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4/5 71% Sex and Lucia (2002) Not every movie that is billed as 'erotic' deserves that distinction, but director Julio Medem's Sex And Lucia certainly does. It's the kind of intelligent, thoughtful film about sex and love that Hollywood just can't make.‐ Request Magazine
Posted Aug 22, 2003
4/10 8% Grind (2003) Many of the characters aren't even likable throughout the first half of the movie, and while they evolve positively over time, it is barely enough to win anyone over.‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 19, 2003
6/10 41% Freddy vs. Jason (2003) While the filmmakers send up the genre's cliches and expected audience empathy with the villains, it still feels like the ludicrous dialogue and one-dimensional characterizations were written by teenagers.‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 14, 2003
8/10 64% Gin gwai (The Eye) (2002) Just how scary is it? Even the film's daytime confrontations are enough to cause a severe jolt, but one nocturnal sequence involving a moaning old woman could leave viewers shuddering for days.‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 6, 2003
4/10 15% Pokemon Heroes (2003) The plot is paper-thin, supporting players like the bumbling Team Rocket baddies are mere window dressing and the devious designs of Annie and Oakley are generic at best.‐ Citysearch
Posted May 16, 2003
7/10 87% Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary (2003) Amplifying the story's eroticism, Maddin cleverly transforms Stoker's timeless tale into an allegory about both Victorian sexual oppression and xenophobia.‐ Citysearch
Posted May 16, 2003
4/10 19% House of 1000 Corpses (2003) Despite some gruesomely colorful sets, a few scares and Sid Haig's droll performance as the wise-cracking Captain Spaulding, the disjointed narrative is as messy as the blood-splattered corpses littering the film.‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 24, 2003
4/10 3% Feardotcom (2002) "Feardotcom" has the makings of an interesting meditation on the ethereal nature of the internet and the otherworldly energies it could channel, but it simply becomes a routine shocker.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
6/10 13% Pokémon 4Ever (2002) The fourth "Pokemon" is a diverting--if predictable--adventure suitable for a matinee, with a message that cautions children about disturbing the world's delicate ecological balance.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
3/10 3% Half Past Dead (2002) Some of Seagal's action pictures are guilty pleasures, but this one is so formulaic that it seems to be on auto-pilot.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
5/10 26% Formula 51 (2002) With an unusual protagonist (a kilt-wearing Jackson) and subject matter, the improbable "Formula 51" is somewhat entertaining, but it could have been much stronger.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
8/10 55% Ararat (2002) Impassioned performances and direction make this a riveting recreation of a reprehensible period neglected by historians.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
4/10 48% Undisputed (2002) "Undisputed" could have been compelling, but it ultimately plays out as a standard prison action movie.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
6/10 73% Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1973) While "Ziggy" is obviously more of interest to hardcore Bowie fans than anyone else (some critics have trashed it for that reason), it should be required viewing for rockers-in-training who really want to learn about good showmanship.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 21, 2003
7/10 58% Dark Blue (2003) With its charged themes, Dark Blue is a lot to swallow in only two hours, but a thought-provoking ride for those up to the task.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 20, 2003
6/10 17% Trapped (2002) Plays better than your standard kidnapping thriller, thanks to Luis Mandoki's taut direction and writer Greg Iles' compelling twists and turns.‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 23, 2002
7/10 88% I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002) Offers a nice blend of humor, drama and insight.‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 5, 2002
5/10 11% Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Hard-core slasher aficionados will find things to like ... but overall the Halloween series has lost its edge.‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 15, 2002
7/10 29% Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002) Though it feels at times like a direct-to-video release, director Tuck Tucker's movie is still well-paced and funny.‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 28, 2002
7/10 60% The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky (2002) Director Paul Cox's unorthodox, abstract approach to visualizing Nijinsky's diaries is both stimulating and demanding.‐ Citysearch
Posted May 29, 2002
3/4 3% Deuces Wild (2002) A bit too familiar and occasionally melodramatic, Deuces Wild clicks nonetheless, thanks to a gritty screenplay and tight direction.‐ Citysearch
Posted May 3, 2002
1/4 19% Jason X (2002) The producers should have let sleeping dogs lie.‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 25, 2002
2/4 30% All About the Benjamins (2002) Works overtime on expletives and gratuitous violence.‐ Citysearch
Posted Mar 8, 2002
42% Big Fat Liar (2002) What starts off as a satisfying kids flck becomes increasingly implausible as it races through contrived plot points.‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 8, 2002
2/4 22% Impostor (2002) Despite fine performances and some fun moments, Impostor too frequently relies on contrived plot points to reach its revelatory climax.‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 5, 2002
2% Texas Rangers (2001) Rangers aspires to be a classic Western but falls short, despite large doses of bravado and machismo, thunderous shoot 'em ups and stirring symphonic fanfare.‐ Citysearch
Posted Nov 30, 2001