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3.5/4 70%

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

"How delightfully funny Jones is." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 16, 2012

Hope Springs (2012)

"As the wife whose feelings are right on the surface and the husband whose are in a lockbox, Streep and Jones earned my empathy without asking for it. There are few actors whose body English is as eloquent." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 7, 2012
3/4 100%

The Well-Digger's Daughter (La fille du puisatier) (1946)

"For lovers of classical French cinema, and I am one, this earthy throwback is a whiff of lavender borne by the bracing winds of the mistral." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 2, 2012
3/4 88%

Pink Ribbons, Inc. (2012)

"You have to agree with the advocates who charge that some corporations are milking cancer." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jul 26, 2012
2/4 55%

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World offers the beats of a series of bad news / worse news jokes. This is not necessarily a good thing." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 21, 2012
3/4 83%

Your Sister's Sister (2012)

"Shelton and her cast are so skillful that before long it seems we are not moviegoers watching a screen but flies on a wall witnessing real encounters and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 21, 2012
2.5/4 35%

Lola Versus (2012)

"An unfinished portrait of an unfinished womanchild with fidgety poise nicely embodied by Gerwig." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 14, 2012
2.5/4 28%

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (2012)

"It's slight, but pleasurable fun." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jun 7, 2012
3.5/4 87%

Polisse (2012)

"The mosaic of cases and caseworkers is like a season of The Wire distilled into two hours." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted May 24, 2012
2/4 22%

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

"It makes one long for the comparative complexity and subtlety of Valentine's Day." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted May 17, 2012
3/4 93%

Turn Me On, Dammit! (2012)

"It may be a slight comedy but Turn Me On, Dammit! is enormously entertaining." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 26, 2012
3/4 53%

Think Like a Man (2012)

"It wants only to entertain - and it succeeds." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Apr 19, 2012
3/4 51%

Being Flynn (2012)

"What's so satisfying about Weitz films like this one is how his lost boys and lost adults find themselves in the awkward dance of intimacy." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Mar 15, 2012
3/4 85%

21 Jump Street (2012)

"This potty-mouthed and drug-laced reimagining of the 1980s TV show has one of the highest laughs-per-minute ratios since the Naked Gun films." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Mar 15, 2012
3/4 50%

Wanderlust (2001)

Quote not available. ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 23, 2012
3/4 60%

Wanderlust (2012)

"It's an R-rated movie with a fair amount of nudity, a lot of sexual candor, truckloads of unspecified drugs, and more laughs than I've had at the movies in a very long time." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 23, 2012
4/4 95%

The Secret World of Arrietty (2012)

"When Shawn, a sickly boy sent to live in the house before he has heart surgery, sees Arrietty, does he squash her like a bug? Dear reader, he is enchanted. As are we." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 16, 2012
2.5/4 26%

This Means War (2012)

"Hardy is raffishly charming. But you don't send a grenade to do a feather's job. Which is exactly the mistake that McG, director of this earsplitting, hyperbolic love triangle, makes." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 16, 2012
2/4 13%

W.E. (2012)

"Madonna the director deserves a script better than the one Madonna the screenwriter handed off to her." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 9, 2012
3/4 78%

Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts (2012)

"Where feature films conform to the three-act structure of drama, movie short subjects are more like short stories." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Feb 9, 2012
3/4 46%

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2012)

"Not for moviegoers who hold that heartstring-plucking is a betrayal of the contract between director and audience." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jan 19, 2012
3.5/4 93%

Pariah (2011)

"Rees tells Alike's story in vignettes that are sometimes slapstick, sometimes heartbreaking, always tender." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jan 12, 2012
2.5/4 33%

Joyful Noise (2012)

"Though one wishes Graff's eye were as developed as his keen ear, he elicits rafter-raising musical performances from Latifah, Palmer, and Jordan that are irresistible fun." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Jan 12, 2012
2.5/4 66%

We Bought a Zoo (2011)

"The filmmakers insufficiently stir the lumpy metaphors, chief among them that for animals, as for humans, there is a difference between cages and enclosures." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Dec 22, 2011
3/4 79%

Shame (2011)

"McQueen finds the exquisite tension between the brother wanting to disconnect and the sister longing for connection." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Dec 8, 2011
3/4 97%

Tomboy (2011)

"Open-minded and open-ended, Tomboy is a portrait of pubescence on the brink of chrysalis." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Dec 8, 2011
2.5/4 83%

My Week with Marilyn (2011)

"Look at how Williams goes from unconsciously being Marilyn to consciously "acting" her. Would that the entire movie were as eloquent." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Nov 22, 2011
3/4 24%

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

"Will Condon's movie convert agnostics to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight cult?" ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Nov 17, 2011
2/4 13%

The Greening Of Whitney Brown (2011)

"By turns pleasant and preposterous, The Greening of Whitney Brown is a reverse Cinderella tale for tweens." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Nov 10, 2011
3/4 80%

The Skin I Live In (2011)

"This film, by turns macabre, melodramatic, and gothic, makes the heart race and the skin crawl." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Nov 3, 2011
2.5/4 68%

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011)

"Two cheers for Harold & Kumar 3D." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Nov 3, 2011
2/4 46%

Anonymous (2011)

"Anonymous is no more or less far-fetched than Emmerich's prior efforts. But it is much, much more confusing." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 27, 2011
3.5/4 95%

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey (2011)

"It is, like Sesame Street, a captivating story for viewers of all ages. Even those unfamiliar with cherry-red Elmo will immediately fall under his spell." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 27, 2011
2.5/4 46%

The Mighty Macs (2011)

"Pleasing rather than rousing, informational rather than inspirational, Macs is more of a sit-in-the-bleachers-and-clap than a stand-up-and-cheer affair." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 20, 2011
3/4 72%

Like Crazy (2011)

"His characters may shy at uncertainty and ambiguity. Doremus does not. He keeps his camera trained on that smudgy line between loyalty and love." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 19, 2011
2.5/4 40%

The Big Year (2011)

"With ambitions greater than comedy and results that fall short of character study, The Big Year is neither fish nor fowl." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 13, 2011
3/4 59%

Real Steel (2011)

"Yes, it's unapologetically sentimental (and sometimes unapologetically cheesy), but Shawn Levy's film has an irresistible force." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 6, 2011
3/4 74%

Margaret (2011)

"Its hard look at a young, morally confused woman struggling for clarity is nothing short of riveting." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Oct 6, 2011
3/4 94%

50/50 (2011)

"Levitt, the definition of nuance, is touching, funny, and fierce - an unusual combination of moods, but deeply affecting." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 29, 2011
2/4 23%

What's Your Number? (2011)

"Faris is endearing even at those times when this frantic I've-slept-with- 19-guys comedy is barely endurable." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 29, 2011
2.5/4 78%

The Mill and the Cross (2011)

"As art history, the movie is splendid. As a film, it is didactic and photogenic - but not cinematic." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2011
3.5/4 100%

Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness (2011)

"Dorman makes the case that Aleichem is the source from whence flows modern Jewish humor." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2011
3/4 81%

Dolphin Tale (2011)

"It may not be a great movie, but it is an exceptionally touching one." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 22, 2011
3.5/4 81%

Higher Ground (2011)

"At times, these analogies feel forced. But give the rookie filmmaker credit for visual storytelling." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 15, 2011
1.5/4 40%

Straw Dogs (2011)

"Almost succeeds as an object lesson in the difference between being a man and being a macho animal. But it fails as a gripping home-invasion thriller." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 15, 2011
3/4 92%

Drive (2011)

"A shamelessly entertaining genre movie from director Nicolas Winding Refn that plays like an exalted episode of Miami Vice or a stealth version of Shane." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 15, 2011
3/4 17%

I Don't Know How She Does It (2011)

"In describing the conflict of a woman who has it all without enjoying it all, Pearson's book had teeth. McKenna's screenplay has only a smile. But is it ever good to laugh." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Sep 15, 2011
2/4 45%

You yi tian (One Day) (2010)

Quote not available. ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 18, 2011
2/4 36%

One Day (2011)

"The performances are overeager. Particularly distracting is Hathaway's accent, which is less Yorkshire than New York." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 18, 2011
2.5/4 74%

The Whistleblower (2011)

"Derives its strength from Rachel Weisz's intelligent performance as the real-life Bolkovac." ‐Philadelphia Inquirer
Posted Aug 18, 2011
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