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6/10 No Score Yet Bikini Moon (2018) Overall, I just think Bikini Moon makes a crucially weird creative choice that hurts it pretty severely. I'll be completely honest, I really don't understand why that ending needed to even happen. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2018
10/10 90% Studio 54 (2018) It's a cultural piece of history that paints a picture of an era of New York that had a significant effect on the world. And it goes without saying, changed the nightclub industry forever.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Oct 4, 2018
5/10 No Score Yet Monsoon (2018) When dealing with the subject of death, tragedy, and young love, you should care about the characters involved. Unfortunately, I think the only thing most people will feel after watching this film is boredom.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 18, 2018
5/10 40% Kingsway (2018) Kingsway is a "slice of life" family dramedy that does a few things right but fails pretty hard in other areas. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 8, 2018
10/10 89% The Warriors (1979) If you've never seen this film, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's definitely in my TOP 5 of "all-time greatest movies."‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Aug 14, 2018
7/10 57% Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) I can't be happier with the results. It far exceeded my expectations, and in my opinion, is the summer horror film to beat. Along with all of the jumps and shocks, it will keep you guessing the entire time as to what's really going on.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jul 19, 2018
7/10 54% The First Purge (2018) As far as "summer movies" go, this one is a ride that's worth taking, and will not leave you disappointed! It's fun, and it'll make you think.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jul 5, 2018
6/10 42% The Valley (2018) The Valley is a pretty hard watch...That said, The Valley is still one I would recommend viewing. Though this subject has been tackled numerous times, the story stays in motion and drops enough mystery.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jun 6, 2018
1/10 No Score Yet Soft Matter (2018) Soft Matter clocks in an at only 70 minutes. But, it actually took me over 2 hours to get through it because of hard it was to sit through!‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted May 21, 2018
7/10 67% Broken Ceiling (2018) Broken Ceiling is one of the more satisfying movies I've seen in a very long time. Is it perfect? Far from it. But it is a very smart mystery that will keep you invested the full 90 minutes.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted May 11, 2018
3/10 38% A Swingers Weekend (2018) Through all of this, I don't think I cracked one smile, much less laughed. Which, for a comedy, I would assume is the desired effect. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 30, 2018
5/10 No Score Yet Wild Honey Pie (2018) Wild Honey Pie is one you can pass on and spend your time doing better things... like poking at your eye with a toothpick.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 27, 2018
9/10 100% Rogers Park (2018) Rogers Park is a refreshing break from what's become the CGI norm. It's a movie with heart, about real people, real issues, and very real pain.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 24, 2018
5/10 61% Caniba (2018) Though compelling as the subject matter is, I feel Paravel and Castaing's unrelenting close-ups and bizarre editing choices, are going to make this a "hard pass" for a lot of people.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 23, 2018
8/10 No Score Yet Wrestle (2018) Wrestle will completely suck you in from beginning to end. It's is a heartbreaking, yet honest look at the more poverty-torn cities in our country.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 17, 2018
6/10 80% Scary Mother (2017) Scary Mother has an intriguing concept but doesn't do a very good job of pulling you in...Along with confusing plot and unexplained characters popping up for random scenes never to be seen again, you will probably lose interest halfway through.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 6, 2018
8/10 95% Sweet Country (2018) It's a movie that you really have to brace yourself to watch because though it is an amazing film, the subject matter isn't pretty. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 5, 2018
8/10 No Score Yet Mighty Ground (2017) Subject matter aside, this is an inspirational movie. There are times you will want to shed a few tears watching it (as I did), but you also get to see a man regain hope for his life and pursue his dreams.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2018
5/10 41% A Wrinkle in Time (2018) Unfortunately there many other problems that plague this movie. Wonky CGI. Unresolved character arcs. Terrible sound. But the saddest part of all is the wasted potential for a new fantasy/adventure franchise.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 9, 2018
7/10 63% Driving While Black (2018) Though a dark(ish) comedy, I feel the message and gravity of Driving While Black will hit home for many Black folks, and hopefully open the of eyes of people who don't believe there is a problem with race and law enforcement in this country.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Feb 1, 2018