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4/5 96% Nuts! (2016) "A wildly entertaining piece of animated nonfiction, blending tall tale and courtroom documentary." ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jan 25, 2016
4/5 82% Almost There (2015) Too many documentaries suffer for just assuming we'll agree their subjects are interesting. This one puts in the work and gives us reason to be compelled. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Dec 4, 2015
B- 70% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) It hardly leaves a bad taste in our mouths, but we definitely don't ever need another helping. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Nov 18, 2015
C 87% The Peanuts Movie (2015) Nostalgia fodder at its most faithful and forgettable ... old-fashioned and wholesome but in a way that's old hat and wholly unimaginative. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Nov 9, 2015
1/5 No Score Yet Back In Time (2015) Coming out at the same time as Back to the Future Day has only hurt it, making it all the clearer that this scattered fandom doc has nothing special to offer its audience. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Oct 23, 2015
D 18% Jem and the Holograms (2015) The worst adaptation of a Hasbro property yet, and that's saying a lot. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Oct 21, 2015
86% Steve Jobs (2015) It's totally fitting that Fassbender doesn't resemble Jobs because we shouldn't ever think we're watching reality, or even a recreation of reality. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Oct 14, 2015
29% Addicted To Fresno (2015) Greer is hilarious. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Oct 9, 2015
84% The Walk (2015) One of this year's most theatrically necessary Hollywood movies ... see it for full cost with the most complete experience or totally skip it forever. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Oct 1, 2015
64% The Visit (2015) Cringe comedy and cringe horror that encourages its audience to find the elderly to be ugly, weird, gross, fearsome and even suspect. Shame on Shyamalan's shaming. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Sep 11, 2015
2/5 98% Welcome To Leith (2015) "While its story must be witnessed and engaged with, this is an unacceptable means through which we must do so." ‐ Nonfics
Posted Sep 10, 2015
3/5 82% Deep Web (2015) A fine addition to the Internet-History Cinematic Universe. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Sep 6, 2015
2/5 65% That Sugar Film (2015) Damon Gameau copies the Super Size Me model for an investigatory experiment [with] more style and pizzazz and inconsistency. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 30, 2015
4/5 88% A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile (2015) The key to The Amina Profile's success is that, despite its twist, it is not constructed wholly in service to that twist. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 20, 2015
4/5 95% Amy (2015) Another affecting rush of archival footage, like Senna, but this one has a more interesting, sometimes troubling relationship between the footage and the subject. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 7, 2015
3/5 81% Batkid Begins (2015) Almost all the talking heads are excited and proud, filling the film with a positive electricity. It's a power that most docs of such simplicity just don't have. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jun 17, 2015
4/5 71% The Nightmare (2015) The Nightmare doesn't settle on giving us the willies. It wants to shake us up, to actually leave us restless ... It's a cleverly manipulative piece of nonfiction. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jun 6, 2015
3/5 87% Lambert & Stamp (2015) Proves the value in having an oral history experienced visually rather than just verbally. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Apr 24, 2015
A 96% The Russian Woodpecker (2015) This film has it all: humor, terror, drama, politics, revolution, history, prophesy, secrets, lies ... I can't recall the last time a documentary surprised me quite so much. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Mar 16, 2015
2/5 97% Red Army (2015) At one point Festisov responds to a prompt by pointing out that he's not a historian. Neither is Polsky, and their exchange is not of much historical value. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Mar 12, 2015
4/5 88% Actress (2014) There are uncomfortable moments here in the mixing of observed and staged situations, many of which involve a special sense of the ironic, to be appreciated on multiple levels. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Feb 28, 2015
4/5 87% The Royal Road (2015) An utterly transfixing piece of work. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Feb 11, 2015
C 12% Mortdecai (2015) Reminds me of the viral videos parodying Wes Anderson's style made by people who clearly don't get the filmmaker at all. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Jan 23, 2015
93% Little Hope Was Arson (2014) Ultimately it's a very well-plotted story of faith, community, honor and the loss of each, and it's full of characters who are colorful and raw yet totally genuine. ‐
Posted Nov 17, 2014
B 67% Altman (2014) A classy, genuinely enthralling and satisfying tribute, but still just fluff. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Nov 6, 2014
C+ 40% 21 Years: Richard Linklater (2014) A total puff piece, unapologetically so ... playing to the casualness of its director's films, a collection of people having and being a lot of fun. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Nov 6, 2014
5/5 95% National Gallery (2014) A masterpiece of impression. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Oct 10, 2014
C- 32% Men, Women & Children (2014) Everything this two-hour movie wants to say is succinctly found in its two-minute trailer, so just watch that instead. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Oct 2, 2014
2/5 63% The Homestretch (2014) I barely made it through the homestretch of 'The Homestretch,' a disappointingly prosaic doc about homeless youths represented in a triptych of tedious narratives. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Sep 11, 2014
4/5 100% Tales Of The Grim Sleeper (2014) Broomfield bounces back after his disappointing Sarah Palin: You Betcha with one of his best yet. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Sep 8, 2014
86% Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2004) The most intense depiction of the complicated relationship between documentary filmmaker and subject of all time. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Sep 8, 2014
4/5 75% Captivated (2014) Maybe the best true crime documentary to deal with perspective more than guilt or innocence since The Thin Blue Line. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Aug 18, 2014
2/5 72% Dinosaur 13 (2014) What starts out as a really riveting story of passionate scientists and the find of a lifetime becomes an unfocused dig at the federal government. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Aug 17, 2014
C+ 44% About Alex (2014) Doomed to go unnoticed by a generation that can't be bothered with movies so representationally about itself, a generation that's already too self-aware in a literal manner. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted Aug 7, 2014
3/5 No Score Yet The Newburgh Sting (2014) "A documentary about issues that are complex enough that the angle taken here is hardly a problem for an intelligent audience." ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 21, 2014
2/5 No Score Yet Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story (2014) A mild, mostly insignificant and fairly deficient documentary that might appeal to some very curious fans, if they don't mind its ironic censoring of vaginas. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 20, 2014
4/5 100% Underwater Dreams (2014) As an underdog competition film, it lacks suspense yet wins in personality. When it becomes an issue doc focused on immigration, though, is where it's most triumphant. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 7, 2014
1/5 8% America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014) The actual problem with America is that it is structured poorly, with a third act that seems tacked on even though that's where it finally gets to the point. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jul 4, 2014
3/5 92% Code Black (2014) Awesome for its access but near whiny in its subjective approach to the healthcare issue, as a film about idealistic young doctors directed by an idealistic young doctor. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jun 23, 2014
4/5 78% The New York Review of Books: A 50 Year Argument (2014) Surprisingly one of Scorsese's most accessible and enjoyable nonfiction films, more digestible for a wide audience than one would expect given its highbrow subject matter. ‐ Nonfics
Posted Jun 11, 2014
No Score Yet Tough Bond (2013) Stuns with its imagery and sound and helplessness. ‐ Film School Rejects
Posted May 30, 2014
4/5 89% The Trials Of Muhammad Ali (2013) Works better as a history of events than a biographical film about Ali. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
3/5 63% One Direction: This Is Us (2013) The boys are very likable, but the film around them is still very repetitive. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
5/5 98% When We Were Kings (1996) Almost too concentrated on Ali, but the story plays well with an exhilarating pace and plenty of well-remembered expositional details. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
2/5 86% Red Obsession (2013) A lot of worthless talk about the greatness of Bordeaux takes too much away from the very few fascinating parts of the story. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
3/5 62% Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve (2013) Possibly too appealing and accessible to be taken seriously enough for impact. But at least it's entertaining and informative to a degree for us layfolk. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
2/5 88% Fire In The Blood (2013) Tediously conventional and uncinematic doc about a worthwhile story and issue, this pseudo sequel to How to Survive a Plague is less emotionally affecting ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
5/5 No Score Yet The Way Things Go (1987) You really can't get much more perfect than this, at least in terms of executing a planned showcase of reality in the laws-of-physics sense. I only wish it was longer. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
3/5 67% Herb & Dorothy 50x50 (2013) A fine sequel that looks beyond the collectors, updating us not only on where they are but also on where the state of art appreciation is in this country. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014
3/5 63% Linsanity (2013) Not just for the fans, the doc presents an entertaining and thoughtful story of racial minded America and the effect it has had on the struggle and the success of Jeremy Lin. ‐ Nonfics
Posted May 30, 2014