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The Artist (2011)

"Michel Hazanavicius' black-and-white, mostly silent comedy The Artist is a gorgeously made curiosity -- a film that functions as a testament to its own obsession with other movies." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Feb 17, 2015
4/5 96%

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011)

"For 10 years and eight films we've gotten to watch these young actors grow as people, as performers and as characters. It has been a true coming-of-age saga, in the fullest and most moving sense of the term." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Nov 18, 2014
2/5 92%

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

"The setup is intriguing but the balance feels off. Goddard and Whedon overplay the winking postmodernism." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Oct 6, 2014
3/5 95%

The King's Speech (2010)

"A polite, occasionally rousing, and more often than not, boring affair." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Feb 16, 2013
1/4 34%

Hall Pass (2011)

"Any time a movie needs to resort to two sequences involving unexpected bowel moments for laughs, you know you're in trouble." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Feb 24, 2011
5/5 94%

Carlos (2010)

"Carlos deserves mention alongside the greatest suspense thrillers ever made." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 7, 2011
2/5 49%

Love and Other Drugs (2010)

"One or two provocative bits emerge from the incoherence." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 24, 2010
4/5 79%

Fair Game (2010)

"What the filmmakers do capture brilliantly is the human cost of espionage and political gamesmanship." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 4, 2010
4/5 97%

GasLand (2010)

"An exhaustive and eye-opening look at natural-gas drilling and its potential dangers." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 28, 2010

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

"From start to finish, It's Kind of a Funny Story walks an uncommonly deft line: Playful comedy gives way to moments of shockingly immediate and honest emotion." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Oct 7, 2010
3/4 28%

Life as We Know It (2010)

"Life as We Know It turns into a reasonably honest consideration of what it might mean to have to honor the dead by raising their living, breathing, pooping, screaming progeny." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Oct 7, 2010
4/5 55%

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

"Subtlety has never been Stone's strong suit, but few filmmakers pick at our rawest societal scabs with quite as much brio and determination." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 24, 2010
3/5 93%

The Tillman Story (2010)

"It's a sobering look at how governments operate in wartime, putting a shiny spin on even the grimmest of tragedies." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 2, 2010
4/5 90%

Winnebago Man (2010)

"This strange, darkly funny documentary investigates the story of Jack Rebney, a Winnebago salesman who achieved notoriety based on outtakes of a corporate video he shot in the 1980s." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 20, 2010
4/5 82%

The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2010)

"J Blakeson springs surprises that force us to re-evaluate everything that's come before." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 6, 2010
3/5 63%

The Dry Land (2010)

"Well-intentioned, if unevenly executed." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 30, 2010
1/5 42%

Dinner for Schmucks (2010)

"It's lurching, desperate and borderline incomprehensible -- a movie whose characters act according to no known precept of recognizable human behavior." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 30, 2010
2/5 64%

Predators (2010)

"Predators mostly just suggests a bunch of grown-up men playing with toys and not bothering to invite the rest of us into their circle." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 9, 2010
1/5 6%

The Last Airbender (2010)

"Who would have thought Shyamalan would come up with a movie that makes his Lady in the Water look positively sensible?" Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Jun 30, 2010
3/5 74%

Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot) (2010)

"Micmacs, finally, is a romp through comic cinema history in which everything zips by so fast that you're too distracted to notice that it's all completely meaningless." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 25, 2010
5/5 91%

Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work (2010)

"It's one of the best movies ever made about the brutal and unforgiving world of show business, and what it takes to survive in it for decades." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 18, 2010
3/5 52%

Holy Rollers (2010)

"The tense dynamic between these two fine actors, not to mention Asch's confident feel for New York City circa the late-1990s, keeps this slightly undercooked but wholly engrossing melodrama on course." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 11, 2010
4/5 83%

The Ghost Writer (2010)

"[Polanski has a] knack for taking pulp and transforming it into tense, paranoid drama." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 19, 2010
3/5 18%

Valentine's Day (2010)

"High art? Maybe not. But Valentine's Day certainly goes down easy." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 12, 2010
4/5 91%

Crazy Heart (2009)

"Is Jeff Bridges the most underappreciated actor of his generation?" ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 25, 2009
3/5 76%

The Young Victoria (2009)

"If The Young Victoria never transcends its fussy trappings -- it's still a familiar costume drama -- it remains brisk and intelligent." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 18, 2009
1/5 50%

Antichrist (2009)

"Antichrist is a unique form of cruel and unusual punishment: an unrelenting orgy of graphic sex, violence and cynicism that also manages to be wildly pretentious." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Nov 20, 2009
5/5 89%

A Serious Man (2009)

"It's the best film of their careers." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 9, 2009
3/5 87%

Amreeka (2009)

"You keep rooting for these characters, even as the plot takes a series of broad and overly familiar turns." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 25, 2009
3/5 83%

Bright Star (2009)

"If you don't mind the inert drama at the core, Bright Star at least gives you plenty of eye candy." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 18, 2009
4/5 76%

The Horse Boy (2009)

"The Horse Boy isn't trying to provide any definitive answers about autism. It's offering intriguing possibilities." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 11, 2009
3/5 21%

Spread (2009)

"Mostly Spread feels likes a bungled opportunity." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 14, 2009
3.5/5 76%

Julie & Julia (2009)

"From Child's warbling, New England-by-way-of-Paris voice to her towering yet curiously lighthearted physical presence, Streep gets everything technically right about the woman." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 7, 2009
4.5/5 80%

Humpday (2009)

"Even if the movie doesn't completely work, it's apt to leave you talking about it for days." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 24, 2009
3/5 50%

Chéri (2009)

"Pfeiffer is curiously cold and brittle, while Friend never allows us to feel his character's anguish when he realizes the error of leaving Lea." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 26, 2009
4.5/5 92%

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

"It's the work of a filmmaker once again drunk on the daffy possibilities of horror filmmaking -- and determined to share that joy with his fans." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 29, 2009
2/5 66%

The Brothers Bloom (2009)

"Watching this movie is like being elbowed in the ribs for two consecutive hours." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 29, 2009
B+ 39%

Fighting (2009)

"At every turn, Fighting is alive and unexpected." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 24, 2009
B 84%

State of Play (2009)

"The movie doesn't quite work, but even when it's misfiring it has an old-fashioned appeal." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 17, 2009
F 50%

Observe and Report (2009)

"Aggressively mean and even more aggressively stupid." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 10, 2009
B 89%

Adventureland (2009)

"There's no mistaking Mottola's sincerity or his talent." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 3, 2009
B- 84%

I Love You, Man (2009)

"I Love You, Man feels like a clever concept in search of a completely developed movie." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 20, 2009
2/4 59%

Flash of Genius (2008)

"...The movie seems to have been crafted on an assembly line that specializes in inspirational tales of ordinary Davids triumphing over merciless Goliaths." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Oct 3, 2008
2/4 36%

Chicken Little (2005)

"Chicken Little is much too glib to make us feel what its characters are experiencing; the filmmakers would much rather explode their animated sets and vaporize their talking creatures." ‐San Jose Mercury News
Posted Nov 4, 2005
B+ 59%

The Talent Given Us (2004)

"[A] one-of-a-kind movie that sends the family road-trip genre happily spinning into these self-obsessed, overanalytical times; it's National Lampoon's Vacation as re-imagined by Dr. Phil." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Oct 13, 2005
B+ 44%

National Treasure (2004)

"The best cinematic comfort food you could ask for." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Nov 19, 2004
4/4 72%

Auto Focus (2002)

"While Auto Focus isn't very much fun to watch, it exerts a queasy, powerful hold on us." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Oct 29, 2002

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

"If this is the future of cinema, I'd rather be home watching television." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Jan 19, 2001

Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

"For a movie set at a film school, Final Cut is pretty much a textbook case on how not to make a movie." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Almost Famous (2000)

"[Crowe] seems to be remembering experiences that he doesn't have a hold on, and emotions that he's never completely sorted out for himself." Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Posted Jan 1, 2000
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