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C+ 71%

Interstellar (2014)

"There's clear ambition here, but no direction; emphasis, but no meaning." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Nov 5, 2014
C- 36%

Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

"There's a resigned manner in the way Before I Go to Sleep plays out." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Nov 3, 2014
B- 64%

Rudderless (2014)

"...there are many things about Rudderless that do work in smaller sections." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Oct 17, 2014
A- 77%

Fury (2014)

"...the film's real power comes from the ugly way it inverts more traditional modern war-film narratives, particularly with its examinations of mercy." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Oct 17, 2014
A- 58%

Bird People (2014)

"Bird People is slight but never inconsequential, dreamy but never unbelievable." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Sep 13, 2014
C+ 72%

Forrest Gump (1994)

"Forrest Gump is never sure of what it is or what it wants to be." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Sep 5, 2014
C+ 85%

The Trip To Italy (2014)

"As Coogan warns Brydon early on, "It feels odd to do something for the second time." Like all good advice, though, it falls on deaf ears." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Aug 15, 2014
B+ 44%

About Alex (2014)

"About Alex is familiar inside and out, but that doesn't make it any less true. Just the opposite." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Aug 7, 2014
F 18%

Video Games: The Movie (2014)

"It takes a certain mix of hubris and willful ignorance to begin a documentary about video games with a quote from Gandhi." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Jul 18, 2014
D+ 17%

Sex Tape (2014)

"It stretches to fill 90 minutes of screen time, yet feels so, so much longer." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Jul 18, 2014
C+ 50%

Premature (2014)

"I remember laughing, but I don't remember why. It's a little like being stuck in time." ‐Movie Mezzanine
Posted Jul 7, 2014

Drive (2011)

"[Nicolas Refn] made a gripping, moving, heart-stopping, revelatory thriller, and as he moves fast through the turns and floors the gas, you never want him to stop." ‐Pajiba
Posted Sep 16, 2011

Turkey Bowl (2011)

"The most fun I've had at a movie in a long time." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 23, 2011

Black Swan (2010)

"The director's earlier works are difficult to watch (let alone revisit) for the powerful emotional toll they exact on the viewer, but Black Swan earns the same fate for a far less satisfying reason: it's just not worth it." ‐Pajiba
Posted Dec 2, 2010

Tangled (2010)

"An original film would at least have had the distinction of being an interesting failure. This one's merely boring." ‐Pajiba
Posted Dec 2, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010)

"A rousing, exciting, and engaging film that flies with the better angels that have often felt just out of reach for the other installments: its humor spot-on, its conflicts utterly real, its sacrifices painfully felt." ‐Pajiba
Posted Dec 2, 2010

The Town (2010)

"Affleck's made a great film buried inside a moderately good one. All he needs to do is discover how to let it out." ‐Pajiba
Posted Sep 17, 2010

The American (2010)

"Too muted and pensive to work as a thriller, too withdrawn to be a character study, and too cold to evoke any sympathy, the film is instead a dull and alienating exercise in how to take a strong actor and interesting premise and mostly waste them." ‐Pajiba
Posted Sep 9, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

"When your hero can just hit the reset button, it's awfully hard to worry about him." ‐Pajiba
Posted Sep 9, 2010

Machete (2010)

"Watching Machete is like nodding smugly for 100 minutes in a hall of mirrors, with nothing but fragmented glimpses of hollow satisfaction as a reward." ‐Pajiba
Posted Sep 4, 2010

The Switch (2010)

"Good intentions plagued by mediocrity." ‐Pajiba
Posted Aug 22, 2010

The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2010)

"It gets caught up in its fevered passion to chart a different course and neglects the importance of making that journey worthwhile." ‐Pajiba
Posted Aug 11, 2010

The Kids Are All Right (2010)

"Cholodenko's film is about building a family that will come back when you call it, even when you didn't know you wanted to." ‐Pajiba
Posted Aug 11, 2010

Inception (2010)

"The film is a thing of cold and sweeping beauty, wonderfully rendered and constantly engaging. Like all good dreams, it's over too quickly." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jul 16, 2010

Lebanon, Pa. (2011)

"Lebanon, Pa. is a few strong moments of storytelling lost in a sea of indie cliche." ‐Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 6, 2010

The Joneses (2010)

"It's not sharp enough to be a satire and not engaging enough to be a character study." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 21, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

"The film adaptation of [Larsson's] novel is a gut-wrenching, propulsive thriller, packed with emotion, horror, and fascinating characters. And running through it all, like a slender thread, is a harrowing sense of reality." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 21, 2010

Kick-Ass (2010)

"What starts out potentially compelling devolves into a lame joke, as resistant to feeling as its hero's deadened nerves." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 21, 2010

The A-Team (2010)

"The A-Team is still an enjoyable ride, and the quintessential summer movie that offers maximum return on minimum investment. It could be better, sure, but it could also be a hell of a lot worse." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 21, 2010

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

"It's impossible to take seriously %u2014 to even trust it as real %u2014 when it's so clearly designed to feel like nothing more than a version of events tossed together from abandoned ideas left behind by a much better film." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

"Are there moments in Toy Story 3 that work? Yes, and when they hit, they're very good, which is what makes the film's overall mediocrity so much harder to take." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jun 21, 2010

District B13 (Banlieue 13) (2006)

"From top to bottom, District B13 is a beautifully styled film that delivers a surge of adrenaline at the start and then coasts gently for 90 minutes. There are worse ways to kill an afternoon." ‐Pajiba
Posted Jul 1, 2006
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