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Chris Kaltenbach

Agrees with the Tomatometer 74% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
B+ 64%

Stop-Loss (2008)

"Stop-Loss, a harrowing, emotional indictment of a war that has divided this country like no conflict since Vietnam, delves into what happens when the country doesn't do as well by its soldiers as they do by it." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Mar 28, 2008
C- 25%

Drillbit Taylor (2008)

"If only it had some funny lines, a focused plot and an idea that stretched beyond the initial setup." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Mar 21, 2008
A 100%

Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

"It is, at once, among the most riveting and hard-to-watch documentaries of recent years." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 22, 2008
C 56%

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

"Seeing itself as a Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the 21st century, Charlie Bartlett the film is instead a testimony to how low we as a culture can stoop." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 22, 2008
C- 35%

Vantage Point (2008)

"An overly gimmicky and fatally repetitive terrorist thriller that quickly wears out its welcome." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 22, 2008
C+ 62%

Diary of the Dead (2007)

"Even as a zombie film, it comes across not as something new, but as something warmed-over." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 15, 2008
C 16%

Jumper (2008)

"There's enough kinetic energy in Jumper to light a thousand houses. Unfortunately, there's no one home in any of them." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 14, 2008
B 71%

Definitely, Maybe (2008)

"Definitely, Maybe adds some welcome spice to a genre that rarely ventures beyond the predictable anymore." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 14, 2008
c+ 27%

Step Up 2 the Streets (2008)

"Undeniably energetic and viscerally satisfying, but emotionally hollow." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 14, 2008
B- 11%

Fool's Gold (2008)

"Screen couplings that work are things to be treasured. In that sense, Fool's Gold is as close to the real thing as we've come in a while." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 8, 2008
C 22%

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

"Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins imagines slapstick farce as feel-good dramedy, which is to say, it's an unhappy (and largely unfunny) marriage of two movie types that don't really go together." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 8, 2008
A- 96%

Persepolis (2007)

"At once a tribute to one young woman's stubborn resilience and a reminder that people are people, regardless of how their governments may want them to behave, Persepolis is a film of great wisdom and welcome perception." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 1, 2008
D 15%

Over Her Dead Body (2008)

"Parker, who must have phoned in her performance during a weekend break from Desperate Housewives, is simply awful." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 1, 2008
B- 66%

How She Move (2008)

"How She Move sure has got the moves. And even if we've seen so many of them before, its young cast delivers the goods with such gusto and drive that the familiarity breeds more enjoyment than contempt." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 25, 2008
C 16%

Untraceable (2008)

"Untraceable lambastes us for being amoral voyeurs as it panders to our baser instincts at the same time." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 25, 2008
A 93%

U2 3D (2007)

"A concert film featuring one of the world's premier rock bands in top form, shot using cutting-edge technology that gives the audience a better-than-front-row seat. What's not to love?" ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 23, 2008
C- 46%

Cassandra's Dream (2007)

"Allen's latest, his 42nd effort as a director, is the work of an artist devoid of ideas and energy. Perfunctorily staged and lazily written, it comes to life in only the briefest of spurts, usually when the ever-reliable Tom Wilkinson is on-screen." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 18, 2008
C+ 22%

Mad Money (2008)

"The pleasures of this slight caper film are strictly small-screen, as three talented actresses walk through quaint roles before they hurry on to the next project." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 18, 2008
B- 77%

Cloverfield (2008)

"The film's overriding sense of the unknown ratchets up the suspense, if not the terror." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 18, 2008
B 41%

27 Dresses (2008)

"Predictable but utterly engaging, 27 Dresses will likely be remembered as the film that made Katherine Heigl an A-list star." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 18, 2008
C 13%

First Sunday (2008)

"First Sunday is a movie about forgiveness that asks its audience to forgive too much -- with regard to both its characters and its makers." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 11, 2008
C+ 40%

The Bucket List (2007)

"The Bucket List is 98 minutes of mawkish sentiment, a stream of greeting-card moments." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 11, 2008
C- 64%

Dan in Real Life (2007)

"Dan in Real Life wants desperately to be loved. It includes a few laughs...but with all its cloying, tone-deaf attempts at genuine emotional warmth, all it really deserves is to be avoided." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Oct 26, 2007
B- 37%

Sydney White (2007)

"A charmer that boldly marches where lesser movies -- at least since the heyday of John Hughes -- fear to tread." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Sep 21, 2007
D+ 13%

September Dawn (2007)

"Such ham-fisted earnestness does no one any good, least of all those who believe there's a big difference between historical fact and emotional screed." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Aug 24, 2007
B- 52%

Introducing the Dwights (2007)

"At times, it's a mawkish drama about a mother-son relationship that's uncomfortable to watch and too melodramatic to be believed. Then, it's a sprightly comedy about an innocent boy who hits the adolescent jackpot." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Aug 10, 2007
B+ 91%

Rescue Dawn (2007)

"[A] lean, mean surviving machine of a film." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 27, 2007
C 42%

No Reservations (2007)

"A romantic comedy that does precious little with the considerable resources at its disposal." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 27, 2007
D+ 14%

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

"Films that preach tolerance and respect for diversity, which is what this one does ultimately, are fine and good, and here's hoping the message comes across. But here's betting the fat and the gay jokes hang around a lot longer." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 20, 2007
B 90%

Knocked Up (2007)

"The humor arises from the situations and the characters, not from an overeager screenwriter's determination to cram as many jokes and putdowns into the script as possible." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
b- 27%

Evening (2007)

"The acting, by any measure, is superb." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
C 12%

The Salon (2007)

"The movie includes a few good one-liners, but that's really all it is -- a forum for putdowns and sassy dialogues." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
A 75%

Black Book (2007)

"[Director] Verhoeven proves a sure-handed storyteller, which might come as a surprise, as well as a terrific visual stylist, which shouldn't." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
B+ 94%

Away From Her (2007)

"Away From Her is that rare movie that breaks hearts with finesse and reserve, not through brute force." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
B 88%

Efter brylluppet (After the Wedding) (2006)

"Those willing to overlook its emotional grandstanding will find much to admire and even more to think about in this Oscar-nominated Danish drama." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
C+ 70%

28 Weeks Later... (2007)

"28 Weeks Later doesn't match the impact of its predecessor." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 10, 2007
B 57%

Transformers (2007)

"Citizen Kane, it isn't. But for 140 minutes in the dead of summer, it's a ton of dumb fun." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 3, 2007
D 7%

License to Wed (2007)

"...a film that's an early favorite for worst comedy of the year." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jul 3, 2007
B 82%

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

"The film's action doesn't disappoint; if anything, it ups the adrenaline ante considerably." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jun 27, 2007
A- 97%

Once (2007)

"There's not a false moment within the film's 88-minute running time, nor many that could be done any better." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jun 15, 2007
C+ 70%

Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

"Whereas previous Ocean's films have delighted in crossing their audiences, Thirteen barely tries. And when the clever turns predictable ... well, it's no longer clever." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jun 8, 2007
B+ 78%

Surf's Up (2007)

"The designers behind Surf's Up give the film a warmth that's often missing from today's computer-dominated animation; the water sequences are especially impressive and beautiful." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jun 8, 2007
C 60%

Gracie (2007)

"Gracie is painfully earnest, which might be OK were it not also painfully trite, painfully cliched and painfully formulaic." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jun 1, 2007
B+ 91%

The Italian (2007)

"Like Vittorio De Sica, one of the great Italian neo-realists, Kravchuk populates his film with people, not paradigms; his characters are capable of good and evil, sometimes in equal measure." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted May 18, 2007
C 49%

The Flying Scotsman (2006)

"Graeme Obree was a champion bicycler who, by all accounts, rarely took the easy way out. Too bad this movie version of his life doesn't follow suit." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted May 4, 2007
B 85%

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

"Bridge to Terabithia is much less than it's being advertised as, which makes it much more of a good thing." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Feb 16, 2007
B- 92%

Children of Men (2006)

"The future looks bleak in Children of Men, a sci-fi thriller that has less to do with the plot -- centering on a world where disease has left all the women sterile -- than with the director's vision of where our culture is headed." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Jan 5, 2007
C+ 44%

Night at the Museum (2006)

Quote not available. ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Dec 29, 2006
C 2%

Crossover (2006)

"Crossover's got game, not to mention the best of intentions. But it's too clunky by half." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted Sep 1, 2006
A- 75%

Over the Hedge (2006)

"Rarely have critters frolicked more hilariously than in Over the Hedge, a movie that should amuse all but the newborn or dead." ‐ Baltimore Sun
Posted May 19, 2006