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B+ 63%

The Vessel (2016)

"Produced by Terrence Malick, it is the rare film in which the guiding hand of the artist-as-producer feels not overbearing or dominant, but rather paternal and knowing." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Sep 15, 2016
C- 26%

Suicide Squad (2016)

"Muddled characters and uneven storytelling are the roots of the issues here, but the ways in which Ayer seems to try to cover up his film's deficiencies grate most of all." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Aug 3, 2016
C- 71%

Pacific Rim (2013)

"I expected the melding of horror and humor so singular to him, not the soulless and ultimately monotonous spectacle actually delivered." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jul 11, 2016
B+ 77%

The Shallows (2016)

"A film that is patient, atmospheric, and that delights in delivering escalating thrills of a smaller but more valuable variety." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 23, 2016
B- 94%

Finding Dory (2016)

"In terms of emotional complexity and character evolution, Finding Dory treads the same water as its predecessor with less success. " ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 14, 2016
D 34%

Now You See Me 2 (2016)

"Now You See Me 2 is a vapid, heartless film that wastes the time of its cast and audience alike." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 9, 2016
C 28%

Warcraft (2016)

"A grand, goofy, colorful epic with an almost impenetrably convoluted mythology, Warcraft never breaks its stone-faced earnest investment in its own story and world." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 8, 2016
B+ 50%

Hateship Loveship (2014)

"Despite its seemingly canned plot, [it] commits to delivering a glimpse into that truth spiced with the joy of optimism rather than the easy placebo of certainty." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 6, 2016
B- 61%

In Your Eyes (2014)

"In Your Eyes manages to make a grounded, effective and honestly moving romance out of a premise that on it's face seems self-consciously novel." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 6, 2016
B- 64%

Filth (2014)

"Filth is a flawed but ultimately engaging and harrowing bit of moral theater." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Jun 6, 2016
C- 48%

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

"What's most disappointing is how familiar this end of the world feels. Magneto floats with his arms out. People put fingers to temples. Nothing new to see here. Nothing more to say." ‐The Film Stage
Posted May 11, 2016
B 90%

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

"A taut, sinewy piece of filmmaking with enough brains to keep you engaged and enough brawn to keep you in awe." ‐The Film Stage
Posted May 3, 2016
B 76%

Keanu (2016)

"Keanu is uproariously funny -- so much so that you might actually miss lines of dialogue due to the volume of laughter in the theater. " ‐The Film Stage
Posted Apr 28, 2016
C+ 17%

The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)

"Should anyone ever doubt the salvaging power of proper casting and chemistry in a film, one only need point their attention to this strange beast of a movie to correct them." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Apr 20, 2016
B- 94%

The Jungle Book (2016)

"Its visuals are so undeniably convincing and intricate that the sheer wonder of how they achieved any of this will be enough to distract -- from the story's missteps and even the film itself." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Apr 12, 2016
D- 27%

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

"A movie that has brazenly refused to learn from its own past, and yet insultingly, boldly pretends to have grown and matured all the same." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Mar 23, 2016
B 75%

Cut Snake (2015)

"It's a minor story with minor ambitions, yet it manages to deliver a fully satisfying and moving experience." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Mar 12, 2016
B+ 52%

Gemma Bovery (2015)

"Gemma Bovery proves that just because you know a story, maybe even how it ends, that doesn't mean it is not worth hearing from the mouth of a new teller." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Mar 12, 2016
B+ 100%

Magical Girl (2014)

"A film that will most likely turn off many an audience member, while leaving those who find its wavelength and who can exist within it vibrating from the experience. " ‐The Film Stage
Posted Mar 12, 2016
A- No Score Yet

Alive (2014)

"It shines a light not just on the cyclical nature of poverty, but on the stigma of mental health disorders in both a specific national or societal sense, as well as among humanity at large." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Mar 12, 2016
C+ 78%

Hyena (2015)

"[This] drama is a much more bleak, much more angry, much more dirty, and surprisingly more violent film than most of its antisocial fraternity usually ever aspire to." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 22, 2016
B+ 98%

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015)

"Montage of Heck makes the tragic end of Cobain's life more heartbreaking through it's delicate retelling of his 27 years." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 22, 2016
B- 66%

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

"You'll laugh, you'll suppress the urge to sing along, and you'll quote the movie afterward, just like with the first one, and that is more than enough to recommend." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 22, 2016
A 99%

Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

"It is pure experience, a meticulously and joyously composed ride through a story that explores a full range of human emotion." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 21, 2016
B- 100%

Two Step (2015)

"It's a tiny tale, this story of lost souls and escalating circumstances, but it's a tale well-told and beautifully shot." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 21, 2016
A- 93%

Breathe (2015)

"The examination of the unknowable and undeniable power and pain of a broken friendship on display in Breathe is truly something to behold." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 21, 2016
B- 100%

Sparrows (2015)

"Sparrows allows us an unsparing glimpse into a life we might never know ourselves." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 20, 2016
B- 27%

Pan (2015)

"[Wright's] airy sensibility regarding the material melds with the arts-and-crafts production design to create an earnestly fun, brightly colored joyride." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 20, 2016
B+ 87%

The Peanuts Movie (2015)

"The Peanuts Movie manages to maintain the soul of the comic strip even as it upgrades the visuals." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 20, 2016
B 77%

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

" A deeply affecting and impossibly beautiful film that is steeped in genuine emotion, colorful characters, and a moving moral message." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 20, 2016
D 43%

In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

"Lacks in base thrills, devoid of human drama, and frustratingly crafted to wash away any inherent interest that might somehow have slipped through unmolested." ‐The Film Stage
Posted Feb 20, 2016
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