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4/5 67%

Michael Jordan to the Max (2000)

"Jordan was born to be an admired all-star. But as the film so eloquently shows, he worked hard to be the classy superstar that he turned out to be." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 13, 2003
3/5 44%

The Siege (1998)

"A gripping build up gives way to an incredibly dumb finish." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 9, 2002
3/5 88%

American Beauty (1999)

"Moves from mirthful to moody and to downright overwrought near the climax." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 3, 2002

Yana's Friends (2001)

"Kaplun (director Arik's wife) as Yana has a knack for maintaining her dignity and her poise while struggling through her humiliating problems." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 8, 2001

The Circle (Dayereh) (2001)

"Alarmingly deft at exposing political and religious extremism for what it is." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted May 21, 2001

Ginger Snaps (2001)

"A hootin' howler this feature, another in the series of movies mixing tee-hees with the terrors." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted May 12, 2001

With a Friend like Harry... (2001)

"In the end, I was annoyed by the tricks, let down by the results. I felt so used." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted May 12, 2001

A Knight's Tale (2001)

"Even if you don't joust, you should appreciate Brian Helgeland's winking post-modern take on the medieval sport in A Knight's Tale." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted May 11, 2001

The Forsaken (2001)

"There are serious amounts of vampire letting, and some unintentional chuckles." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Apr 30, 2001

Amores Perros (2001)

"A harrowing portrait." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Apr 27, 2001

Kingdom Come (2001)

"Despite some lofty intentions, McHenry (who last directed the melodramatic Jason's Lyric) more or less keeps it sitcom superficial." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Apr 11, 2001

Love, Honour and Obey (2001)

"Has less ain't-it-cool flash than Guy Ritchie's hyperkinetic Snatch, but more satiric soul." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Apr 6, 2001

Pokemon 3: The Movie (2001)

"The kids will be served exactly the same sort of thing they got before -- fancy fluff." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Apr 6, 2001

Series 7: The Contenders (2001)

"Smith, as the deadly Dawn, holds the feature-length gag together without giving away the joke." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 30, 2001

Tomcats (2001)

"This feature makes Three Stooges Meet Hercules look like a visionary satire." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 30, 2001

The Brothers (2001)

"Looks good and is often easy to digest." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 23, 2001
3/5 96%

Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998)

"For purists, the animated story is a finely detailed expression of storytelling. For kids, the cartoon might be a little too fancy and not enough fun." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 20, 2001

Enemy at the Gates (2001)

"Erratic, but sometimes thrilling." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 16, 2001
2/5 56%

Hamlet (2000)

"Hawke is very trying as he spouts Shakespeare's 16th-century wisdom in the setting of 21st century New York in this Hamlet." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 12, 2001

Get Over It (2001)

"This formula film has no chemistry, even if it does deliver a few chuckles." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Mar 9, 2001

The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)

"Pretends to be obscure, but is really just another murder investigation yarn." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Feb 9, 2001

Saving Silverman (2001)

"A seriously flawed goof-fest." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Feb 9, 2001

Malena (2000)

"A film that aspires to do two things at once, but ends up doing not much at all." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Feb 7, 2001

Traffic (2000)

"A film which is sometimes hard to take, but difficult to shake after you've seen it." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 27, 2000

All the Pretty Horses (2000)

"All the beautiful scenery, and all the okay acting, and all the modern-day cowboy imagery just isn't enough." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 24, 2000

A Hard Day's Night (1964)

"The film was easy to dance to and had a sound comic rhythm. It still does." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 22, 2000

Dracula 2000 (2000)

"So hip and happening, it grooves." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 22, 2000

Miss Congeniality (2000)

"Petrie's formula of keeping it light and bright, and not too confusing, works." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 22, 2000

What Women Want (2001)

"A giddy, goofy Gibson hoot, this is." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 15, 2000

The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

"All of this is good, even great, in a ludicrously madcap way." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 15, 2000

Whatever It Takes (2000)

"The cliches annoy." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Marius and Jeannette (1997)

"[A] wobbly neo-political love yarn." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Final Destination (2000)

"Avoid this obvious exercise in re-inventing the Scream formula." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000
3/5 37%

Something to Talk About (1995)

"Khouri does get off some hilarious anti-male revenge lines." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds) (2000)

"Gone in 60 Seconds seems to be trying hard." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Return to Me (2000)

"90 minutes of complicated, sometimes hokey and occasionally hilarious episodic moments defining the human condition." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

28 Days (2000)

"It's self-revealing, self-serving and just plain sitcom-like." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Shanghai Noon (2000)

"In fact, Chan virgins might consider taking this opportunity to lose it with Shanghai Noon." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000
2/5 87%

Crimson Tide (1995)

"Crimson Tide is like that promising good-looking first date who ruins everything by talking." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Bounce (2000)

"Roos' dialogue in Bounce is uniformly decent, but the editing, especially in the middle and the end, is jarringly rough, even disjointed." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew (1999)

"My name is Bob, and I am a father who is very afraid." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

The Cell (2000)

"In the end, Lopez and Singh sell The Cell as their own, but the main ingredients of the Mark Protosevich story seem merely rented." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000
2/5 80%

Sunday (1997)

"It defines boredom by mostly being boring about it." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Sabrina (1995)

"It's likable, and nostalgic." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Central Station (Central do Brasil) (1998)

"[D]espite Salles' ragged editing and tedious pacing, Central Station makes its points about loss and suffering." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Eye of the Beholder (2000)

"No suspense and very little thrill about the posturing picture." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Pitch Black (2000)

"Don't take Pitch Black too seriously, and it will scare you silly." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000
1/5 29%

Village of the Damned (1995)

"Carpenter can't cloak the hilarity of this hoary horror tale." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Gladiator (2000)

"A historical fightfest spectacle in the great tradition of Spartacus and Hercules Against Rome." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Outbreak (1995)

"All a little too much, for sure, but Hoffman, Freeman and Russo do their jobs a little too well for it to matter." ‐Jam! Movies
Posted Jan 1, 2000
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