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8.6/10 75%

Enemy (2014)

"A woozy, danger-infused rumination on identity that triggers tripwires of panic and sexual compulsion, Enemy is like a cold glass of water to the face of cinematic formalism." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 24, 2014
C 41%

Divergent (2014)

"Attractively mounted and boasting some nice performances, but also peddling a thunderously stupid conceit whose dodgy details ask viewers to ignore all they know of basic human psychology." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Mar 21, 2014
6.0/10 45%

The Art of the Steal (2014)

"A movie that scores by way owning its familiarity. If the plot specifics are basically a yawn, director Sobol wisely keeps seriousness at bay, infusing his effort with a springy energy." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 17, 2014
7.5/10 96%

Particle Fever (2014)

"A fascinating nonfiction celebration of human curiosity and endeavor, Particle Fever gives viewers a shotgun-seat to history that plays out on a very relatable plane." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 13, 2014
2.5/5 79%

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

"The story this time feels small and miscalculated ... and minus the mooring presence of Jason Segel and Amy Adams, there isn't an engaging enough connection between the Muppets and the human actors." ‐Screen International
Posted Mar 12, 2014
2.5/5 23%

Need For Speed (2014)

"A technically polished but narratively bloated and muddled adaptation of the bestselling videogame racing series of the same name." ‐Screen International
Posted Mar 11, 2014
B 98%

Jodorowsky's Dune (2014)

"A lively slice of exploratory nonfiction portraiture [that] serves as a reminder... we can be celebrated for the manner in which we conduct ourselves in noble defeat." ‐
Posted Mar 7, 2014
C- 60%

Non-Stop (2014)

"Starts off intriguingly but runs out of interesting little character quirks and recognizable faces stuffed into supporting roles, succumbing to less interesting, jerry-rigged thrills and payoffs that leave one feeling a bit empty." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Mar 4, 2014
3.8/10 20%

Repentance (2014)

"A mopey thriller that unsuccessfully tries to blend psychological portraiture with pointless tension derived from torture, Caland's film wastes two performances that outstrip the material's intelligence deficit." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 4, 2014
2/5 43%

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

"Rise of an Empire peddles a very particular, fetishized form of masculine hero worship, but all in service of little more than a state-of-the-art showcase for unremitting violence." ‐Screen International
Posted Mar 3, 2014
1.5/10 28%

3 Days To Kill (2014)

"The only thing 3 Days to Kill murders is 117 minutes, plus viewers' patience and goodwill; a stunning lack of attention to detail is its most consistent trait." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 22, 2014
D 27%

Pompeii (2014)

"Elicits a genuine curiosity to learn more about Pompeii, since one has so much free time to ponder the story's historical underpinnings whilst letting waves of inanity wash over them." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Feb 21, 2014
C+ 60%

Down And Dangerous (2014)

"There's a weirdly dirty charm to this curio, which has more going for it than not." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Feb 19, 2014
D+ 54%

Hank: Five Years From the Brink (2014)

"Any film about the global financial crisis that fails to consider subsidized risk, the illegality of credit default swaps, echo-chamber thinking and the like is irresponsible at best and deleterious at worst. And that's Hank." ‐
Posted Feb 18, 2014
D 0%

Best Night Ever (2014)

"What's right about Best Night Ever begins and ends with its cast, who have a nice rapport. The film, however, settles into a manic groove that is at once nonsensical and familiar." ‐
Posted Feb 15, 2014
6.8/10 59%

At Middleton (2014)

"This unusual film alternately charms and frustrates, in nearly equal measure." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2014
3/10 8%

Cavemen (2014)

"A blockheaded, sigh-inducing retread that evinces neither any particular originality nor freshness of telling." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2014
C 23%

That Awkward Moment (2014)

"An awkward mash-up [that] in the end will represent nothing more than a momentary, wholly understandable blip on the respective filmographies of its talented young cast." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Feb 10, 2014
B- 67%

Love Is In The Air (2014)

"A cinematic approximation of lives less ordinary -- it has vivacity and enough authenticity to make us believe its sweet fabrications." ‐
Posted Feb 9, 2014
C- 50%

Somewhere Slow (2014)

"Puts viewers on a slow train to Posed Self-Actualization, with too many stops along the way." ‐
Posted Feb 6, 2014
C+ 71%

We Are The Giant (2014)

"The clarion call of a grander moral calling anchors the documentary We Are the Giant, and in large part saves it from its own overstuffed passion." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 4, 2014
B+ 91%

12 O'clock Boys (2014)

"An arresting nonfiction look at a subculture of young African-American dirt-bike enthusiasts who view their hobby as a ride-or-die proposition -- a dangerous way to act out proxy battles with authority." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Feb 4, 2014
4.5/5 96%

The LEGO Movie (2014)

"A smoothly blended concoction of spry sensory pleasures and considerable heart ... a terrific family-friendly adventure with sincere verve and pop." ‐Screen International
Posted Feb 3, 2014

The Wait (2014)

"Blash marshals considerable atmospheric forces, but his film collapses under the weight of oblique logic and plotting, lacking in either effective emotional payoff or the more skilled observational touch of a rumination on loss." ‐Screen International
Posted Jan 31, 2014
7/10 13%

Brightest Star (2014)

"For all the Hollywood obsession with high-concept and special effects, sometimes there's something enchanting about a simple story simply told, and a movie of small rather than grand gestures." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 30, 2014
B+ 83%

Charlie Victor Romeo (2014)

"An unique and unsettling piece of minimalist experimental cinema [that] blends low-fi technique with high-tension situations, and wrings a real rooting interest out of viewers." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Jan 30, 2014
C- 89%

Run & Jump (2014)

"With a rooted sense of place, Irish import Run & Jump flirts with being a lot of different things, but succeeds in being none of them." ‐
Posted Jan 30, 2014
D 25%

The Grounded (2014)

"Passion is outstripped by incoherence in this homeopathic doc, whose aims and claims remain so hazy as to circumvent embrace from even the most sympathetic and open-minded viewers." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Jan 25, 2014
B+ 81%

If You Build It (2014)

"A bittersweet exploration of outreach and advocacy [that] illustrates the benefits of the practical application of alternative education, and the ripple effects it can create for a community." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Jan 24, 2014
C 26%

Jamesy Boy (2014)

"A well-intentioned coming-of-age drama that never pushes past a comfortable orbit of earnestness in search of deeper truths." ‐
Posted Jan 17, 2014
D 13%

Reasonable Doubt (2014)

"A ramshackle delivery vehicle for Dominic Cooper's misadventures in accent and the sort of disinterested glowering that Samuel L. Jackson reliably pulls out for paycheck gigs." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Jan 17, 2014
1.5/5 19%

Ride Along (2014)

"A showcase for what 50 percent effort and even less imagination looks like." ‐Screen International
Posted Jan 15, 2014
4/10 33%

Black Coffee (2014)

"Screeching meets social-minded speechifying in the misguided Black Coffee, which is shot through with trite expressions of familiar scenarios." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 14, 2014
7.3/10 50%

Divorce Corp. (2014)

"A back-stiffening doc that makes a persuasive case for the reform of family law court, and in particular a decoupling of money from issues regarding parental custody and visitation rights." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 13, 2014

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

"Achieves a feeling of realistic socio-cultural milieu but suffers from an under-sketched narrative and a timidity born of parceled-out corporate profit protection." ‐Screen International
Posted Jan 3, 2014

Mama (2013)

"Mama is a serviceable scary movie that never quite coheres into something special." ‐Screen International
Posted Jan 1, 2014
B+ 75%

Lone Survivor (2014)

"The gut-punch gift of Berg's punishing true-life action drama is how it locates intimacy and fraternity, and mines deep reservoirs of feeling amidst much frenetic mayhem." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 28, 2013
C- 90%

White Reindeer (2013)

"Features a nice lead performance... but flat and unimaginative stagings don't much help the argument that White Reindeer is in any way an artful metaphor." ‐
Posted Dec 25, 2013
A- 96%

The Crash Reel (2013)

"The Crash Reel simply swells one's heart; the Pearce family is a smart and loving one, and the lessons sprinkled throughout this amazing documentary are multitude." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Dec 25, 2013
C+ 74%

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

"It ably delivers scenes the sort of which the series' most ardent fans wish to see, [but] for those who aren't hardcore Tolkien enthusiasts it can be a bit of a slog." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Dec 17, 2013
C+ 71%

Tricked: The Documentary (2013)

"Sobering, [but] with a focus that is more anecdotal than comprehensive, Tricked comes off as basically on par with any given television newsmagazine story on the same topic." ‐
Posted Dec 17, 2013
3.5/5 75%

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

"Ferrell and his comrades exhibit a great rapport throughout. He, Carell and Rudd in particular have not only a gift for ad-libbing, but also nonverbal, in-character lateral thinking." ‐Screen International
Posted Dec 16, 2013
C- 82%

Lenny Cooke (2013)

"Lazy, fly-on-the-wall filmmaking. The Safdie brothers have the benefit of some rare extant footage, but absolutely no idea how to shape it into an interesting narrative." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Dec 15, 2013
C- 40%

Sweet Talk (2013)

"A talky two-hander about romance and sexual desire, and a metaphor for finding north on one's compass, that works more in theory than in practice." ‐
Posted Dec 15, 2013
C+ 29%

Crave (2013)

"An artful if overlong howl of urban lamentation that puts an intriguingly melancholic top-spin on notions of vigilantism." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Dec 13, 2013
.5/5 18%

Gus (Expecting) (2013)

"A strained, tone-deaf and almost offensively slapdash train wreck. But hey, if fans of Monaghan or Mitchell feel compelled to hear them rhapsodize about 'gargling balls...'" ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 8, 2013
2/5 17%

Twice Born (2013)

"The type of cinematic slog one watches and thinks, 'This would actually be much more interesting as a book.' And that makes sense, really, since that's its original medium." ‐Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 8, 2013
C+ 41%

Oldboy (2013)

"Part knuckle-bruising revenge thriller and part dark mystery, Lee's streamlined genre offering achieves a certain level of idiosyncratic hold without ever planting deeper roots of its own." ‐Shared Darkness
Posted Nov 27, 2013
1.5/5 42%

Homefront (2013)

"Statham delivers all the expected scowls and growls, but there's no originality, nuance or even dumb-fun catharsis to recommend this inept exercise in punch-'em-up justice." ‐Screen International
Posted Nov 26, 2013
A No Score Yet

Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury (2013)

"A striking Brazilian import [that] marries a moody and evocative rumination on human frailty with animation possessing an uncommon lyricism and beauty." ‐
Posted Nov 25, 2013
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