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4/5 90%

Kung Fu Hustle (2005)

"Chow's screen persona lies somewhere between the poise of Bruce Lee and the comedic timing of pre-Hollywood Jackie Chan, with a little Looney Toons thrown in for extra kick"
Posted Mar 3, 2005
4/5 46%

Constantine (2005)

"Keanu Reeves is a chain-smoking, tough-talking, and ***-kicking Exorcist, taking out the demonic trash like a hybrid of Father Karras and Mike Hammer"
Posted Mar 3, 2005
4/5 67%

The Door in the Floor (2004)

"an alternately amusing and tragic portrait of post-traumatic eccentricity, focusing on two parents who are unable to get over the loss of their two sons after a car accident."
Posted Mar 3, 2005
3/5 95%

Mou gaan dou (Infernal Affairs) (2002)

"Far too light on action to be very exciting, and far too generic and familiar to be genuinely intriguing, Infernal Affairsis ultimately a forgettable affair."
Posted Mar 3, 2005
4/5 72%

Open Water (2004)

"Uses a minimalist budget, a vast outdoor setting, a very small cast, and a narrative that meticulously builds a pervasive sense of dread without giving too much away"
Posted Mar 3, 2005
3/5 39%

Meet the Fockers (2004)

"As far as completely pointless, redundant, superfluous sequels go, it could have been a lot worse. At least it wasn't ZOOLANDER 2 - MORE ZOOLANDISH "
Posted Mar 3, 2005
4/5 95%

Stray Dog (Nora inu) (1963)

"The story is engrossing, and it's fascinating to see glimpses of both Japanese post-war society and their approach towards police investigation and forensics"
Posted Mar 3, 2005
5/5 No Score Yet

BattleGround: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge (2004)

"an honest to God documentary, refreshingly free of the agendas that usually give slant to so many of the propagandist films gaining notoriety in our current political climate"
Posted Jan 24, 2005
4/5 No Score Yet

Zatoichi On the Road (1963)

"as much fun as your average Zatoichi flick, with plenty of humor and sword slashing and guys standing as still as statues before falling over dead"
Posted Jan 15, 2005
4/5 85%

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

"The creepy visuals, the slow-burning tension, the meticulous pauses for effect, and the staggered trail of clues and revelations inexorably draw the viewer in."
Posted Dec 16, 2004
5/5 96%

Sideways (2004)

"while containing the standard elements of the buddy road trip comedy formula, it adds layers of dramatic complexity to balance out the ongoing shenanigans."
Posted Dec 10, 2004
3.5/5 25%

Blade: Trinity (2004)

"If you're willing to put your brain in neutral and keep your expectations relatively low for this third trip to the well, Blade: Trinity ulimately delivers the goods"
Posted Dec 10, 2004
4/5 No Score Yet

Ocean Front Property (2004)

"One of those rare treats, where a talented filmmaker manages to create a winning title with just a handful of characters, a single setting, and a well-written script."
Posted Nov 30, 2004
5/5 97%

The Incredibles (2004)

"Kids will love it and want to see it again and again. Adults . . . probably will too."
Posted Nov 30, 2004
4/5 70%

The Rundown (2003)

"If, like me, you dismissed The Rundown as just another stupid action vehicle for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - get in the apology line behind me"
Posted Nov 30, 2004
2.5/5 62%

I Heart Huckabees (2004)

"Feel free to Honk if you love Huckabees, but don't be surprised if the person sitting next to you flips you the existential bird through their inner moon roof."
Posted Oct 31, 2004
3.5/5 88%

Bad Education (2004)

"Plenty of plot twists, even more homoeroticism, and Gael Garcia Bernal in a dress"
Posted Oct 31, 2004
5/5 75%

Death & Texas (2004)

"The Gridiron meets The Guillotine . . .a smart, funny dark comedy . . . one that also delivers a very somber message and a clever argument against the Death Penalty"
Posted Oct 31, 2004
2.5/5 48%

Saw (2004)

"See SAW . . . see SAW start to suck . . . See SAW suck away 2 hours"
Posted Oct 31, 2004
4/5 77%

Team America: World Police (2004)

"I never imagined that the current geopolitical scenario could be boiled down so succinctly, or cleverly, into a five minute speech about "P*ssies", "D*cks", and "A**holes"."
Posted Oct 29, 2004
4/5 88%

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

"Gorgeous cinematography, incredible landscapes, stunning fight sequences, and the seemingly ubiquitous Zhang Ziyi looking hot as ever"
Posted Oct 29, 2004
4/5 92%

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

"a fun and exuberant tribute to our favorite zombie movies, and one that deserves to be ranked alongside of them on its own merits."
Posted Sep 27, 2004
2.5/5 72%

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

"Although worth a once-over by the curious, the visually intriguing World of Tomorrow will likely be all but forgotten by next week. "
Posted Sep 16, 2004
2.5/5 64%

Ju-on: The Curse (Curse Grudge) (2000)

"Expect a few really creepy moments sprinkled over an hour and a half of dreadfully familiar territory."
Posted Sep 13, 2004
4/5 21%

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

"More zombies, more babes, and yes - more dogs covered in K.C. Masterpiece . . . Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is REALLY more."
Posted Sep 11, 2004
4.5/5 86%

Garden State (2004)

"the heart and soul of Garden State is Zach Braff . . . I can guarantee my a** will be in the seat for whatever project he helms next"
Posted Sep 4, 2004
4/5 71%

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

"This is a movie for the kid who ever thought about keeping a pair of nunchucks in his locker, or preferred drawing pictures of sword-fighting barbarians to playing football."
Posted Sep 4, 2004
2/5 21%

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator (2004)

"could just as easily be described as "Hunger vs Boredom" or "blatant deviation from established continuity vs dismally undeveloped and uninteresting fodder characters""
Posted Sep 4, 2004
3.5/5 43%

The Village (2004)

"the color Red is forbidden because it attracts Those We Do Not Speak Of - except, apparently, for all of the Red herrings Shyamalan has left strewn about"
Posted Sep 4, 2004
2/5 58%

Prince of Darkness (1987)

Posted Sep 4, 2004
4/5 64%

Spartan (2004)

"It moves at a steady clip, boasting a smart narrative, a few surprising twists, and some respectable action sequences."
Posted Sep 4, 2004
3/5 81%

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

"With such a paint-by-numbers screenplay and generally uninspired performances . . . it's nowhere near horrible, but it resides of the realm of the completely forgettable"
Posted Sep 4, 2004
4.5/5 74%

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

"It's what a stoner comedy should be. It's what a buddy comedy should be. Two for the price of one sure as hell ain't bad . . . the funniest thing I've seen in months."
Posted Sep 4, 2004
4/5 86%

ZatĂ´ichi (The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi) (2003)

"For the most part, a faithful recreation of the Blind Swordsman's mystique. Old fans should not be dissapointed, and new fans should seek out the source material post haste."
Posted Sep 4, 2004
2/5 0%

Make a Wish (2002)

"something akin to "Friday the 13th, presented by the Lifetime channel." . . . left me wishing something interesting would happen."
Posted Sep 4, 2004
3/5 56%

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q) (2002)

"1/3 dark (really dark) comedy, 1/3 fetish pornography, and 1/3 just plain "Ewwwww!""
Posted Aug 7, 2004
3/5 58%

I, Robot (2004)

"rises above plot holes and stilted dialogue just enough to be a fun Sunday afternoon Matinee"
Posted Aug 4, 2004
4/5 66%

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)

"Ferrell is at the top of his game, giving us a character who is utterly shallow, silly, and vainglorious, yet completely likable."
Posted Aug 4, 2004
3.5/5 31%

King Arthur (2004)

"makes a more valiant attempt than most, delivering a worthwhile action-drama that is just grounded enough in real history to be intriguing."
Posted Aug 4, 2004
4/5 61%

The Terminal (2004)

"A rather enjoyable piece of complete and utter fluff"
Posted Aug 4, 2004
4/5 93%

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

"While it didn't leave me with the same sense of awe, it left me much more satisfied than not, and that's good enough"
Posted Aug 4, 2004
2/5 64%

The Shape Of Things (2002)

"LaBute returns to familiar territory (albeit with a gender twist) that would have been best left unvisited."
Posted Aug 4, 2004
2/5 58%

Pulse (1988)

"Somewhere in between the second and third act, it takes a hard left turn into a field full of stupid. The remaining minutes feel rushed and generic"
Posted Jul 28, 2004
5/5 No Score Yet

Doki-Doki (2003)

"It has a way of sneaking under one's radar to deposit a payload of the warm fuzzies ... the characters and their emotions feel sincere, natural, and uncontrived."
Posted Jul 13, 2004
4/5 61%

Saved! (2004)

"while it offers some hilariously scathing commentary on the inherent dangers of hypocrisy . . . above all the film preaches a message of tolerance to both sides of the fence."
Posted Jun 18, 2004
5/5 95%

Hero (2004)

"Using China's natural beauty as a palette, Hero boasts a dazzling array of vibrant colors and action sequences that are as graceful as they are lightning-fast"
Posted Jun 18, 2004
3/5 29%

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

"Boasting just enough action and wisecracks for summer movie fare, the overall experience is certainly nothing that anyone need bother to write any chronicles about"
Posted Jun 18, 2004
2/5 33%

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004)

"Likely to put off fans of the original, pleasing only those who can reap high entertainment value from the bare-bones ingredients of gore, boobs, and bug-splatter."
Posted Jun 18, 2004
4.5/5 58%

The Sea Is Watching (2003)

"sad and compelling, yet laced with an underlying message of dignity and hope. Perhaps Kumai is no Kurosawa - but I don't know if Kurosawa could have done it much better."
Posted Jun 7, 2004
3/5 98%

Spellbound (2002)

"One of the words that came up in the competition was hellebore - which was ironic, because it was exactly at that point that I realized I was hella bored with this film"
Posted Jun 1, 2004
Showing 51 - 100 of 485