Claire Bickley

Claire Bickley

Agrees with the Tomatometer 84% of the time.

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In the Bedroom (2001)

"Might be the most thoughtful study of grief's dividing power since the 1980 movie Ordinary People." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 28, 2001

Charlotte Gray (2002)

"Dreary, dull and plodding." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 28, 2001

How High (2001)

"Like its lead characters, this movie is smarter than it sometimes acts." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 21, 2001

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

"The cinematic equivalent of being near-drowned in human excrement." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 14, 2001
5/5 100%

Le goût des autres (The Taste of Others) (2000)

"A knockout piece of entertainment." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Dec 1, 2001

The Affair of the Necklace (2001)

"The intrigue is stretched out long beyond when it remains intriguing and it all grows quite dull." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Nov 30, 2001

Spy Game (2001)

"Spy Game's stars are only among the best elements in this superbly exciting, entertaining espionage thriller." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Nov 21, 2001

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

"Eye-poppingly gorgeous sets and spectacular special effects make Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone a magical experience." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Nov 16, 2001
3/5 70%

Liam (2001)

"Overwhelmed by personal agenda, and a religious one at that." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Nov 3, 2001

Last Dance (1998)

"If you enjoy movies that provoke 'what if?' debates afterwards in the theatre lobby, you'll dig The Hole." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 27, 2001

Life as a House (2001)

"Mediocre, manipulative goo." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 26, 2001

From Hell (2001)

"A Jack the Ripper movie that fails to scare you just can't be a good thing." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 19, 2001

Riding in Cars With Boys (2001)

"I can't call Riding In Cars With Boys' poor-me martyr mom anything other than a character that puts the jerk in this wannabe tear-jerker." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 19, 2001

Vengo (2001)

"If you're a flamenco fan, this works as a concert film. It's as mere movie that its voice is strained." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 12, 2001

Songcatcher (2001)

"It's Songcatcher's songs, not its story, that linger." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 12, 2001

Cure (1998)

"This is a movie that leaves one wondering just who it is who has been mesmerized." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 8, 2001

Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)

"The kids seemed seriously underwhelmed by this intended empowerment comedy." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Oct 5, 2001

Big Eden (2001)

"This may be a date movie with enough quiet charm to appeal to anybody, straight, gay or, like Dean, undecided." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Sep 28, 2001

Zoolander (2001)

"Sublimely silly comic relief." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Sep 28, 2001

Soul Survivors (2000)

"For all its eerie lighting, chase scenes and people in glass masks, this film doesn't have a single good boo in it." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Sep 7, 2001

Summer Catch (2001)

"Sports movie cliches abound." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Aug 24, 2001

All Over the Guy (2001)

"Plays like a triple-length episode of Friends in which the characters are all in particularly bad moods." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Aug 24, 2001

The Girl (2001)

"Offers a certain heady atmosphere and rhythm as it takes its inevitable path." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Aug 17, 2001

American Outlaws (2001)

"Yes, Outlaws follows a template, but it does so expertly and at such a lively pace that its familiarity becomes a pleasure in itself for a knowing audience." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Aug 17, 2001

Himalaya (L'Enfance d'un Chef) (Caravan) (1999)

"Audiences will leave with the sense of having been a privileged visitor." ‐ Jam! Movies
Posted Aug 10, 2001