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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
84% In Bruges (2008) "Imperfect though it may be, In Bruges has charms that are difficult to resist, much like the city for which it's named. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Dec 14, 2014
7/10 No Score Yet Red Faction: Origins (2011) "It offers a compelling (if formulaic) story of redemption that doesn't feel like a waste of a good 90 minutes. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 14, 2013
7.8/10 85% Elementary: Season 1 (TV, 2012-2013) "I predict the ongoing challenge of making this show will be to keep the storylines as smart as the main character. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 27, 2012
7/10 81% The Office: Season 9 (TV, 2012-2013) "Despite some nagging flaws and off-notes, "New Guys" delivered an enjoyable and confident season opener that helped define the path for the episodes to come. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 20, 2012
2.5/5 49% Super (2011) "Is it a satire? A black comedy? A tragic parable? A comic book set in the real world? Gunn doesn't seem to want to commit to any of them, and no one in the film seems to know either. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Apr 1, 2011
3/5 87% Rango (2011) "If the art of the mashup is what passes for originality these days, then Rango is a creative tour de force. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 11, 2011
2/5 10% Red Riding Hood (2011) "Oh, the smoldering glances, the trembling fingers and that blood red cloak, signaling Valerie's readiness to enter womanhood. There might as well be flashing arrows on the screen. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 11, 2011
7/10 32% Running Wilde: Season 1 (TV, 2010-2011) "It has its moments of absurd comedy and a promising set-up, leaving room for improvement in future episodes. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Sep 21, 2010
4/5 81% Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) "A pop-culture cocktail that is fun, funny and deliciously offbeat. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 12, 2010
3/5 49% The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) "Saying that the third film in a series with two pretty weak prior entries is the best of the bunch may be faint praise, but that happens to be the case with Eclipse. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jun 30, 2010
6.7/10 44% Happy Town: Season 1 (TV, 2010) "I can't help but feel like there's the kernel of a good idea at the heart of the show. I just don't know if I want to wade through the rest to get to it. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Apr 28, 2010
56% Skills Like This (2007) "A quirky little film that relies heavily on charm to make up for some rather glaring flaws in story, pacing and character. Fortunately, it has charm to spare. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Apr 1, 2009
8.5/10 83% Ashes to Ashes: Series 1 (TV, 2008) "The creators of Life on Mars, Mathew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, are still in top form. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Mar 12, 2009
2/5 18% Love in the Time of Money (2002)
Posted Nov 20, 2008
4/5 87% Kung Fu Panda (2008) "The strength of this film is its visual presentation. The characters are well designed and they move with the necessary precision and grace. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jun 12, 2008
2.5/5 37% The Ten (2007) "There is a fun film in there somewhere, especially for those who know what they're getting into and are willing to just go with it. If you're not bothered by naked men frolicking and jokes about prison rape, then this is the film for you. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 22, 2007
4.5/5 97% The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007) "Like all great documentaries, this one transcends its subject matter, so that in the end, it's not just about two guys who play videogames, but about the nature of competition, how we cope with winning and losing and what that tells us about ourselves. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Aug 22, 2007
3/5 21% Catch and Release (2007) "Even with Smith involved, Catch and Release isn't the sort of film a guy would generally go to see alone, but it does make for a decent date movie. She'll enjoy the romantic elements and he'll likely find it unobjectionably entertaining. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Jun 25, 2007
2/5 10% The Grudge 2 (2006) "Rather than following the story of the Japanese sequel Ju-on 2, the English-language Grudge 2 is based on an original script by Stephen Susco. Unfortunately, there isn't much about it that feels all that original. " ‐ IGN Movies
Posted Nov 1, 2006
B 69% Snakes on a Plane (2006) "Snakes on a Plane delivers exactly what it promises. Nothing more, nothing less. " ‐ Now Playing Magazine
Posted Aug 18, 2006
3.5/5 73% The Matrix Reloaded (2003) MovieWeb
Posted Jan 6, 2004
4/4 68% The Grey Zone (2002)
Posted Oct 18, 2002
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