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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
2.5/5 62% Dans Paris (2007) The film becomes overcrowded with its irreverent touches and eccentric interludes, which increasingly feel strained and awkward.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Aug 10, 2007
3/5 71% Lundi matin (Monday Morning) (2002) Such quirky characters and humorous observations give this slight diversion plenty of precious moments. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 18, 2005
4/5 83% The Warrior (2005) Kapadia constantly proves himself to be a director with not only an astonishingly rich visual imagination but also a strong sense of narrative, intelligently integrating a handful of flashbacks. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 13, 2005
3/5 95% Hero (2004) Hero's thrilling mixture of the audacious and the exquisite offers the viewer a myriad of treats. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 3, 2004
4/5 87% Noi the Albino (Nói albínói) (2003) This crowd-pleasing tale of growing pains is a work of undeniable charm and unexpected gravity, endowed with an offbeat sense of humor that will appeal to fans of Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismaki. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 18, 2004
2.5/5 47% Everybody Says I'm Fine! (2001) An uneven oddity. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 16, 2004
4.5/5 93% Knafayim Shvurot (Broken Wings) (2002) A wise and sensitive piece of filmmaking that heralds the arrival of a major new talent. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 18, 2004
3/5 63% Time of the Wolf (2004) An unspeakably timely exercise in despair; an experience that leaves you feeling as exposed, as exhausted and as raw as its central characters. ‐ Film Threat
Posted Oct 22, 2003
3/5 86% Ten Minutes Older (2002) This considerable first collection features a stellar line-up of international directors yet offers little star appeal. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 7, 2003
3.5/5 89% In This World (2003) Feels both authoritative and authentic. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 20, 2003
3/5 63% Cabin Fever (2002) Brisk and efficient homage to the 1970s horror cycle. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 12, 2003
4/5 50% The Heart of Me (2003) A class act through and through. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 27, 2003
4/5 96% Raising Victor Vargas (2003) A picture that clearly comes straight from the heart, it reminds you of the screen's potential to accurately reflect everyday life and genuinely move the viewer. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 10, 2003
3.5/5 77% Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2005) Beautifully shot, delicately scored and powered by a set of heartfelt performances, it's a lyrical endeavour. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 31, 2002
4/5 88% Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) With Rabbit-Proof Fence, Noyce has tailored an epic tale into a lean, economical movie. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3.5/5 70% Sex Is Comedy (2004) The real revelation in this endlessly engaging feature is the ever-present Parillaud, who dominates the picture like her character dominates the set. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3.5/5 87% Ten (2003) An unconventional and remarkably moving chamber piece. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3/5 72% Intacto (2002) Saved by Fresnadillo's visual virtuosity. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3/5 84% Voyage de Morvern Callar (2002) Ramsay succeeds primarily with her typical blend of unsettling atmospherics, delivering a series of abrasive, stylized sequences that burn themselves upon the viewer's memory. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3/5 57% The Guru (2002) There's much to relish here, including a raft of deft supporting performances. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3/5 81% How to Draw a Bunny (2004) Engaging portrait of the elusive and reclusive artist Ray Johnson. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
2.5/5 51% Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (2003) While Meadows strives to ape the epic breadth of the genre and sets up a classic dramatic conflict, his film falters from too many of the kind of formulaic gags that would fit more happily on the small screen. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2002
3/5 64% The Happiness of the Katakuris (2001) In this genre-bending celebration of family values, Miike delivers an imaginative and deliciously delirious mixture of jet black humor and schlock horror. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 27, 2002
3/5 83% Real Women Have Curves (2002) Cardoso breathes new life into a familiar premise with this charming and sensitive crowd pleaser. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Aug 14, 2002
4/5 96% Time Out (L' Emploi du temps) (2001) As a director, Cantet has built on the foundation of Human Resources and continues to prove himself a master of the small, often ironic, detail. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 9, 2002
3/5 71% Sex and Lucia (2002) Vega and Ulloa give strong performances as the leading lovers and there are some strong supporting turns, particularly from Najwa Nimri. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 2, 2002
3/5 61% El Juego de la Banca (2002) Wenham is quietly charismatic as the increasingly mysterious protagonist, while LaPaglia enjoys the lion's share of the best lines as the Gordon Gekko-esque mercenary. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
3/5 33% Secret Society (2001) The comic performances are all spot on, especially Lee Ross's turn as Ken. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
2.5/5 No Score Yet Caesar's Park (2000) [This] slow-moving and meditative documentary is strangely intriguing, yet ultimately fails to satisfy. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
2.5/5 75% Secretary (2002) Despite powerful performances from its main stars, Secretary falls short of its ambitious aims, struggling to find a fitting end for its intriguing and original premise. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
94% Dark Days (2000) Shot in black and white, Marc Singer's compassionate film introduces the audience to the tunnel's many inhabitants. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
3.5/5 97% Human Resources (1999) A painfully astute tale, intelligently directed and co-scripted by Cantet, who has clearly researched his subject material in great detail. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
3/5 83% Lakeboat (2000) For the most part a lot of fun, with some fine performances from a mature cast. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2002
3/5 77% Quitting (2002) A compelling tale of obsession and addiction. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2002
2.5/5 41% Night at the Golden Eagle (2002) Rifkin's references are ... impeccable throughout. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2002
3.5/5 48% Lucky Break (2002) Like The Full Monty, this is sure to raise audience's spirits and leave them singing long after the credits roll. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2002
3.5/5 86% Lawless Heart (2002) Honest, poignant and occasionally very, very witty. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2002
3/5 73% The Emperor's New Clothes (2002) A minor, offbeat achievement, yet particularly impresses with its strong central performances from a masterly Holm and a sensitive Hjelje. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2002
93% Scratch (2002) An energizing, intoxicating documentary charting the rise of hip-hop culture in general and the art of scratching (or turntablism) in particular. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 1, 2002
4/4 67% CQ (2002) A love for films shines through each frame and the era is recreated with obvious affection, scored to perfection with some tasty boogaloo beats. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 1, 2002
50% The Chateau (2002) A farcical, partly autobiographical, and frequently hilarious comedy charting the adventures of an odd couple abroad. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 1, 2002
90% Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) (2002) Atanarjuat will make you laugh, make you cry and keep you on the edge of your seat for nearly three hours. Isn't that what cinema was supposed to do all along? ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2002
49% Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle) (2001) The increasingly diverse French director has created a film that one can honestly describe as looking, sounding and simply feeling like no other film in recent history. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2002
66% Me Without You (2002) Friel ... and Williams ... both create sympathetic and thoroughly believable individual characters. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2002
82% The Believer (2002) As a portrait of the complexities facing a young Jewish Nazi, this is compelling stuff. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2002
86% Gosford Park (2001) An elegant, awfully English affair -- an atmospheric country-house whodunit with a stellar cast and crew from the UK. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Nov 29, 2001
20% High Heels and Lowlifes (2001) Distinctly low on laughs and, despite a running time of only 86 minutes, far outstays its welcome. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 28, 2001
83% Cool and Crazy (2001) Like all good documentaries, this is an enlightening insight into a previously unexplored world, to which the viewer feels privileged to have been introduced. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 25, 2001
83% Raw Deal: A Question of Consent (2001) This is a difficult film to watch and near impossible to rate. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 12, 2001
73% Fat Girl (2001) A frank and startling feature that is hard to stomach but harder still to forget. ‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 12, 2001