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Entertainment (2015)

"It's what new films ought to strive for: to strike back against the familiar." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 18, 2015
No Score Yet

Violet (2014)

"Violet is deft and rigorous, oblique to the point of inscrutability. " ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 18, 2015

The Mafia Kills Only in Summer (La Mafia Uccide solo d'Estate) (2015)

"Diliberto has devised a rather more unusual method of addressing Palermo's Mafia infestation. If he can't fight them, he'll skewer them - scathingly, uproariously, with great comic verve." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 3, 2015
1/4 13%

Seventh Son (2015)

"Seventh Son is a very bad film, to be sure, but I'd like to think its badness would have been as evident had it been whisked at once to the frontlines of Universal's summer slate, emboldened by the confidence of a proper blockbuster premiere." ‐National Post
Posted Feb 12, 2015
1/4 80%

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015)

"Why a movie about an unassuming cartoon sponge felt compelled to adopt the register of a summer blockbuster is beyond me." ‐National Post
Posted Feb 12, 2015

Whiplash (2014)

"Chazelle, training a keen eye on the proceedings, seems to delight in the spectacle of relentless punishment." ‐Sight and Sound
Posted Jan 16, 2015

La última película (2015)

"It takes stock of the state of contemporary cinema, impoverished by film's looming obsolescence, and draws some dire conclusions indeed." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jan 7, 2015

Red Hollywood (2014)

"Rigorously argued and exhaustively researched." ‐Village Voice
Posted Nov 26, 2014
No Score Yet

Billy Bates (2014)

"Despite proving thoroughly ridiculous, it remains an unabashedly self-serious film" ‐Village Voice
Posted Nov 25, 2014

Remote Area Medical (2014)

"Harrowing stuff, and Reichert and Zaman make it count: It's hard to watch and not feel galvanized." ‐Village Voice
Posted Nov 25, 2014
2/4 25%

Wolves (2014)

"This, as you've doubtless guessed, is all quite silly. And occasionally charming, too, in its wilfully old-fashioned way." ‐National Post
Posted Nov 21, 2014
3/4 91%

Dear White People (2014)

"The film is concerned not only with the ways in which racism manifests itself, but the ways in which it tends to be effaced -- chiefly from the privileged who deny that race remains an issue. " ‐National Post
Posted Nov 7, 2014

Actress (2014)

"Greene seems fascinated by the contradictory identities - each a kind of real-life performance - that Burre endeavors to reconcile, and he is profoundly sensitive to the emotional truth these performances describe." ‐Village Voice
Posted Nov 4, 2014
4/4 84%

Listen Up Philip (2014)

"This is the closest any film has come to apprehending Roth's fiction." ‐National Post
Posted Oct 24, 2014

Force Majeure (2014)

"Force Majeure represents what is perhaps Östlund's most sophisticated thought experiment yet, at once provocative and wise." ‐Village Voice
Posted Oct 21, 2014

This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

"The most charitable thing you can say about This Is Where I Leave You is that it is resolutely innocuous -- a nothing of a movie, neutered and sanitary." ‐Village Voice
Posted Sep 25, 2014
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Smiling Through the Apocalypse: Esquire in the 60s (2014)

"The film mounts a compelling case on behalf of what was, perhaps, a sort of genius - a rare gift for identifying talent in others and nurturing it, even amplifying it." ‐Village Voice
Posted Sep 11, 2014

The Conformist (1970)

"Bertolucci's boldest and most expressive film ..." ‐Village Voice
Posted Aug 26, 2014

Boy Meets Girl (1984) (1984)

"A debut feature of extraordinary passion and vigor." ‐Village Voice
Posted Aug 5, 2014

Starry Eyes (2014)

" The film, in the end, doesn't have much to say about the nature of fame and ambition, other than a bit of facile posturing and shopworn wisdom, and frankly, Widmyer and Kolsch seem more interested in exploitation than reflection." ‐House Next Door
Posted Jul 30, 2014

Beneath (2014)

"Beneath exhausts the appeal of its thinly sketched characters almost as soon as they're trapped together in the mine's emergency bunker ..." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jul 22, 2014

I Origins (2014)

"Even in high school, thinking of plots as puzzles is a pretty facile way to think about films, and as such the pleasures of I Origins remain strictly superficial." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jul 15, 2014

Jackpot (2014)

"Certainly, a lot of blood is spilled in the name of laughs. There's only one problem with its broad attempts at grotesque comedy: Jackpot simply isn't funny." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 24, 2014

Me and You (2014)

"Bertolucci, despite his obvious affection for Lorenzo, can't help but seem out of touch, and his hero looks and sounds less like a modern-day teen than an old man's wistful idea of one." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 24, 2014

The Heart Machine (2014)

"Its concerns are deeper, and more richly psychological, than merely trendy probings of the zeitgeist." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 17, 2014

Approaching the Elephant (2014)

"Freedom curdles into chaos, and it's from this turbulence that the film derives much of its visceral power." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 17, 2014

Wild Canaries (2015)

"If this were the 1930s, the world would soon be clamoring for these two to star together in another picture. The least we can hope for is a sequel." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 17, 2014

Norte, the End of History (2014)

"For all its specificity to the Philippines, its thematic breadth is universal. Diaz is a patient, perceptive observer of life." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 17, 2014

The Last Sentence (2014)

"We know what Segerstedt did, and Troell tries to ask why. What he ignores are the implications." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 17, 2014

See You Next Tuesday (2014)

"One of the most refreshing things about See You Next Tuesday is its refusal to regard Mona as a tragic subject to be lamented from a dramatic remove." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 10, 2014
No Score Yet

Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face (2014)

"On the subject of her cultural significance the film remains oddly quiet." ‐Village Voice
Posted Jun 10, 2014

The Wind Will Carry Us (2014)

"This is a deeply, patiently observational film, and the details Kiarostami emphasizes ... seem somehow profound in their banality, a mystery of ineffable beauty." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 30, 2014
2/5 61%

Heli (2014)

"This relentless torrent of Mexican miserabilism makes for alienatingly grim and violent viewing." ‐Little White Lies
Posted May 22, 2014

Accident (1967)

"Losey and Pinter locate the pain that lurks deep within complacency, and the film positively throbs with it. It's an old idea, perhaps. But in their hands it hurts anew." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 20, 2014

Grand départ (2014)

"The director, Nicolas Mercier, has failed to grasp how repellent his own protagonist seems to us." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 20, 2014

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014)

"It seems life is still unendurable for those who feel entitled to absolute comfort from it." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 20, 2014

Warum Lauft Herr R. Amok? (Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?) (1977)

"Fassbinder and Fengler opt to impress upon us a sense of almost unbearable tedium, a strategy so effective that, when drama arrives in the film's closing minutes, the eruption of violence feels like a kind of relief." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 13, 2014

Don Peyote (2014)

"You feel as if, at any moment, anything could happen. The problem is, seemingly everything does." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 13, 2014

Speak The Music: Robert Mann And The Mysteries Of Chamber Music (2014)

"Watching Mann teach is a delight for the same reason it is to watch him perform: It's because here, you sense, we are in the company of genius." ‐Village Voice
Posted May 8, 2014
No Score Yet

Rumstick Road (2014)

"This is not merely a document of something extraordinary. It is something extraordinary all on its own." ‐Village Voice
Posted Apr 29, 2014

Friended To Death (2014)

"You can sense the director, Sarah Smick, gearing up to make a point. It proves rather obvious: Real connections are meaningful and too much Facebook is bad." ‐Village Voice
Posted Apr 29, 2014

Desert Riders (2014)

"None of the reliably irritating qualities of the social issue documentary gall quite so acutely as the tendency to venerate mere awareness." ‐Village Voice
Posted Apr 22, 2014
4/5 68%

Magic Magic (2013)

"Juno Temple is sensational in this assured psychological thriller from Sebastián Silva." ‐Little White Lies
Posted Apr 17, 2014

Manakamana (2014)

"I've never seen anything like it." ‐Village Voice
Posted Apr 16, 2014

Authors Anonymous (2014)

"You get the sense that Kanner would benefit from attending a few workshops of her own." ‐Village Voice
Posted Apr 16, 2014

Soft In The Head (2014)

"Surprising, challenging, and never less than thrilling." ‐Village Voice
Posted Apr 16, 2014

The King of Comedy (1983)

"Hilarious, sad, electrifying." ‐Esquire Magazine
Posted Mar 26, 2014
No Score Yet

Nothing Without You (2014)

"What remains seems in some ways closer to a parody of bad thrillers than an earnest example of one - the only difference is that Nothing Without You doesn't know that it's funny." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 25, 2014

Just a Sigh (2014)

"The interiors of our likeable lovers have not been furnished substantially enough to suggest real lives beyond the hotel walls." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 18, 2014

Buzzard (2015)

"A vigorous and strangely compelling character study, a sustained burst of punk-rock ferocity, and one of the most original American films to emerge in some time." ‐Village Voice
Posted Mar 18, 2014
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