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Couples Retreat (2009)

"Why couldn't Couples Retreat have been lighthearted and zany throughout, instead of trying to push across a message about picket-fence monogamy?" ‐Washington Post
Posted Oct 16, 2009

Extract (2009)

"Extract may be the most disappointing American comedy of the decade, partly because it's jokeless and joyless but mostly because it squanders an all-star cast of superb comic talent." ‐Washington Post
Posted Sep 3, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

"The peculiar, comic-book-like computer graphics -- artful at first -- finally overtake Blood and make it look like a video game instead of a graceful, graphic martial arts movie." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jul 10, 2009

Moon (2009)

"Storywise, Moon fails to live up to the promise of its premise. There's plenty of atmosphere, but little gravity." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jul 10, 2009

Unmistaken Child (2009)

"Adorable, moving, bewildering, sad and, ultimately, peaceful." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jul 2, 2009

Public Enemies (2009)

"Public Enemies, despite packing thunderous rounds of ammunition, is a touch too remote." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jul 1, 2009

O' Horten (2007)

"Depending on your patience for oddball mood pieces, you will either sleep through O' Horten or be oddly captivated. Either way, it'll be like dreaming." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jun 19, 2009

Avaze gonjeshk-ha (The Song of Sparrows) (2009)

"At times tedious but ultimately beguiling, Song of Sparrows morphs from a sly dramedy about running a household into a fable about two ways of life (urban and rural) that can't coexist." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jun 12, 2009

Easy Virtue (2009)

"What might've been a scrumptious, chocolatey dessert of a movie -- a Noel Coward delite -- is instead a scoop of lemon ice, not filling, faintly sweet and mostly water." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jun 5, 2009

Adoration (2008)

"Adoration is a delicate rumination on how innocence and truth evolve in the aftermath of catastrophe, as people stake emotional ownership in tragedy." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jun 5, 2009

Rudo y Cursi (2009)

"This is not a sports movie. But for lovers of Luna and Bernal, especially Luna and Bernal together, Rudo y Cursi will be a quick, harmless, caffeinated booster shot until their next collaboration." ‐Washington Post
Posted May 15, 2009

The Limits of Control (2009)

"Jarmusch has taken the idea of a caper, drained it of plot, action and suspense, and set it against an absurdist background, where every symbol, person and incident should convey meaning but doesn't." ‐Washington Post
Posted May 8, 2009

Outrage (2009)

"A crisp, efficient, sometimes petty but often infuriating documentary about alleged gay politicians who actively campaign and vote against gay rights." ‐Washington Post
Posted May 7, 2009

La Graine et le Mulet (The Secret of the Grain) (Couscous) (2007)

"A ponderous tragedy about put-upon manhood? A verite snoop into cultures that are sexually mingled but publicly uneasy? A pill to be swallowed in the name of serious filmgoing? Maybe all of these." ‐Washington Post
Posted May 7, 2009

Sin Nombre (2009)

"Sin Nombre is pure filmmaking: a great story told in beautiful images." ‐Washington Post
Posted May 7, 2009

12 (2007)

"The film transforms Rose's play into a ballet of sorts. The story is as much about movement as it is about words." ‐Washington Post
Posted May 1, 2009

Obsessed (2009)

"As far as the crazy-stalker-chick genre goes, Obsessed isn't horrible. It's just intensely simple-minded." ‐Washington Post
Posted Apr 27, 2009

Lymelife (2008)

"Lymelife, directed by first-timer Derick Martini and produced by Martin Scorsese, balances grimness and levity with relative success." ‐Washington Post
Posted Apr 23, 2009

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (2009)

"The Mysteries of Pittsburgh seems to be missing an essential element of drama, of risk, underneath its glossy, golden sheen." ‐Washington Post
Posted Apr 16, 2009
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Royal Kill (2009)

"Not a bad premise -- it's kind of like The Princess Diaries meets Kill Bill meets Terminator 2 -- but the movie doesn't make one right turn." ‐Washington Post
Posted Apr 9, 2009

The Great Buck Howard (2009)

"Under the direction of, say, Alexander Payne or David O. Russell, Malkovich might have flourished in a deeper, darker, more madcap version of the film." ‐Washington Post
Posted Mar 20, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

"Sunshine Cleaning should have been a madcap comedy of the macabre, or a tangled yarn about the metaphorical biohazards of living life at the margins, but it shoots for the middle and ends up being just that: middling." ‐Washington Post
Posted Mar 20, 2009

An American Affair (2009)

"An earnest, fictional coming-of-age story is squeezed from a bitter, true-life local tragedy. And it works." ‐Washington Post
Posted Mar 13, 2009

Brothers at War (2009)

"A drama about sibling rivalry and reconciliation that just happens to be filmed under extremely dangerous circumstances." ‐Washington Post
Posted Mar 13, 2009

Friday the 13th (2009)

"The movie knows it's a slasher flick made solely for commerce, it knows we know what it is, and yet it insists on feigning the song and dance." ‐Washington Post
Posted Feb 12, 2009

Push (2009)

"It's the perfect brain vacation for those overtaxed by Oscar-nominated movies." ‐Washington Post
Posted Feb 5, 2009

Yes Man (2008)

"In a comedy era ennobled by the crackling wit of Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell and Tina Fey, Yes Man comes across as innocent, quaint, pitiable, as one-note as borscht belt humor and not committed enough to support great slapstick." ‐Washington Post
Posted Dec 18, 2008

Four Christmases (2008)

"Several maraschino cherries short of a fruitcake." ‐Washington Post
Posted Nov 26, 2008

Elsa & Fred (2008)

"Elsa & Fred feels not substantial enough to bear the weight of its themes. It dissolves like cotton candy, making proper digestion impossible." ‐Washington Post
Posted Jul 31, 2008

Reno 911!: Miami (2007)

"Reno 911!: Miami will suffice for fans hungry for new material and tired of waiting for the show's fourth season to end or the fifth to start." ‐Washington Post
Posted Feb 22, 2007
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