2001

Life as a House (2001)

"Winkler ... has no qualms about spooning out the sap, and Kline's cloying, mawkish performance ... is likely to make all but the most devoted three-hanky crowd squirm in its seats." ‐New Times
Posted Oct 25, 2001

Fat Girl (2001)

"An unflinching, remarkably honest filmmaker has given us a terrifying glimpse into some misadventures of the mind and the flesh you won't soon forget." ‐New Times
Posted Oct 25, 2001
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