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Unbranded (2015)

"[A] sumptuously packaged and goofily charming oddball feature-length advocacy advertisement about America's wild-horse overpopulation crisis." Film Journal International
Posted Sep 24, 2015
5/10 80%

The New Girlfriend (2015)

"There is a sharp, sublime Almodóvar film trapped inside the blurry outlines of François Ozon's The New Girlfriend, as if aching to get out. " ‐PopMatters
Posted Sep 16, 2015

Dirty Weekend (2015)

"A placid, minor effort from a onetime scandalous writer-director. " Film Journal International
Posted Sep 3, 2015
7/10 93%

The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution (2015)

"Stanley Nelson's studious history shows that even without the law enforcement campaign of disinformation, infiltration, and assassination, the Black Panthers would have imploded on their own." ‐PopMatters
Posted Sep 1, 2015
8/10 97%

Welcome To Leith (2015)

"...revealing and frightening" ‐PopMatters
Posted Aug 31, 2015
6/10 79%

Z For Zachariah (2015)

"...a post-apocalyptic drama focused not on marauding mutants, but on the old, awful standbys: fear, loneliness, cold, starvation." ‐PopMatters
Posted Aug 27, 2015

We Are Your Friends (2015)

"We Are Your Friends is neither here nor there, like a song that can't decide whether it wants you to dance or be moved." Film Journal International
Posted Aug 25, 2015

Mistress America (2015)

"A busier film than Noah Baumbach usually delivers, and not always a cohesive one." Film Journal International
Posted Aug 13, 2015
8/10 79%

Cop Car (2015)

"...[an] impressively taut neo-Western." ‐PopMatters
Posted Aug 7, 2015

The Gift (2015)

"[The conclusion] dramatically overplays its hand and overstays its welcome almost more than Gordo himself." Film Journal International
Posted Aug 6, 2015
8/10 94%

Best Of Enemies (2015)

"...[not] a celebration of intellectual combat, it's an original-sin tale for where TV news went wrong." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 30, 2015

Counting (2015)

"There's a lot of what can feel like filler in Counting. But when [director Jem] Cohen hits the mark, it's a beautiful thing." Film Journal International
Posted Jul 29, 2015
No Score Yet

Capital C (2015)

"Thin but inspirational." Film Journal International
Posted Jul 23, 2015
6/10 85%

Trainwreck (2015)

"...more like a typical Judd Apatow movie about childish adults growing up." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 16, 2015
5/10 84%

Do I Sound Gay? (2015)

"Filmmaker David Thorpe remains such a tentative presence in his own story that the result is both navel-gazing and non-revealing." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 15, 2015
3/10 56%

Minions (2015)

"Like most kid franchise spin-offs, this headache-inducing snooze from the 'Despicable Me' team is just a cash grab. " ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 8, 2015
4/5 95%

Amy (2015)

"awash in sorrow and bleakness ... doesn't revel in tear-wringing tragedy" ‐Film Racket
Posted Jul 2, 2015
7/10 63%

Magic Mike XXL (2015)

"...a playful, good-natured fantasy for both those creating it and those watching it." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 1, 2015
7/10 89%

Dope (2015)

"...borders on the desperate, but its brash, can't-box-me-in spirit wins out in the end." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jun 25, 2015
2.5/5 83%

Eden (2015)

"For all its deft camerawork and appealingly dreamy structure, it doesn't have much at stake." ‐Film Racket
Posted Jun 18, 2015

The Face Of An Angel (2015)

"An unusually wan effort from Michael Winterbottom." Film Journal International
Posted Jun 18, 2015

Manglehorn (2015)

"Nearly the only good thing about this stultifying David Gordon Green piece [...] is the gritty, poetic title, promising a depth that never materializes." Film Journal International
Posted Jun 18, 2015

An Open Secret (2015)

"Devastating and disheartening, this bombshell-heavy Amy Berg exposé about rampant sexual abuse of child actors in the film industry should be required viewing for any parents thinking of sending their son or daughter off to Hollywood." Film Journal International
Posted Jun 11, 2015
3/5 77%

Jimmy's Hall (2015)

"... there's a bright and touching sincerity running throughout that makes [its] wandering stodginess not matter so much." ‐Film Racket
Posted Jun 11, 2015

The Wolfpack (2015)

"This stranger-than-fiction documentary [...] leaves too many stones unturned." Film Journal International
Posted Jun 11, 2015
3/5 33%

Entourage (2015)

"...not a film so much as it is a shrugging "Sure, why the hell not?" afterthought of a media brand extension." ‐Film Racket
Posted Jun 3, 2015

Dawn Patrol (2015)

"By the time the film gets to a genuinely interesting moment in the final scenes it will be hard for most viewers to stop stifling their laughter." Film Journal International
Posted Jun 3, 2015

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2015)

"Unspools with a deft, almost buried humor that rescues it from tedium." Film Journal International
Posted Jun 2, 2015
8/10 97%

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

"...makes a stark statement: If this is humanity, then it's no wonder the world was destroyed. Most of these maniacs would blow it up again tomorrow." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 18, 2015

Slow West (2015)

"[Slow West has] a brisk momentum and a snap to its absurdist gags that mark Maclean as a filmmaker with unusual promise." Film Journal International
Posted May 14, 2015

Every Secret Thing (2015)

"Documentarian Amy Berg's narrative debut is a cool-to-the-touch abduction mystery deeply soaked in adolescent resentments but lacking her usual punch." Film Journal International
Posted May 14, 2015
5/10 75%

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

"That sound you hear is the bubble getting near to bursting." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 10, 2015
4/5 98%

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015)

"deft and fascinating" ‐Film Racket
Posted May 7, 2015
7/10 86%

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

"A woman fights to keep her freedom in Thomas Hardy's love quadrangle, rendered visually by director Thomas Vinterberg in a poised, crisp, and actor-centric film." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 30, 2015
2/5 30%

Lost River (2015)

"...what might happen if David Lynch were ever to shoot a nature documentary." ‐Film Racket
Posted Apr 17, 2015
2.5/5 44%

True Story (2015)

"not enough of a promise to power the entire film" ‐Film Racket
Posted Apr 16, 2015
4/5 89%

Clouds of Sils Maria (2015)

"another subtext-laden drama from Olivier Assayas" ‐Film Racket
Posted Apr 9, 2015

Black Souls (2015)

"An undeniably powerful piece of work." Film Journal International
Posted Apr 9, 2015
No Score Yet

Below Dreams (2015)

"[Below Dreams] feels about three or four Sundance workshop sessions away from coming to fruition." Film Journal International
Posted Apr 9, 2015

About Elly (2015)

"There is a mastery of tone here that shows a great director completely at home with his characters. " Film Journal International
Posted Apr 8, 2015
3/5 84%

While We're Young (2015)

"it's too heavy a load for this slight chassis to bear" ‐Film Racket
Posted Mar 26, 2015
9/10 87%

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2015)

"...a beautiful, chilly odyssey." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 26, 2015

White God (2015)

"...could all just be an ineptly handled gag, like the agit-prop Euro-Benji film it occasionally resembles." Film Journal International
Posted Mar 25, 2015

The Salt of the Earth (2015)

"Wim Wenders delivers another generously appreciative fellow-artist collaboration with this luminous portrait of epic photographer Sebastião Salgado." Film Journal International
Posted Mar 25, 2015

Jauja (2015)

"[Jauja features] some gorgeously observed tableaus but also stretches of dry tedium, hemmed in by a layered and mannered aesthetic." Film Journal International
Posted Mar 18, 2015
3/5 85%

Merchants Of Doubt (2015)

"This is an ugly film, though it has an upbeat spirit." ‐Film Racket
Posted Mar 5, 2015
2/5 61%

Maps to the Stars (2015)

"an insider's account of Hollywood inhumanity with nothing new or particularly unique to report" ‐Film Racket
Posted Feb 26, 2015

The Salvation (2015)

"This familiar material is pitched ever towards the ridiculous, but it's at least strongly played throughout. " Film Journal International
Posted Feb 25, 2015
2.5/5 94%

Whiplash (2014)

"full of skill and technique and fury, but hollow at the core. " ‐Film Racket
Posted Feb 21, 2015
3/10 26%

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

"There's an escapist summertime space opera buried here somewhere, but Jupiter Ascending's surface is not nearly entertaining enough to encourage us to look for it." ‐PopMatters
Posted Feb 6, 2015
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