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6/10 37% The Purge (2013) DeMonaco's script begins to run out of steam ... but there's a deliciously nasty sting in the tail, just when it seems the film is poised to draw breath. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 29, 2013
6/10 63% Byzantium (2013) The fractured chronology hampers dramatic momentum but Jordan navigates a clear path between past and present, drawing us into his heroines' unusual predicament. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 29, 2013
5/10 7% The Big Wedding (2013) A frothy and harmless confection that squanders the on-screen talent. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 29, 2013
6/10 64% Epic (2013) A charming fable that could, with clever parental persuasion, inspire the youngest generation to swap their video games for an invigorating spot of housework. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 22, 2013
5/10 69% Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Diesel and Walker can play their roles in their sleep, and the lack of expression on the former's face suggests he might be ... ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 16, 2013
5/10 33% Deadfall (2012) The shifts in tone between black comedy, romance and suspense are often jarring and Dean's script fails to seamlessly weave together its themes of incest and redemption. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 8, 2013
7/10 86% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Star Trek Into Darkness is bolted together with clinical precision by Abrams, who orchestrates each daredevil chase and skirmish with breathless abandon. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 8, 2013
7/10 74% Chimpanzee (2012) Linfield and Fothergill, colleagues from the BBC Natural History unit, who worked together on the series Planet Earth, remain cheerful throughout. Their passion for Mother Nature shines through in every frame. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 30, 2013
7/10 38% Dead Man Down (2013) Dead Man Down is gripping. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 30, 2013
6/10 26% 21 And Over (2013) Moore and Lucas's script treats the characters with affection and is peppered with belly laughs. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 30, 2013
6/10 57% All Stars (2013) All Stars is inoffensive wish fulfilment aimed at a distinctly younger audience than the StreetDance franchise. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 30, 2013
6/10 54% The Look of Love (2013) Quips aside, there's a disappointing lack of depth to the characters. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 24, 2013
5.5/10 51% Promised Land (2013) The film means well, it just doesn't stir the soul. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 17, 2013
6/10 48% Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Fuqua lights the fuse on the summer blockbuster season with an almighty, ground-shaking bang. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 17, 2013
6.5/10 74% Love Is All You Need (2013) [Peddles] a winning formula of fizzing dialogue and longing glances. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 17, 2013
7/10 80% The Place Beyond The Pines (2013) The Place Beyond The Pines is impeccably crafted and Mike Patton's orchestrations beautifully underscore the inner turmoil. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 10, 2013
6/10 53% Oblivion (2013) The script's philosophical musings about humanity and self-sacrifice are almost as flimsy as the central love triangle that fails to ignite the emotional afterburners for a slam-bang finale. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 10, 2013
4/10 67% Spring Breakers (2013) [It] quickly descends into a pointless repetition of images and vapid dialogue. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 3, 2013
6/10 34% The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012) The bittersweet mood pervades until the final frames when Hedges contrives a satisfying resolution that should leave a few lumps in throats. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 3, 2013
6/10 41% Dark Skies (2013) Dark Skies sustains tension by grounding most of the family's torment in reality. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Apr 3, 2013
3/5 59% Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) Warmth and charm have almost been sucked dry from this incarnation of Oz and performances are muted, especially Franco, who bumbles through his scenes as if he is making up dialogue on the spot. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Mar 6, 2013
2/5 49% The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012) Aside from the impressive final showdown, Breaking Dawn - Part 2 feels like the dying breaths of a cash cow being milked dry. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted Nov 14, 2012
3/5 15% Sex and the City 2 (2010) The gossamer-thin plot is more flimsy than some of the characters' dresses and at 146 minutes, the sequel overstays its welcome by the best part of an hour. ‐ Birmingham Post
Posted May 26, 2010
3/5 43% Robin Hood (2010) Crowe's accent roams the British Isles depending on who he is acting opposite, which is distracting, but Blanchett is luminous with an unshakable Nottingham burr, which adds warmth to some choice lines of dialogue. ‐ Scotsman
Posted May 17, 2010
3/4 83% The Ghost Writer (2010) Polanski polishes the lacklustre material and his impeccable style creates the illusion of suspense where our steady pulse tells us there is none. ‐ Scotsman
Posted Apr 19, 2010
94% March of the Penguins (2005) Birth, death, romance, danger: All play a role in Jacquet's homage to a remarkably endearing creature. ‐ Time Out
Posted Aug 16, 2007
3/5 54% Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006) The film rocks, but it's not that good. ‐ Manchester Online
Posted Nov 21, 2006
59% The Talent Given Us (2004) Faux documentary, home movie or unexpurgated family therapy? The Talent Given Us, a funny, surprising ride with a mercurial New York clan, is all three. ‐ Time Out
Posted Oct 13, 2005
4/4 100% Fanny & Alexander (1982) A fitting introduction to the very personal cinema of this master craftsman, not only because it exhibits Bergman's signature themes and stylistic devices, but also because it is one of his most life-affirming films. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Nov 5, 2004
2.5/4 100% Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003) Despite its compositional flaws, Melvin Goes to Dinner will please anyone who takes the art of social chatter seriously. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 29, 2003
2.5/4 43% Oligarkh (Tycoon) (Tycoon: A New Russian) (2003) An uneven political thriller that suffers mostly from a highly convoluted story line. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Aug 22, 2003
3.5/4 96% I'm Going Home (2001) De Oliveira gives us a witty, moving, yet unsentimental study of mortality that ranks among the best work of his career.‐ Boston Globe
Posted Sep 6, 2002
3/4 100% Yana's Friends (2001) A tender, spirited look at love and community in the midst of war. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 21, 2002
3.5/4 86% The Way We Laughed (1998) A haunting, richly textured film that, like the Italian director's unforgettable Lamerica, dramatizes the plight of poverty on an epic scale. ‐ Boston Globe
Posted Jun 14, 2002