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3.5/4 75%

Trolls (2016)

"You simply will walk out -- or perhaps dance out -- of the theater feeling very happy yourself." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Nov 3, 2016

The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi) (2016)

""The Handmaiden" is 145 minutes of clever, erotic entertainment." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 27, 2016

Arrival (2016)

"An outstanding sci-fi film with an intergalactic language lesson." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 27, 2016

Staying Vertical (Rester vertical) (2017)

"An intriguing variant on the usual tale of writer's block." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 27, 2016
No Score Yet

Paradise (2016)

"Konchalovsky more recently directed "The Nutcracker in 3D." Set in 1920s Vienna, that PG-rated film trivialized Auschwitz. "Paradise" atones for that mistake." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 20, 2016

The Commune (Kollektivet) (2015)

"Spritzes of humor skewer adults who are forgivably incompetent at managing their lives." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 20, 2016
No Score Yet

The Student ((M)uchenik) (2016)

"Serebrennikov deploys ornery irony in this scathing critique of a self-radicalized fundamentalist and local unbelievers." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Things to Come (L'avenir) (2016)

"This unpredictable portrait thankfully never defaults to the comeuppance of an overthinker." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Paterson (2016)

"Paterson's writing may never earn such notice, but his perceptions on everyday existence are a quiet delight. " ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 20, 2016

The Similars (Los Parecidos) (2016)

"This SF spoof eventually turns silly, but not in an interesting way." ‐Chicago Reader
Posted Apr 14, 2016
No Score Yet

Invasión (2015)

"Benaim forgoes any archival footage, capturing instead the texture of memory." ‐Chicago Reader
Posted Apr 14, 2016
No Score Yet

The Paradise Suite (2015)

"Ultimately the film's medley of interpersonal crises widens into a moving vista of modern Europe." ‐Chicago Reader
Posted Mar 3, 2016

Arabian Nights: Volume 1 - The Restless One (As Mil e Uma Noites: Volume 1, O Inquieto) (2015)

"The films are enchanting for their irony, their humanity, and their reflexiveness." ‐Chicago Reader
Posted Feb 4, 2016

Censored Voices (2015)

"Illuminating German-Israeli documentary." ‐Chicago Reader
Posted Jan 21, 2016
3.5/4 95%

The Salt of the Earth (2015)

"This moving, Oscar-nominated documentary is an odyssey of a tragic observer." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Apr 3, 2015
3.5/4 No Score Yet

Hogtown (2014)

"Hogtown is the most original film made in Chicago about Chicago to date." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Feb 20, 2015
3/4 86%

Adieu au langage (Goodbye to Language) (2014)

"Jean-Luc Godard is the acknowledged mascot, if not master, of intellectual cinema. In "Goodbye to Language 3D" the 84-year-old auteur... reprises his longstanding suspicion that words are worthless." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 16, 2015
3/4 47%

Viva la libertà (2014)

"Servillo charms in his dual turn, then takes it up a notch when one brother shows off his childhood knack for impersonating his look-alike." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 12, 2015
2.5/4 54%

Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation (2014)

"Zurich-born Stefan Haupt, however, interrupts his rapturous tour of this basilica with lackluster interviews." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 9, 2015
3.5/4 99%

Leviathan (2014)

"The masterful script deals with telling words." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 9, 2015
2/4 85%

Zero Motivation (2014)

"The office comedy is weak. The gross-out gags are too safe. A covert lesbian crush is underused." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 7, 2015
3.5/4 96%

Citizenfour (2014)

"This thoughtful film is designed with taste." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 5, 2015
2/4 97%

Keep On Keepin' On (2014)

"Like too many films on athletes and artists, Keep on Keepin' On seems afraid of going over our heads by examining the technique of its two musicians." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Oct 17, 2014
2.5/4 100%

Level Five (2014)

"A poetic if occasionally opaque film essay on the 1945 Battle of Okinawa." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Sep 26, 2014
2.5/4 80%

A Letter to Momo (2014)

"A sweet tale of a sad girl who moves to a new place and meets supernatural pals." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Aug 28, 2014
2.5/4 73%

The German Doctor (2014)

"Puenzo's initial premise is more promising, though, than her sensational tone." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Aug 15, 2014
3/4 76%

The Last Sentence (2014)

"Troell invokes '50's and '60's Swedish cinema: masterly black-and-white cinematography, philosophical angst, a lifeless marriage and loved ones visiting from the afterlife." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jul 17, 2014
3/4 83%

As It Is In Heaven (2014)

"A disquieting film about testing faith." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jul 10, 2014
2/4 28%

Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

"Director Scott Derrickson and his co-writer, Paul Harris Boardman, deliver a routine procedural with unremarkable frights." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jul 7, 2014
2/4 87%

The New Rijksmuseum (Parts 1 and 2) (2013)

"Suspense is modest as world-famous artworks are finally installed." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jul 7, 2014
3/4 80%

Fed Up (2014)

"Director Stephanie Soechtig gathers activists, doctors, kids, lobbyists, parents, politicians, reporters and teachers -- all with different stakes." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted May 22, 2014
4/4 96%

Ida (2014)

"Ida reaches spiritual depth through affecting performances rendered in sublime black-and-white compositions. Cinematographer Lukasz Zal places faces in the lower corner of his frame to arresting effect." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted May 22, 2014
3/4 63%

For No Good Reason (2014)

"Lovingly detailed with animated and archival imagery." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted May 15, 2014
3/4 83%

The Unknown Known (2014)

"[A] scary inquiry." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Apr 18, 2014
3/4 86%

Only Lovers Left Alive (2014)

"Jim Jarmusch stocks his latest low-key indie with more than his usual characters in low-velocity drift." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Apr 18, 2014
3/4 87%

Joe (2014)

"Gripping and at times agonizing." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Apr 10, 2014
3/4 98%

Jodorowsky's Dune (2014)

"Frank Savich's diverting documentary lets the 85-year-old filmmaker revisit a saga from the mid-'70s: his stellar two-year failure to adapt Frank Herbert's Dune for the screen." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Mar 27, 2014
3/4 89%

Le Week-End (2014)

"A nuanced romance for grown-ups." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Mar 20, 2014
2.5/4 68%

Visitors (2014)

"Non-narrative films can be opaque in deep ways. Visitors slips into pseudo-profundity. That said, I'd see it again." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Mar 13, 2014
2.5/4 91%

Kids for Cash (2014)

"May errs, however, in styling this human interest saga." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Feb 28, 2014
3.5/4 87%

Like Father, Like Son (2014)

"Like Father, Like Son is always wise about the quandary faced by the two fathers and the two mothers." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 31, 2014
3/4 20%

Cold Turkey (2013)

"[Writer-Director Will] Slocombe may not carve up his kin for Cold Turkey" but he serves a wry repast." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 17, 2014
3/4 86%

At Berkeley (2013)

"At Berkeley earns credit for documenting a distinctly articulate community. " ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 17, 2014
2.5/4 56%

The Best Offer (2014)

"Italian writer-director Giuseppe Tornatore... designs beautiful sets around Virgil, who holds the screen in nearly every shot. " ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 17, 2014
3/4 93%

Le passé (The Past) (2013)

"Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi creates detailed characters in distinctive circumstances, bypassing script cliches of domestic tension. " ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Jan 17, 2014
3/4 83%

Dhoom 3 (2013)

"Dhoom:3 is crowd-pleasing populist fare." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Dec 20, 2013
3/4 86%

Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony (2013)

"Writer-director Kerry Candaele incisively documents the ideological legacy of opus 125 in Chile, China and Germany." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Dec 20, 2013
4/4 95%

War Witch (2013)

"Atrocity and beauty somehow co-exist in War Witch." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Dec 17, 2013
3/4 86%

We Are What We Are (2013)

"A family implodes with a biting commentary on patriarchy." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Dec 16, 2013
3/4 72%

Go For Sisters (2013)

"This buddy/road film builds tension with its missing person quest in a border-crossing underworld." ‐Chicago Sun-Times
Posted Dec 13, 2013
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