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A 100%

Tower (2016)

"Tower manages to collapse the space between past and present, which, given the timeliness of the subject matter, has a haunting effect." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 27, 2016
A- 72%

The Birth of a Nation (2016)

"A measured but devastating movie that haunts the imagination and conscience." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 6, 2016
B- 63%

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

"Fuqua has watched his John Ford, evident in the sweeping mountain vistas that use every inch of the screen, and his Sergio Leone, represented by the squinty tension that fills the air before every showdown." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 22, 2016
A- 82%

Indignation (2016)

"Indignation is one of those films that creates the impression of little happening, when in fact Schamus, and Roth, are pulling levers of life-and-death importance." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 4, 2016
C+ 3%

Nina (2016)

"Writer/director Cynthia Mort tells this story well enough, but we're still left wondering why she chose this story to begin with." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 21, 2016
B+ 91%

The Witch (2016)

"Minimalist, slow to burn and utterly confident in its style and tone, Robert Eggers' Colonial New England fairy tale earns its chills the old fashioned way, through timing, atmosphere and skill." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 18, 2016
A- 81%

The Revenant (2015)

"The ravenously beautiful revenge saga from Alejandro González Iñárritu plays like the meanest Jack London short story imaginable. Its thrills chill to the bone." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 7, 2016
B+ 94%

Room (2015)

"Room is a good movie with a great performance at its core. Larson's career was already going places... But Room will be remembered as the movie that etched her permanent place on the map. " ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 30, 2015
A 75%

The Hateful Eight (2015)

"Put your hand in your pocket, real slow-like, and get out your wallet. You'll want to buy a ticket for The Hateful Eight, the Western that Quentin Tarantino was born to make." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 23, 2015
B+ 92%

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

"Go see The Force Awakens with an open mind, and without expectations of the same lightning being captured again in the same bottle. It is, at the end of the day, a movie. And it's a pretty good one." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 16, 2015
B- 43%

In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

"In the Heart of the Sea is everything you might expect and a little bit less. It's solid if rarely spectacular, engaging if rarely engrossing." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 10, 2015
A- 94%

Creed (2015)

"Creed is the happiest surprise of the movie season, a mix of old and new that taps our reservoir of nostalgia and forges a path of its own. It serves comfort food with fresh ingredients." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 24, 2015
B+ 70%

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)

"The film balances action and suspense with the kind of political and military gamesmanship that would be at home in a Shakespeare history play (minus the lush language, of course)." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 19, 2015
A 96%

Spotlight (2015)

"It's a great story about getting the story." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 12, 2015
B 65%

Spectre (2015)

"Spectre wants to operate as both a grim post-9/11 thriller and a throwback spy yarn, and it succeeds often enough. There's something audacious about positing a massive security and civil liberties threat right in the heart of central government." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 4, 2015
B+ 92%

The Martian (2015)

"The Martian is fueled by charm, curiosity and the scientific method. It plays like a modernized Kennedy-age fantasy of discovery, space and can-do initiative." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 1, 2015
A 84%

The Walk (2015)

"The line between gimmicky and magic can be mighty fine, but Robert Zemeckis masters it like a seasoned pro in The Walk." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 30, 2015
C- 9%

Stonewall (2015)

"Stonewall isn't good, but it's not quite as bad as you might imagine." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 24, 2015
B+ 73%

Everest (2015)

"The climbing sequences, which take up the bulk of the movie, pack a visceral punch." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 17, 2015
B+ 43%

American Ultra (2015)

"Ultra works by making a potentially messy story rather simple, and by using its carnage as an extension of its comedy. It has no interest in piling on plot minutiae. It's too busy getting to the next bit of mayhem." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 20, 2015
B+ 87%

Straight Outta Compton (2015)

"Straight Outta Compton manages to keep its sharp teeth despite its adherence to form. The movie doesn't neuter N.W.A.'s story so much as mold it to a familiar model." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 13, 2015
C- 9%

Fantastic Four (2015)

"It's as if it looked at possible templates for excitement and willfully decided to go for something more disjointed and boring." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 6, 2015
B+ 85%

Trainwreck (2015)

"Apatow and Schumer know that sturdy comedy benefits from the stuff of real life, and they supply it in consistent and sneaky fashion." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 16, 2015
B+ No Score Yet

Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot (2015)

"The Perfect Shot might not be the perfect movie, but it's still a worthy profile of the defining Dallas sports star of this generation." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 9, 2015
B+ 71%

Jurassic World (2015)

"A movie like Jurassic World must pass one basic test: Stay diverting, if not spectacularly entertaining, even through the most ridiculous scenarios. Mission accomplished." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 10, 2015
C 19%

Aloha (2015)

"Aloha, for all its spasms of charm, feels like a push-button romance, its heroes glibly spouting lines with the hope that the words come to mean something." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 28, 2015
A- 97%

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

"Mad Max: Fury Road provokes the same question from its audience again and again: What can you show me next? The answer is always the same: Something even more outlandish and imaginative than what you just saw." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 14, 2015
B+ 85%

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

"Thomas Vinterberg's sturdy new film adaptation brings out some of the darker shades, literally and figuratively, in Hardy's proto-feminist tale." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 7, 2015
A- 94%

Black Souls (2015)

"Black Souls is above all the story of a family divided, a fraternal knot that can be untied only through tragedy." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 7, 2015
B+ 75%

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

"By making the Avengers snarky rivals as well as brothers and sisters in arms, franchise Big Brain Joss Whedon injects exactly what such a noisy spectacle needs: a dollop of charm." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 30, 2015
A- 89%

Clouds of Sils Maria (2015)

"Clouds of Sils Maria is fiendishly wise to the ways of show business, particularly the boxes in which it places women. But the film offers more than that." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 24, 2015
A- 93%

The Hunting Ground (2015)

"The Hunting Ground qualifies as activist filmmaking. More power to it. You can read all the statistics you want, but there's no substitute for bearing witness - especially in such overwhelming numbers." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 9, 2015
B+ 21%

My Way (2011)

"This is big-boned, epic filmmaking of a variety Cecil B. DeMille or D.W. Griffith would appreciate." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 13, 2015
A- 96%

'71 (2015)

"It may not be fair to call Yann Demange a great filmmaker after just one feature, but that feature, '71, just might be a great film." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 12, 2015
B 61%

Maps to the Stars (2015)

"Moore delivers something remarkable here: a completely ego-free portrait of a woman who knows only ego." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 26, 2015
C- 25%

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

"The dashes of momentum are just a tease. It's hard to remember the last time this much sex was this tedious." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 12, 2015
A 89%

A Most Violent Year (2015)

"A lot of movies spin their wheels fast and create the illusion that important things are happening. A Most Violent Year, one of the best movies of 2014, does the opposite." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 22, 2015
C- 34%

Blackhat (2015)

"Perhaps the Sony hackers should have skipped The Interview and tried to shut down Blackhat. Then again, they never said they had anything against abject boredom." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 15, 2015
A- 98%

Mr. Turner (2014)

"Mr. Turner, like just about all movies made by Mike Leigh, creates the sensation of being in a vividly realized mini-universe built from the ground up." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 8, 2015

Inherent Vice (2015)

"Inherent Vice lives happily on the outer limits, where the noir form and its history are at least as important as the content." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 7, 2015
B+ 72%

American Sniper (2015)

"Though it never uses the term "PTSD," American Sniper, at its best, is a devastating portrait of post-traumatic stress disorder." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 24, 2014
A- 90%

The Imitation Game (2014)

"It would be hard to foul up the story of Alan Turing, and thankfully The Imitation Game doesn't." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 24, 2014
A 90%

Wild (2014)

"Subliminal editing, seamless flashbacks and evocative musical cues make for a captivating trek that dances off the linear path, even as it marches doggedly ahead." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 11, 2014
B- 27%

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

"Admirably cogent, even colloquial, Exodus plows through its stages efficiently, methodically and without much Old Testament passion." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 11, 2014
B+ 86%

Top Five (2014)

"The movie marks the first time Rock's stand-up persona - cutting, vulnerable, afraid of no sacred cows - has survived intact on the way to the multiplex. That alone is reason for fans to celebrate." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 11, 2014
B+ 65%

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014)

"Once you accept that the splitting of Mockingjay is a business decision, not a dramatic imperative, Part 1 comes off as a curiously satisfying nonaction movie." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 21, 2014
B 79%

The Theory of Everything (2014)

"It nestles into your consciousness with soft lighting and inspiration." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 13, 2014
B- 71%

Interstellar (2014)

"The climax contains some tangled magic. If you're not exhausted by almost three hours of intergalactic lecturing, you may even be able to feel it." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 4, 2014
A- 93%

Force Majeure (2014)

"This is icy-dry comedy, perfectly calibrated to the movie's snowy environs." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 30, 2014
A- 95%

Nightcrawler (2014)

"Writer-director Dan Gilroy wants it both ways - snarling comedy and gripping thriller - and for the most part he gets what he wants." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 30, 2014
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