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5/5 92%

In a World... (2013)

"The male-dominated world of voiceover artists is explored from a female perspective in this touching comedy from Lake Bell, who stars, writes and directs." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 20, 2013
4/5 94%

Metro Manila (2014)

"Brit filmmaker Sean Ellis does terrific work balancing the disparate elements of his crime-laced drama. Recommended." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 16, 2013

Jimi: All Is by My Side (2014)

"The film's limitations play to its advantage, since Ridley eschews the usual biopic approach, instead taking a snapshot of 12 crucial months in the musician's life, three years before his death." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 14, 2013
4/5 91%

The Great Beauty (2013)

"A VIP tour of a secret, horribly fashionable world that one wouldn't want to linger in yet can't help but find fascinating." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 6, 2013
5/5 41%

Only God Forgives (2013)

"Experimental and uncompromising, Winding Refn and Gosling's Drive follow-up is a tripped-out riff on the crime family movie in which The Grifters - literally - go to hell. " Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 28, 2013
3/5 66%

The Iceman (2013)

"What makes it at all special is Shannon, who's terrific playing the human being behind the murderer, a man so psychopathic that he doesn't realise he's actually a monster posing as a man." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 7, 2013
4/5 95%

Behind the Candelabra (2013)

"What lasts longest in the mind is not the film's bold gay love scenes but its affectionate tip of the hat to a great, unapologetic American eccentric." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 7, 2013
3/5 34%

Everybody Has a Plan (2013)

"Feels a little long and uneven, although Mortensen is quite superb as the two chalk-and-cheese brothers." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 3, 2013
2/5 53%

The Comedian (2013)

"There's not enough of a story to sustain The Comedian through its frequent lulls, but its lush cinematic style suggests Shkolnik is one to watch." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 3, 2013
4/5 73%

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (2013)

"The fly on this particular wall comes with his own baggy threads and Madchester t-shirts, but the results are no less magical for being shot through the eyes of a fan." Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 2, 2013

We Are What We Are (2013)

"Like all good horror stories Mickle's film is really about something else, and the two female leads give terrific performances as cloistered teenagers struggling to come to terms with their place in their world." Empire Magazine
Posted May 23, 2013
3/5 54%

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013)

"This is a film that makes some very interesting points about how society and the media can combine to create history's monsters." ‐Radio Times
Posted May 16, 2013
3/5 54%

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013)

"Ahmed excels and the set-up is compelling but ultimately this is middle rank stuff from the Monsoon Wedding director." Empire Magazine
Posted May 6, 2013
4/5 94%

Good Vibrations (2012)

"A rousing tale of rock 'n' roll rebellion that shows how one man's black-vinyl passions ended up socking it to The Man." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 25, 2013
4/5 89%

Compliance (2012)

"A punchy and effective drama." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 22, 2013
4/5 63%

Broken (2013)

"Laurence in particular is dynamic as Norris's young muse, a guileless screen presence who effortlessly charms us back to childhood." ‐Radio Times
Posted Mar 8, 2013
4/5 86%

Robot & Frank (2012)

"Forget the sci-fi trimmings and sentimental pay-off - this is a gleefully subversive character study of a charming but unapologetic rogue." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 3, 2013

Charlie Countryman (2013)

"A gripping, violent film that owes an unabashed debt to the Tarantino-penned love-in-low-places story True Romance." Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 26, 2013
2/5 0%

Run For Your Wife (2013)

"Somewhere out there is a Royal Variety show missing its line-up." Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 11, 2013
3/5 73%

Chained (2012)

"[It] will likely find favour with horror audiences looking for something more thoughtful than another instalment of Saw." ‐Radio Times
Posted Feb 1, 2013
4/5 56%

Escape From Tomorrow (2013)

"The acting isn't perfect (which is perhaps understandable under the circumstances), and the film's dream states sometimes try too hard, but Escape From Tomorrow has an otherworldly atmosphere that both hooks and engages." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 28, 2013
4/5 94%

Metro Manila (2014)

"It is poetic, honest and at times almost upsettingly real. It will be fascinating to see what Ellis does next." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 25, 2013
2/5 85%

The Way Way Back (2013)

"When the credits roll, one is left thinking less of the fate of the characters than of the rollcall of Sundance offerings this film resembles." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 24, 2013
3/5 53%

Lovelace (2013)

"Though Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's handsomely mounted period piece evokes the era with impressive detail, Lovelace's journey remains difficult to tell." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 24, 2013
4/5 31%

Adore (2013)

"It may be divisive, but Two Mothers is a vary rare exploration of the female psyche, which, with a little judicious editing, could have a long and interesting life." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 21, 2013
2/5 98%

Before Midnight (2013)

"Admirers of the first two films will feel pangs of nostalgia and a residual warmth for its charismatic leads, but as an extension to the series it feels forced and unnecessary." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 21, 2013
3/5 30%

Austenland (2013)

"It is smart and surprisingly literate, its only downfall being in that, in riffing on the work of a very talented writer on the subject of men and women, its screenplay could have used a little more of Jane Austen's immaculate sense of storytelling." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 21, 2013
4/5 75%

Kill Your Darlings (2013)

"Kill Your Darlings may be best described as an intellectual moral maze, a story perfectly of its time and yet one that still resonates today." ‐Guardian
Posted Jan 20, 2013
3/5 90%

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

"An endearingly oddball indie sci-fi." Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 24, 2012
2/5 81%

Boxing Day (2012)

"Huston, as ever, does the devil's work to perfection, but, with no one to like - let alone root for - this soon becomes a very long and tiresome slog indeed." ‐Radio Times
Posted Dec 21, 2012
4/5 94%

The Hunt (2013)

"A timely and intelligent reminder of the dangers of public hysteria." ‐Radio Times
Posted Nov 30, 2012
3/5 92%

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

"Jennifer Lawrence is the standout in a tonally uneven, eccentric romantic dramedy that fuses The Fisher King with Romy And Michele's High School Reunion." Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 19, 2012
5/5 86%

The Master (2012)

"An often brilliant '50s-throwback character drama that never feels nostalgic, with terrific central performances and a luminous, unforgettable visual beauty." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 29, 2012
5/5 86%

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

"Beautiful, funny, timely and tender, this is the American arthouse movie of the year." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 15, 2012
3/5 43%

On the Road (2012)

"A decent, well-cast and mounted adaptation that hits all the right notes but plays them in a respectful, muted monotone." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 7, 2012
4/5 71%

Liberal Arts (2012)

"An unexpected delight, dealing with intergenerational relationships in a funny and unusual way." ‐Radio Times
Posted Oct 7, 2012
5/5 93%

Looper (2012)

"An ingenious, witty film that simply brims with ideas and energy." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 28, 2012
4/5 94%

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel (2012)

"Bursting with insights and a droll sense of the absurd side of fashion, it's a fitting tribute to one of the industry's key figures." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 16, 2012
3/5 74%

Killing Them Softly (2012)

"A good, efficient crime thriller, let down by clunky social commentary but lifted by excellent performances, including perhaps Brad Pitt's recent best." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 16, 2012
4/5 81%

The Impossible (2012)

"Part of the appeal of this affecting and powerful drama is that it puts the viewer right in the moment at every stage, using authentic locations and tsunami survivors to hammer home the reality of this tragedy." ‐Guardian
Posted Sep 12, 2012

Seven Psychopaths (2012)

"A funny, dirty and very, very violent comedy that tilts at serious themes (as did In Bruges, but in a different way) and does so with a messy, irreverent, gung-ho energy." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 10, 2012

Argo (2012)

"The film makes a beautiful job of juggling laughs and real drama." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 10, 2012
3/5 47%

The Sweeney (2013)

"The action's arresting but the dialogue's not much cop in this well-played and enjoyable hardboiled British police thriller." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 9, 2012
3/5 77%

Take This Waltz (2012)

"Polley is very good at depicting the small highs and lows of modern relationships - the frequent poignant moments of everyday intimacy will doubtless strike a chord with many couples." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 23, 2012
4/5 95%

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012)

"A little pretentious maybe, but then you've got to wonder at a woman who could sit motionless in a wooden chair, eight hours a day for three months." Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 1, 2012
2/5 71%

Dark Horse (2012)

"The characters run the gamut from near-comatose to shrill, all of them awful, and what seems to aspire to being a modern comedy of manners is simply a mean-spirited satire on such close but paradoxically unloving families." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 29, 2012
3/5 88%

The Angels' Share (2013)

"Brannigan is an engaging lead and Henshaw offers light relief, but director Ken Loach, famous for his social realism, and regular writer Paul Laverty struggle to find a balance between the film's comic and serious elements." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 1, 2012

Cosmopolis (2012)

"It goes without saying that it is weird, but even from the director of eXistenZ and Videodrome it is bizarre, with the mannered, affected performances of the former and the outsider characters of the latter." Empire Magazine
Posted May 25, 2012
3/5 57%

The Dictator (2012)

"Standard gross-out comedy fare and surprisingly formulaic by Baron Cohen's usual standards." ‐Radio Times
Posted May 17, 2012
3/5 57%

The Dictator (2012)

"Formulaic, yet scrappy, and extremely funny in fits and starts." Empire Magazine
Posted May 11, 2012
Showing 101 - 150 of 284