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Daniel Hirshleifer
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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
4/5 60%

300 (2007)

Quote not available. ‐DVDTalk.com
Posted Jan 15, 2011
5/5 95%

Star Trek (2009)

"J.J. Abrams has truly performed a miraculous hat trick. To turn such a thoroughly beaten down franchise into something interesting and new is no mean feat." ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted May 6, 2009
2/5 38%

X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009)

"Wolverine has at least two films wedged into its meager 107 minutes, and the result is that the picture never gets a chance to breathe." ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Apr 29, 2009
4/5 50%

Observe and Report (2009)

"While flawed, Observe and Report is clearly part of Hill's singular vision, the capper to a trilogy of projects that push mediocrity's self delusions to the forefront." ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Apr 29, 2009
3/5 72%

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

"There's plenty to enjoy in Monsters vs. Aliens, whether it be the animation or the perfect melding of talents that make up Susan's character." ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Apr 29, 2009
4.5/5 34%

Knowing (2009)

""You'd never know it from the ads, but Knowing is one of the better films released so far in 2009."" ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Mar 25, 2009
3.5/5 84%

I Love You, Man (2009)

""The movie retains a pretty happy-go-lucky atmosphere, at least until the end of the second act where the conflict rears its ugly head."" ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Mar 25, 2009
1/5 42%

The Last House on the Left (2009)

""I'm not opposed to remakes, so long as they are well made and stand on their own. This remake of The Last House on the Left is neither."" ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Mar 24, 2009
2/5 43%

Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

""By the time Race To Witch Mountain winds down to its inevitable happy ending, I can't imagine any audience member actually caring about the story."" ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Mar 24, 2009
4.5/5 90%

Coraline (2009)

""Coraline is an impressive feat of stop-motion animation that easily stands shoulder to shoulder with the best examples of the format."" ‐Audio Video Revolution
Posted Mar 23, 2009
5/5 94%

The Dark Knight (2008)

Quote not available. ‐DVDTalk.com
Posted Jul 17, 2008
4/5 45%

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007)

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Posted May 24, 2007
4/5 76%

The Prestige (2006)

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Posted Oct 19, 2006
1/5 72%

Inland Empire (2006)

Quote not available. ‐DVDTalk.com
Posted Sep 5, 2006
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