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A No Score Yet Sightings (2017) Dallas Morgan's first full-length movie uses the gimmicky style of a Z-grade monster movie to illuminate on what makes or breaks a family. It does so with strong acting, excellent characters, and an original premise.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 22, 2018
D+ 50% Tomb Raider (2018) The editing is shockingly bad, the green screen is some of the worst in recent memory, and the characters are so underdeveloped it seems inappropriate to use the word 'characters' on them.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 19, 2018
B 78% Maineland (2018) It runs too long, and music often drowns out valuable information. But Stella and Harry are wonderfully intriguing leads and watching them grow more confident, learn what they want and then achieve such is heartfelt enough that it is worth your time.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 16, 2018
C No Score Yet Los Angeles Overnight (2018) Los Angeles Overnight gets a lot right with excellent cinematography and engaging editing, all expertly acted, but it lacks clarity, tries too hard with its dialogue, and the characterizations are murky at best.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 15, 2018
A No Score Yet Nossa Chape (2018) Nossa Chape has an urgency and poignancy that several narrative dramas only wish they could achieve.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 12, 2018
B+ No Score Yet Accident Man (2018) While a few flaws prevent it from hitting its full stride, it is as fun as that team up makes it sound. Stylized directing and great action scenes make this a treat for Adkins fans and genre enthusiasts alike.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 8, 2018
C No Score Yet Cruel Summer (2016) Murky characterizations and an over-fixation on just the facts and events hinder Cruel Summer from achieving its full potential. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 6, 2018
A- 57% They Remain (2018) While it runs a bit too long, the direction is impeccable, the acting brilliant, and the ending pays off the slow build with something explosive yet heady.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 5, 2018
A 89% Black Code (2016) Black Code pulls back the curtain of awful government intrusion in very immediate terms. Genuinely terrifying, because these things are happening to regular citizens all over the world, it comes from the heart and seeks ways to end this madness. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 28, 2018
C- No Score Yet Nigel & Oscar vs. The Sasquatch (Sasq-Watch!) (2014) Sporting a premise that isn't as original as it thinks it is, nothing about Sasq-Watch is downright terrible, but it is sluggish and awkward, with only a few scattered laughs to be had.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2018
A- 58% The Strange Ones (2018) The Strange Ones is an elegant drama whose ending becomes poignant and elegiac. Brought to life by stellar acting and engrossing yet straightforward directing, the more the audience discovers, the more hypnotic everything becomes.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2018
C- No Score Yet Guys Reading Poems (2016) Since the movie hinges the crux of its emotional weight onto such a dull, uninspired sequence, it seems pointless. A maddening, inane affair that is pretty to look at.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2018
D No Score Yet A Wish for Giants (2018) Good acting aside, A Wish For Giants does not work on any real level. The direction is bland, the dialogue perfunctory, the story is a massive mess wherein every moment is so obviously staged.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 20, 2018
C- 40% Demons (2017) Demons has potential, but the fractured storytelling, plodding pace, and bad acting from half the cast thwart its ambitions. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 8, 2018
A- No Score Yet SoulMate (2016) SoulMate might have a familiar premise, hit some formulaic beats, and have a few pacing issues. But a movie is not just the story it presents, but also how it interweaves all the elements of film...the movie succeeds here in a way few recent films have.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 6, 2018
C- 0% Delirium (2018) There are certainly worse horror movies, but aside from a strong visual presentation, Delirium fails to connect.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 1, 2018
D 50% The Misguided (2018) Sadly, because Alexander's handling of the cast, and just plain miscasting, every moment rings hollow.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jan 26, 2018
A- No Score Yet The Golden Age (2017) The Golden Age is a bit too long and fails to fully engage the audience's attention for all of its runtime. But don't let that stop you from seeking out this otherwise impressive movie.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jan 12, 2018
A+ 100% Everlasting (2016) Honest portrayals of teenagers can be a bit hard to come by, but Everlasting is a triumph on all levels.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jan 11, 2018
C 33% Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (2018) The most prominent flaw here is that without knowledge of the first movie, Surge Of Power: Revenge Of The Sequel is impenetrable and nonsensical, as far as the plot's concerned.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jan 10, 2018
D+ 13% Battle Scars (2017) Without the PTSD, Battle Scars is a routine thriller, with some engaging performances and decent pacing. But, including PTSD feels exploitative and dramatically inert. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Dec 14, 2017
A 81% Violet (2017) Violet is an atmospheric drama that relies on its visuals to get the audience into the headspace of the main character. It is an arresting and intense watch that is wholly worth the experience.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Dec 7, 2017
A- 95% It's Not Yet Dark (2017) It's Not Yet Dark is not simply a tale of optimism in the face of an uncertain future, nor just a portrait of love overcoming the odds; it is a mosaic of passion for family, friends, storytelling, and life that brings out the best in humanity.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Nov 27, 2017
B 100% Beauty Mark (2017) Beauty Mark is tonally odd at times, and not all the scenes make coherent sense. But its story and message are remarkable, the actors are excellent, and the realistic depiction of adult survivors of sexual abuse is heartfelt.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Nov 27, 2017
A- No Score Yet Eddie Glum (2016) Fans of experimental films or odd horror, who don't mind a plothole or two, would be well advised to seek this title out.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Nov 10, 2017
C+ No Score Yet A Brilliant Monster (2018) There is certainly a lot to admire in A Brilliant Monster, with its stellar cast and stirring directing. But the rich visuals don't overcome the story's shortcomings, with the film being rendered confusing and pointless at the end.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Oct 30, 2017
A No Score Yet An American in Texas (2017) An American In Texas is an emotionally fulfilling and exuberant experience. Seek this out as soon as possible.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Oct 27, 2017
D No Score Yet Blood Circus (2017) Even for the most ardent fans of the underground fighting genre, Blood Circus will try their patience. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Oct 25, 2017