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Carlo Cavagna

Agrees with the Tomatometer 75% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
B 43%

A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004)

"Saturated with fertile colors and great regional rock and blues, the unhurried atmosphere seems as intoxicated as its characters." ‐
Posted Nov 30, 2004
C 27%

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

"Instead of laughing with Bridget, The Edge of Reason laughs at her." ‐
Posted Nov 21, 2004
B- 83%

Finding Neverland (2004)

"Finding Neverland flirts with complexity but never goes all the way." ‐
Posted Nov 17, 2004
C+ 88%

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

"Each successive revealed secret is less believable and yet somehow more obligatory than the last, because, after all, this is an old-school Asian melodrama." ‐
Posted Oct 21, 2004
C+ 28%

Around the Bend (2004)

"Around the Bend has outstanding acting and a short running time, and still the story runs thin." ‐
Posted Oct 21, 2004
B 88%

Bad Education (2004)

"Almodóvar films don't unfold so much as they unpeel." ‐
Posted Oct 15, 2004
B 77%

The Machinist (2004)

"Even in a time when weight gains and losses in the service of a role have become commonplace, Bale has accomplished an astonishing change." ‐
Posted Oct 15, 2004
C 51%

Vanity Fair (2004)

"With a novel of such length, you either have to make a miniseries or adapt it more ruthlessly." ‐
Posted Aug 27, 2004
B- 54%

Face (2005)

"Face is a film of considerable charm and warmth, even if the material sometimes feels well worn." ‐
Posted Aug 26, 2004
A- 65%

We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)

"With a hungry, compulsive, tender, angry, and passionate performance, Ruffalo has definitely shed the shiftless stoner typecast." ‐
Posted Aug 15, 2004
B- 73%

Stander (2004)

"STANDER dispenses with unnecessary dialogue and doesn't posit facile explanations, which is good, but it fails to put you, the audience, into Andre Stander's skin." ‐
Posted Aug 12, 2004
B 86%

Collateral (2004)

"The story is gripping and the stakes are high... until the ridiculous coincidence. " ‐
Posted Aug 9, 2004
A- 55%

Remember Me, My Love (2004)

"Remember Me, My Love is well acted all around, but Muccino is proving to be an especially wonderful director of women." ‐
Posted Jul 10, 2004
B+ 67%

The Door in the Floor (2004)

"Bridges, a consistently under-appreciated actor, does arguably the best work of his career..." ‐
Posted Jul 10, 2004
C+ 43%

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2004)

"Stylish filmmaking and philosophical musings can only disguise a lack of movement for so long. The trouble with I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is that it's already dead..." ‐
Posted Jul 6, 2004
C- 26%

A Slipping-Down Life (1999)

"An extravagant act of self-mutilation is not enough to spice up the humdrum plain-girl- meets-pretty- boy-and-teaches- him-the-meaning- of-love story." ‐
Posted May 1, 2004
F 44%

Love Me if You Dare (2004)

"A concoction that contains nothing recognizable from the lives of real people and no recognizable truth." ‐
Posted May 1, 2004
D+ 4%

Godsend (2003)

"It's not that cloning is bad; it's that cloning done by bad people is bad." ‐
Posted May 1, 2004
C 39%

Man on Fire (2004)

"Character development consists of sticking a bottle in Creasy's hand." ‐
Posted May 1, 2004
B 87%

Noi the Albino (Nói albínói) (2003)

"A film of wry, black humor and small moments...whose ominous ending combines the mythic and the everyday, leaving an unsettling ambiguity and many questions." ‐
Posted Apr 4, 2004
D+ 70%

Dogville (2003)

"In his strenuous effort to avoid cinematic artifice of any kind, Von Trier has engaged in a different kind of artifice-intellectual artifice." ‐
Posted Mar 25, 2004
A+ 93%

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

"Kaufman's previous screenplays have always been intellectually rigorous, but you wouldn't necessary say they have a lot of passion. This one is different." ‐
Posted Mar 18, 2004
B 56%

Ned Kelly (2003)

"Where Ned Kelly deviates from more traditional melodramatic hero-ographies is in its visual and symbolic landscape." ‐
Posted Mar 18, 2004
D+ 8%

Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a Sorcerer (2004)

"An unfocused film that fails, at least for this uninitiated viewer, to open a door into any kind of reality, ordinary or otherwise." ‐
Posted Mar 15, 2004
B- 73%

Intermission (2003)

"propelled by the actors' urgent performances and its running gags" ‐
Posted Mar 7, 2004
A 72%

Girl With a Pearl Earring (2004)

"No artist biopic has succeeded as completely in capturing the magical, inexplicable artistic moment. [A commentary including an interview with director Peter Webber]" ‐
Posted Jan 26, 2004
B- 82%

Monster (2004)

"Is Monster about Wuornos' transformation into a serial killer, or Theron's transformation into Wuornos?" ‐
Posted Jan 5, 2004
C 75%

House of Sand and Fog (2003)

"Kingsley's astonishing performance is wasted in this otherwise overlong, overwrought, and overcooked mess-o-drama." ‐
Posted Dec 17, 2003
A- 80%

21 Grams (2003)

"The actors are magnificent. They unequivocally know who their characters are, inhabiting them so completely that you cease to remember these are actually actors, even stars." ‐
Posted Nov 25, 2003
B 89%

In America (2003)

"An agreeably uplifting movie that doesn't cheat its way (too much) to its life-affirming conclusion." ‐
Posted Nov 25, 2003
F 71%

The Big Empty (2003)

"Some may praise The Big Empty as a poor man's David Lynch-meets-The X-Files, but it's more of a starving homeless man's David Lynch-meets-The X-Files." ‐
Posted Nov 15, 2003
B+ 78%

Tupac: Resurrection (2003)

"Don't expect investigative reporting.... Tupac: Resurrection is a trip through a man's head." ‐
Posted Nov 15, 2003
B- 91%

Shattered Glass (2003)

"Shattered Glass functions as a dramatic character study, but not as the galvanizing wake-up call about the sorry state of U.S. journalism that Ray says he wanted to make." ‐
Posted Nov 13, 2003
B+ 63%

Love Actually (2003)

"Curtis continues to find new twists on old romantic comedy stand-bys" ‐
Posted Nov 7, 2003
A- 87%

Mystic River (2003)

"While restrained and internal throughout most of the film, Penn displays both chilling intensity and heart-wrenching grief when it really counts." ‐
Posted Oct 31, 2003
B+ 72%

Elephant (2003)

"People will pillory Van Sant for not taking a position on the causes of Columbine, but simply by showing an accurate depiction of a suburban high school, perhaps he is." ‐
Posted Oct 23, 2003
A 95%

Fireworks (Hana-bi) (1997)

"Kitano makes static, understated movies about existences wasted, and rediscovering the joy of being, for a brief time, alive.... Violence comes in sudden bursts, as a shocking interruption." ‐
Posted Oct 23, 2003
A- 76%

Kundun (1997)

"Though a meditative, introspective film, Scorsese's distinctive techniques cause Kundun to pulse with life under its calm surface." ‐
Posted Oct 23, 2003
B 40%

Anything Else (2003)

"Allen just does what he does, and he does it very well." ‐
Posted Sep 18, 2003
C+ 59%

Secondhand Lions (2003)

"Don't allow the ending to ruin the film. Ignore it." ‐
Posted Sep 18, 2003
A 95%

Lost In Translation (2003)

"The man who once stole every film he did, bending it to his comic will, tranquilly inhabits LOST IN TRANSLATION... Understatement is his tool now." ‐
Posted Sep 11, 2003
B- 44%

Luther (2003)

"Though LUTHER suffers from bio-pic-itis, it is more than just a pedestrian recitation of events." ‐
Posted Sep 1, 2003
D 36%

Returner (2002)

"Yes, apparently Yamazaki takes breaks from his repeated viewings of E.T. by relaxing with THE MATRIX. Occasionally, just for a bit of variety, he might also pop INDEPENDENCE DAY into the DVD player." ‐
Posted Sep 1, 2003
B+ 94%

American Splendor (2003)

"a remarkable amalgamation of the real and the fictionalized" ‐
Posted Aug 16, 2003
C+ 58%

Passionada (2003)

"The fact that it's such a small film is an intrinsic part of this romantic comedy's charm." ‐
Posted Aug 11, 2003
C 80%

Mondays in the Sun (Los Lunes al sol) (2003)

"As boring as a trip across Kansas on a Greyhound bus." ‐
Posted Jul 28, 2003
C+ 63%

Camp (2003)

"Though unpolished and a bit formulaic, Camp reminds us that adolescence isn't just a period of time, it's a journey of self-discovery that teens must undertake on their own." ‐
Posted Jul 25, 2003
B- 90%

The Magdalene Sisters (2003)

"Two hours of, "This is wrong!" can be difficult to bear. What makes The Magdalene Sisters much better than a censorious browbeating is the girls themselves..." ‐
Posted Jul 22, 2003
B 94%

Dirty Pretty Things (2003)

"Dirty Pretty Things is a movie with Things to Say on an Important Issue...but one whose political intentions have not overpowered its quietly gripping story." ‐
Posted Jul 22, 2003
C- 77%

Une femme de ménage (2003)

"Basic ingredients are in under-supply: characterization and believability." ‐
Posted Jul 10, 2003