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Brandon Judell
Writing is one-tenth perspiration and nine-tenths masturbation. (Gary Oldman as Joe Orton in Prick Up Your Ears)

Agrees with the Tomatometer 75% of the time.

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58% Rabin, the Last Day (2016) "Politics aside, what's patently fascinating about Gitai's films is how his architectural background is reflected in how he structures his work. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Feb 2, 2016
17% The 5th Wave (2016) "As for wit, the only amusing aspect about The 5th Wave is that it ends as if there will be a sequel. That would really finish off mankind. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jan 22, 2016
80% Naz & Maalik (2016) "Jake Magee's truly superb cinematography and Andrew Hafitz's agile editing, along with Cook and Johnson's performances . . . allow you to focus on a brave attempt to explore budding queerdom among the Muslim populace. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jan 19, 2016
No Score Yet Viva (2016) "Héctor Medina keeps you enthralled with all the histrionic vigor and joy of someone who's survived the Punic Wars and finds there are no runs in her nylons-and that she's been loved and can still love. Call it the Healing Power of the Well-Coiffed Wig. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jan 11, 2016
67% The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) "So if you think you'd enjoy some third-rate James-Bondian comic blandness sparkled up by some enjoyable 60s outfits by Joanna Johnston, you just might have a real treat this weekend. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Aug 14, 2015
9% Fantastic Four (2015) "The film is all foreplay without an orgasm. . . . Visual effects supervisor Kevin Mack must have still been slaphappy from his work on 'Fight Club.' " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Aug 10, 2015
89% Colossal Youth (Juventude Em Marcha) (2006) "If you're not already a fan of Costa by now, joyfully mainlining on his existential aesthetic, you better sidestep this one. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jul 30, 2015
9/10 No Score Yet In Vanda's Room (2001) "Seldom has the unlit, mundane world of the penniless been so seductive " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jul 30, 2015
No Score Yet Ossos (Bones) (1997) "What follows is a series of long and moderate takes, often wordless, which are remarkable in their passive beauty. Costa doesn't so much as direct a scene as he paints a scene. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jul 30, 2015
89% Horse Money (2015) "If you are in the mood for self-indulgent befuddlement, although a befuddlement with grand intentions . . . the summing up of an impoverished life and world . . . this one's for you. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jul 30, 2015
85% Trainwreck (2015) "Beginning as a Lenny Bruce routine, Trainwreck ends up as a Harlequin Romance. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jul 28, 2015
32% Entourage (2015) "Entourage, in the end, is an unfunny schlong-a-thon fashioned by a crude purveyor of infantile sexual impulses with a fear of formidable, astute women. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jun 8, 2015
91% Grandma (2015) "This is a sublime, comic journey, and a superb Lily has seldom been better. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jun 2, 2015
81% The Overnight (2015) "Might just be the best American sex comedy since Paul Mazursky's 'Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice." Jumps from extreme silliness to unbridled outrageousness to a truth most dramas do not achieve. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jun 2, 2015
85% The Wolfpack (2015) " A hauntingly exuberant documentary . . . " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jun 2, 2015
49% Tomorrowland (2015) " The plot of Brad (Ratatouille) Bird's Tomorrowland is an incomprehensible muddle. A Wachowski screenplay reimagined by William Burroughs would be easier to follow. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted May 22, 2015
94% The Farewell Party (2015) "Moves about at a brisk pace with flawless acting, majestic cinematography, & a warm sensibility, while arguing Schopenhauer's point that "there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person." " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted May 14, 2015
65% Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) "Although Pitch 2 is mostly painless, with several fine musical numbers, especially Snoop Dogg's Christmas duet with Anna Kendrick's Beta, the dialogue voiced between the often agreeable a cappella chorals seldom rises above the lame. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted May 14, 2015
No Score Yet Maraviglioso Boccaccio (Wondrous Boccaccio) "Here's a leaden affair with some lovely visuals and colorful gowns that seem just picked up from the dry cleaners. What's strange here is that the joy of Boccaccio's sagas still seep through: his high veneration of both love and sex in equal measure. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Apr 20, 2015
9/10 85% Cheatin' (2015) "The visuals are consistently brilliant, Plympton's delving into human nature is unparalleled in recent animation, and the imaginative conceits that spit forth without respite are very near mind-blowing. He's a Rube Goldberg of the psyche. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Apr 15, 2015
65% The Riot Club (Posh) (2015) "The Riot Club is less a free-for-all-brawl than a somewhat grating kerfuffle. Sherfig who won us over with An Education lost her way a bit here, no doubt because Wade couldn't transform her own play into a thoroughly enticing screenplay. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Mar 31, 2015
29% Insurgent (2015) "Insurgent is a relentlessly exasperating sci-fi film made, miraculously, with a half-baked imagination, a slaughtered wit, and insufferable direction by Robert Schwentke, the man who supplied 2013 with one its biggest flops, R.I.P.D. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Mar 18, 2015
25% Tracers (2015) "Tracers, which probably could be edited down into several fine antiperspirant commercials, isn't that ghastly because it's filled with dozens of stuntmen utilizing parkour . . And who doesn't like to see Taylor nearly break his neck every 10 seconds? " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Mar 16, 2015
9/10 91% Eastern Boys (2015) "Campillo has fashioned an empathetic exploration of what it is to be an immigrant intertwined with an acutely original love story. This offering is clearly a highpoint of 2015 for any lover of challenging, yet immensely entertaining films. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Mar 4, 2015
10/10 89% Mommy (2015) "Offers up a rash of extraordinary performances, dialogue and direction as it tells a tale of a hard-living mother who loves her teenage son,who's a rather at-times charming, intermittently violent, skateboarding typhoon of a challenge to live with. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Feb 24, 2015
25% Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) "A syrupy softcore melodrama with perhaps too much dialogue. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Feb 24, 2015
59% The Last 5 Years (2015) "It's about the bungled and the botched who want to love, try to love, and make a hash of it all because they are human. It's a lovely film by a lovely man who once had Robin Williams woo Amanda Plummer with 'I have a hard-on the size of Florida.' " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Feb 24, 2015
13% Seventh Son (2015) "Every soulless soul is a well-worn archetype; every monster, even in 3D, is an anemic reiteration of a witless behemoth that couldn't scare the bejesus out of your virgin Aunt Tilly. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Feb 11, 2015
26% Jupiter Ascending (2015) "Since this is a Wachowski offering, the visuals are frequently stunning in an overwhelming manner, and scene after scene is quite entertaining. There is a problem, though, with the casting. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Feb 11, 2015
98% Appropriate Behavior (2015) "If Woody Allen were a tall Iranian bisexual woman with a gawky Sandra-Bullockish beauty and an exasperating, egocentric outlook on the world, Appropriate Behavior would have been his Annie Hall. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jan 25, 2015
No Score Yet Two Mothers (Zwei Mütter) "Splendidly acted, Two Mothers is a brisk 75-minute, matter-of-fact look into the inevitable risks of complete assimilation into what was once considered a "heterosexual" lifestyle " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Jan 1, 2015
No Score Yet Kimyô na sâkasu (Strange Circus) (2005) "This unforgettable Grand Guignol of an entertainment, chronicles a school principal's incestuous relationship with his twelve-year-old daughter, whom he sometimes encases in a cello case with peepholes, so she can watch him making love to her mother. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Dec 4, 2014
71% Interstellar (2014) "The plot here is not as much the problem as Matthew McConaughey's mumbling. At times it's as if he's auditioning for a dinner theater version of Brokeback Mountain. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Nov 4, 2014
84% Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2014) "The whole over-the-top on-screen affair is chaotic with loads of crosscutting that lead up to an outrageous half-hour skirmish with so much blood on the screen you can imagine you're watching a tour of a Heinz ketchup factory. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Nov 2, 2014
73% Inherent Vice (2015) "Like a coke addict, who believes his mile-a minute nonsensical babbling is amusing, Inherent Vice outstays its welcome by at least two hours. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Oct 6, 2014
9/10 98% Mr. Turner (2014) "Spall's characterization is never less than towering. . . . Now finally there's Oscar chatter for his Turner, who struts down the London's alleyways like a Dickensian villain, porcine and self-involved. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Oct 6, 2014
0% Kite (2014) "For anyone compiling a list of Samuel L. Jackson's worst films, you're in for a treat. Kite will be hard to beat. " ‐ Huffington Post
Posted Sep 29, 2014
No Score Yet Two Gun Shots (2015) "A farcical delight that strives to satirize Modern Life, an epoch where everyone goes through the motions but fails to connect in any genuine manner. The film achieves its goals. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Sep 22, 2014
99% Starred Up (2014) "If a Brit film ever begged for English subtitles, this is the one. Unintelligibility aside, the acting is solid, the direction spot on, and if you want to scare your children into leading a straight life, this film will achieve the task. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Aug 27, 2014
74% Canopy (2014) ""Canopy" begins in stillness, ends in muteness, and in between seldom a word will be uttered. . . . All in all, the screenplay offers up two perfect roles for actors with poor memory recall. " ‐ New York Theatre Wire
Posted Aug 13, 2014
9/10 82% Lilting (2014) " Khaou's debut feature is exhilarating in its craft, its performances, and its tale of the eventual fusing of two disparate hearts. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Aug 6, 2014
76% Cupcakes (2015) "The whole schmear is predictable, the dialogue is uninspired, and the direction slapdash, yet you wind up feeling cheery the way only silly films with happy endings can make you feel. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 25, 2014
69% The Foxy Merkins (2014) "Part John Waters, with a dash of Paul Morrisey and a whole lot of Sappho, this delirious comedy is the must see girl-on-girl comedy of the new millennium. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 25, 2014
No Score Yet Lyle (2015) "Aided by cinematographer Grant Greenberg's visual mastery, Gaby Hoffman has you on the edge of your seat as her paranoia grows in leaps and bounds, especially as you watch her run through the streets, scamper down staircases, and Skype. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 25, 2014
3/10 17% Sex Tape (2014) "Jake Kasdan is to directing comedy what Friedrich Nietzsche is to baking apple strudel. Not much. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 16, 2014
89% We Are Mari Pepa (2014) "Pulling no punches, Leopo scrutinizes teenhood south of the boarder with rigor and compassion. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 13, 2014
No Score Yet Ciencias naturales "In this pursuit for completeness, the two leads pass through the hardworking, blue-collar, not-so-charming rustic world of Argentina. The performances are never less than convincing, the direction straightforward, and the journey wholly moving. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 13, 2014
No Score Yet El lugar del hijo "A compelling recreation of a students/workers' strike in the Uruguay of 2002 as experienced by one young man, Ariel (Philip Dieste), who's a great believer in the power of the masses, but one without leadership capabilities. " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 13, 2014
86% Casa Grande (2015) "Barbosa's engrossing Casa Grande or The Ballad of Poor Jean spotlights how the downward spiraling of a seemingly wealthy Brazilian family's bankbook propels upward the moral consciousness of its self-involved, horny son, Jean (Thales Cavalcanti). " ‐ CultureCatch
Posted Jul 13, 2014
39% Miss Julie (1999) "Elegant and hard hitting, this superbly staged battle between the sexes is never less than intriguing. " ‐ Detour Magazine
Posted Jul 3, 2014
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