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3/5 87%

Computer Chess (2013)

"It's fashionable to dismiss mumblecore as prone to obtuseness, but Bujalski offers a wryly funny slice of nerd-vana." Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 17, 2013
2/5 58%

Dom Hemingway (2014)

"Bitty and frustrating, its bigger laughs are set against some off-balance storytelling and crude comedy. Not one to take your nan to." Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 11, 2013
5/5 93%

Captain Phillips (2013)

"Both Greengrass and Hanks are on award-deserving form in a riveting, emotionally complex and hugely intelligent dramatisation of a real-life ordeal." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 8, 2013
3/5 89%

Le Week-End (2014)

"Writer / director team Kureishi and Michell add to their partnership with an insightful look at a life-long commitment." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 6, 2013
2/5 28%

Machete Kills (2013)

"Violent, silly, embarrassing, clumsy, confusing, juvenile, occasionally offensive, occasionally a little bit fun." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 6, 2013
3/5 81%

Prisoners (2013)

"A decent, cogent, greyly atmospheric thriller with something to say about War-On-Terror America." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 23, 2013
4/5 87%

Alan Partridge (2014)

"Ruddy hilarious. Just what big-screen comedy needed." Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 5, 2013
3/5 No Score Yet


"Kormákur has made a suitably dramatic recreation of a remarkable episode." Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 16, 2013
3/5 96%

The Deep (2013)

"Back on home turf, Contraband director Kormákur has made a suitably dramatic recreation of a remarkable episode. " Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 8, 2013
5/5 94%

Stories We Tell (2013)

"Polley's fearless personal journey is a huge achievement, a genuine revelation - but the less detail you know beforehand, the better. Go in cold, come out warmed." Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 24, 2013
3/5 48%

Spike Island (2015)

"Following Made Of Stone, this is another slice of nostalgia for baggies of a certain age." Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 17, 2013
4/5 55%

Man of Steel (2013)

"It feels the right Superman origin story for our era, and teases what would be a welcome new superfranchise." Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 11, 2013
4/5 95%

Behind the Candelabra (2013)

"Who'd have thought Michael Douglas and Matt Damon would make such an astonishing, convincing on-screen couple? Steven Soderbergh, that's who..." Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 2, 2013
5/5 93%

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

"An otherworldly tale of childhood and a definitive work of imagination." Empire Magazine
Posted May 20, 2013
4/5 98%

Mud (2013)

"A bold, intelligent, 21st century take on Mark Twain - with added occult tendencies." Empire Magazine
Posted May 5, 2013
3/5 54%

The Look of Love (2013)

"A solid, straightforward biopic about a fascinating individual and his destructive relationships, with strong performances and a healthy sense of naffness." Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 22, 2013
4/5 50%

Welcome to the Punch (2013)

"A confident, ambitious and action-rich Brit thriller, albeit one whose characters and clarity suffer from the frantic intensity of its pacing." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 10, 2013
2/5 15%

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

"A lurching misstep from the Dead Snow director." Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 25, 2013
4/5 88%

Django Unchained (2012)

"Another strong, sparky and bloody entry in the QT canon." Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 14, 2013
4/5 64%

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

"The Hobbit plays younger and lighter than Fellowship and its follow-ups, but does right by the faithful and has a strength in Martin Freeman's Bilbo that may yet see this trilogy measure up to the last one. There is treasure here." Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 10, 2012
4/5 86%

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

"An honest, affection-hooking, coming-of-age drama which proves that there is life beyond Hogwarts for Emma Watson." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 2, 2012
3/5 88%

Shut Up and Play the Hits (2012)

"A great concert movie framed around a substantially less enthralling interview." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 3, 2012
4/5 82%

Shadow Dancer (2013)

"As beige as an old PC, but beneath the surface the blood pumps bright scarlet. An intelligent and emotionally charged spy drama." Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 20, 2012
2/5 35%

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

"The grave tone makes it stiff and leaden, the digi-saturated look is a turn-off. Damnable and disordered." Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 22, 2012
3/5 49%

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

"A strong visual style tussles with flaccid storytelling in this ambitious retelling of Grimm." Empire Magazine
Posted May 28, 2012
3/5 81%

Get the Gringo (2012)

"The closest Mel Gibson's come to playing Martin Riggs since the last Lethal Weapon." Empire Magazine
Posted May 6, 2012
3/5 92%

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

"For horror hounds who love a larf, and those of us who always wondered exactly what that dry-ice stuff that rises out of the forest-floor moss is." Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 8, 2012
3/5 51%

John Carter (2012)

"Just about every sci-fi/fantasy/superhero adventure you ever loved is in here somewhere." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 4, 2012
3/5 74%

Rampart (2012)

"A familiar story oddly presented, but with a powerful central performance from Woody Harrelson." Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 20, 2012
4/5 89%

The Descendants (2011)

"A marvellous follow-up to 2004's Sideways - well worth the wait." Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 23, 2012
3/5 51%

The Iron Lady (2012)

"One of Streep's finest-ever performances." Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 2, 2012
4/5 84%

Contagion (2011)

"A starkly effective ensemble drama which could well do for the sniffles what Jaws did for great whites." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 17, 2011
3/5 24%

The Three Musketeers (2011)

"Stupid, with three o's. But also fun, never boring, and never insulting (to anyone other than Dumas) - unlike certain of the summer's A-pics..." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 10, 2011
5/5 82%

Warrior (2011)

"It hardly rewrites the rulebook, but Warrior is a powerful, moving and brilliant sports-pic-cum-family drama. Like The Fighter, but with kicking." Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 30, 2011
4/5 43%

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

"A simple entertainment in a summer of overcomplicated disappointments. Also much harder-edged than you may have expected." Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 15, 2011
4/5 98%

Project Nim (2011)

"Gripping, heart-wrenching, powerful and a sad indictment of scientific practice, which shows that 'human' and 'humane' are all-too-often mutually exclusive." Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 8, 2011
4/5 95%

The Secret World of Arrietty (2012)

"A beautifully crafted, intimate adventure movie and - presented in hand-drawn 2D - one of the most visually arresting you'll enjoy all year." Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 27, 2011
4/5 92%

Senna (2011)

"A worthy paean to a true talent." Empire Magazine
Posted May 30, 2011
3/5 86%

X-Men: First Class (2011)

"All you'd expect from an X-Men film (or spin-off, or prequel), but not all you'd hope for. It smacks of rush and compromise, but there's thankfully enough to make you feel optimistic about the series' future once more. " Empire Magazine
Posted May 25, 2011
3/5 23%

Sucker Punch (2011)

"Ambitious and visually impressive as a pop-video mash-up, but, lacking a strong emotional core, it doesn't quite cohere as a fully satisfying movie." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 28, 2011
4/5 86%

Submarine (2011)

"A perfect blend of cool, quirky comedy and warm-hearted drama, crafted with such poise that it should see the transcendence of Ayoade from TV nerd-comic to true big-screen talent." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2011
3/5 45%

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)

"Still no signs of the master re-living past glories, but more than worthwhile for Allen diehards." Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2011
4/5 71%

Never Let Me Go (2010)

"A beautifully realised adaptation of a profoundly affecting novel." Empire Magazine
Posted Feb 7, 2011
4/5 87%

Black Swan (2010)

"An extraordinary, intoxicating movie. Its hard, twisted edges may turn off some, but there's no faulting either Aronofsky's technical mastery or Portman's flawless performance." Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 18, 2011
5/5 72%

Monsters (2010)

"An amazing achievement for a 'first-time' filmmaker, which measures up to the finest indies for performance and character-work, and the biggest blockbusters for jaw-dropping effects." Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 29, 2010
4/5 88%

Let Me In (2010)

"Not as deep as the original, but certainly more of a crowdpleaser -- and it's hard to imagine a more intelligent and well-crafted American horror being released this year." Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 3, 2010
5/5 99%

Toy Story 3 (2010)

"A kids' movie for grown-ups. A grown-up movie for kids. Exactly what you'd expect -- and hope for -- from the latest, and we're guessing final, Woody and Buzz adventure." Empire Magazine
Posted Nov 3, 2010
3/5 50%

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010)

"This is unlikely to win Kathryn Lansky's antipodean owl fantasy any new fans, but even the bemused (and confused) can luxuriate in some grand-scale visual storytelling." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2010
3/5 55%

Mr. Nice (2011)

"A solid, often entertaining life-of-crimer which benefits from some stylistic touches and a faithful, convincing central performance." Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 6, 2010
3/5 89%

World's Greatest Dad (2009)

"Odd, confident, challenging, and featuring a brilliant turn by Williams. If only there was just a little more to it." Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 22, 2010
Showing 51 - 100 of 170