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8.5/10 94% Arrival (2016) Arrival is an alien invasion movie for grown-ups; one that's lacking in action, explosions and all-out war, but heavy on tension, drama, and raw emotion. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Nov 7, 2016
7.5/10 87% A Monster Calls (2017) It bravely tackles a difficult subject with grace and sensitivity, and its message is deeply moving and affecting. ‐ IGN Movies UK
Posted Oct 19, 2016
7/10 53% Mascots (2016) Another funny and deeply affectionate portrait of an intriguing sub-culture. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 12, 2016
8.5/10 84% The Girl With All the Gifts (2016) Light on gore but heavy on brains, The Girl With All the Gifts delivers what it means to be living, undead or a new combination of the two, with originality and guts. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 30, 2016
7/10 75% Colossal (2017) It isn't always successful, but when the film works, it's a blast. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 30, 2016
89% Raw (Grave) (2017) Raw is as lyrical a film about cannibalism as you are ever likely to see, so ignore the hype about audience members fainting or being sick, and instead revel in the strange beauty of its twisted tale. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 29, 2016
9/10 36% Blair Witch (2016) Blair Witch is a terrific sequel that stays true to the spirit of the original while at the same time developing and expanding upon the legend. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 15, 2016
7.3/10 No Score Yet Creature Designers - The Frankenstein Complex (Le complexe de Frankenstein) (2016) The anecdotes come thick and fast in this likeable documentary about the artists who craft nightmare fuel for a living. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 1, 2016
7/10 75% Beware the Slenderman (2016) Beware the Slenderman is a little long, and rarely an easy watch. But it tells an important story about the dangers of the Internet, and the potentially deadly consequences that exposing the wrong material to the wrong people can have. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jul 29, 2016
7/10 56% Jason Bourne (2016) Jason Bourne has a passable plot and a couple of pulsating sequences, which already makes it better than the majority of action movies. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jul 28, 2016
8/10 100% Man vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler (2015) An emotional rollercoaster that will make you happy and sad and pleased that a guy like Tim McVey is out there, nibbling dots and avoiding his tail, all the while striving for his dream. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 4, 2016
7/10 37% The Brothers Grimsby (2016) If you can leave your social conscience at the door, and don't mind a duff plot and paper-thin characters, you'll find Grimsby to be very, very funny. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Feb 24, 2016
80% Eddie The Eagle (2016) A likeable family film that - much like Eddie's own exploits - is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Feb 12, 2016
25% Kill Your Friends (2016) Kill Your Friends starts out an enjoyably nasty satire of the music industry, but loses focus when a thriller element is thrown into the mix. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Nov 5, 2015
7.2/10 65% Spectre (2015) While it's a stylish feature, the film lacks true substance, with SPECTRE a solid effort but one that falls frustratingly short of greatness. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 22, 2015
7.4/10 90% Bone Tomahawk (2015) A genre mash-up that deliver on both fronts, Bone Tomahawk is a two-hour blast that features great dialogue, strong characters, and imaginative and memorable kills. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 2, 2015
6.8/10 73% Everest (2015) While it looks stunning, the result is a film that largely puts spectacle before substance, with this tragic story deserving of more. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 18, 2015
7/10 90% Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2016) From Heart of Darkness to Lost in La Mancha, there have been many great documentaries about the trials and tribulations of making movies, and Raiders! deserves to takes its place alongside them. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 16, 2015
7/10 15% The Transporter Refueled (2015) The result is a film that's as good as its predecessors, and suggests that Refueled isn't the last that we'll see of this particular incarnation of the Transporter. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 2, 2015
6.6/10 71% The Bad Education Movie (2015) Ultimately there are enough good jokes to make the feature a worthwhile endeavour. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 25, 2015
6.8/10 56% Minions (2015) Minions starts strong but quickly runs out of steam. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jun 25, 2015
7.7/10 88% Mr. Holmes (2015) Mr. Holmes is a moving character study that manages to find something new to say about this most enduring and beloved character. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jun 18, 2015
6.8/10 48% Spike Island (2015) Good gags, great performances and a spectacular soundtrack rescue an otherwise average coming-of-age drama. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted May 4, 2015
6/10 69% Zombeavers (2015) A mildly entertaining movie that lacks the beaver bite required of such material. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 16, 2015
9/10 93% Ex Machina (2015) Anchored by three dazzling central performances, it's a stunning directorial debut from Alex Garland that's essential viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in where technology is taking us. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jan 16, 2015
7.8/10 90% The Guest (2014) While the tone is uneven and the climax something of a disappointment, The Guest is a film that succeeds thanks to the audacious efforts of its writer and director and the talents of an excellent cast. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jan 5, 2015
7.5/10 59% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) The best sequence is without doubt the film's first. But the central battle is indeed spectacular, and as 'The Age of Orc' approaches, it rounds out this particular story in stirring and emotional fashion. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Dec 3, 2014
7.5/10 39% V/H/S: Viral (2014) If you like your horror mixed with laughs, this anthology threequel is a blast. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Nov 17, 2014
9/10 90% Spring (2015) Spring is a unique, engaging and utterly beguiling feature; one that smartly defies genre conventions at every turn. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 17, 2014
7.4/10 77% Fury (2014) Fury is filled with great scenes that hammer home the bravery of such men, and the tragedy of their situation. ‐ IGN Movies UK
Posted Oct 14, 2014
9/10 97% Housebound (2014) Housebound is a horror-comedy that ticks practically every box required of both genres and throws in a few extra for good measure. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 13, 2014
7.2/10 83% Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (Død snø 2) (2014) When it's funny, it's laugh-out-loud hilarious. So while the film has weaknesses, it's nevertheless a sequel that actually improves on the original. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 6, 2014
7.2/10 77% ABCs of Death 2 (2014) The quality is higher this time around, meaning that ABCs 2 featuring many more hits than misses. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Oct 1, 2014
7/10 28% Autómata (2014) The film works as an entertaining rumination on man's relationship with technology and increasing reliance on machines. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 25, 2014
6.5/10 41% Horns (2014) If you can suspend your disbelief and embrace the somewhat silly concept, there's fun to be had watching Daniel Radcliffe dance with the devil. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 25, 2014
7.5/10 93% Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2012) Electric Boogaloo is a superficial examination of the Cannon story, but a hugely entertaining one. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 22, 2014
8.5/10 85% John Wick (2014) The universe that that's set up is an intriguing one. The mission that Wick embarks on a compelling one. And in terms of action, drama and excitement, the film truly delivers. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 22, 2014
8.5/10 95% Nightcrawler (2014) A thought-provoking and strangely hilarious feature that blends elements of drama and horror with the blackest of comedy, Nightcrawler is a film that truly gets under the skin. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 10, 2014
7.7/10 69% The Inbetweeners Movie 2 (2014) This sequel features at least as many shocks and laughs as its predecessor, all wrapped in a cinematic sheen that sets it apart from what's gone before, and suggesting that there might be life in the Inbetweeners yet. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 7, 2014
6.8/10 32% The Expendables 3 (2014) They are enjoyable moments in a film that entertains for much of its run-time, and it's still a blast watching these '80s icons get together to blow stuff up onscreen. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 4, 2014
7/10 84% 22 Jump Street (2014) If you liked 21 Jump Street, you'll like 22 Jump Street, because it's pretty much the same movie. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jun 3, 2014
7.5/10 91% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Thanks to brisk direction from Doug Liman and some clever plotting, said repetition never becomes predictable. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted May 30, 2014
7.8/10 69% They Came Together (2014) A film that's as funny as it is silly, twisting every cliché in the rom-com cannon to impressive effect, so much so that you'll never be able to look at a Katherine Heigl movie in the same way again. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted May 7, 2014
7.5/10 75% Nymphomaniac: Volume I (2014) Nymphomaniac is brave, thought-provoking filmmaking from a genuine auteur. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted May 2, 2014
6.8/10 91% Locke (2014) Its star delivers a note-perfect performance that saves the film from its own shortcomings, with Tom Hardy once again proving himself to be one of the finest actors of his generation. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Apr 18, 2014
8.3/10 99% Starred Up (2014) Powerful and intelligent filmmaking that demands to be seen. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 21, 2014
7.4/10 84% Predestination (2015) Predestination has a few flaws in terms of story and structure, but for the most part it's a challenging and frequently thrilling time-travel yarn that will have you scratching you head for days. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 12, 2014
8.3/10 91% Frank (2014) If you're willing to go with that - an affectionate character study of a bloke in a massive papier mache head - you'll find Frank to be a richly rewarding film, and the title character to be one you can't help but fall in love with. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 12, 2014
8.5/10 85% Under the Skin (2014) In refusing to spoon-feed the audience information, Glazer's film instead burrows into the brain, the ambiguous nature of proceedings making it all-the-more beguiling. The result is a film that's hard to shake after the credits have rolled. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 10, 2014
9.2/10 92% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) [It] feels like Wes Anderson's most heartfelt film thus far. One that effortlessly straddles genres and works as both a nostalgic paean to a more innocent time and an examination of the very nature of storytelling itself. ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 5, 2014