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2.5/4 54% Flicka (2006) Alison Lohman, the 27-year-old actress who plays Katy, makes the whole thing worth watching. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Oct 20, 2006
2/5 21% Little Black Book (2004) If it's hard to like the message and the characters in this movie, it's even harder to like the acting, though the casting is strong. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 6, 2004
4/5 No Score Yet Love That Boy (2003) A gem of a film that starts out weird but turns out sweet. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jun 30, 2004
3/5 44% Good Boy! (2003) A film which effectively capitalizes on the human heart's weakness for cute things. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Oct 10, 2003
3/5 40% Kart Racer (2002) A sport film with lots of speedy thrills. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Sep 26, 2003
3/5 33% Mambo Italiano (2003) There's nothing subtle about the writing -- which relies heavily on narration -- or the acting, but interesting casting goes a long way. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Sep 20, 2003
4/5 92% Millennium Actress (Sennen joyû) (2001) Disguises itself as a romance, but it's really a loving homage to Japanese history, as well as a comment on the nature of filmmaking and films. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Sep 12, 2003
1/5 23% Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) This film is not the worst Spade has ever made. Remember Joe Dirt? Unfortunately, Dickie Roberts is just another forgettable film in his desperately-seeking -a-feature -film-career oeuvre. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Sep 5, 2003
3/5 8% Grind (2003) Brody and Vogel anchor the cast, portraying likeable, charismatic dudes with a friendship that is genuine and enduring in spite of their differences. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 21, 2003
2/5 49% And Now Ladies & Gentlemen (2003) One minute, the film is funny. The next it's romantic. For a few seconds, it's suspenseful. Other times, it's philosophical. But mostly, it's just confusing. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 8, 2003
3/5 88% Freaky Friday (2003) The trailers were terrible. The poster is even worse. But the movie? Not so bad. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 6, 2003
2/5 46% Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over (2003) Rodriguez may have overreached his abilities with this film. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 25, 2003
2/5 28% How to Deal (2003) Very melodramatic. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 18, 2003
2/5 50% Suddenly Naked (2001) Yet another Canadian movie that tries hard but doesn't quite cut it in the end. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 10, 2003
5/5 38% Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White & Blonde (2003) While straight, male audiences probably won't find this movie interesting or funny, for women it could be an important, inspiring and empowering pop cultural experience. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 2, 2003
2/5 41% Rugrats Go Wild (2003) The end product is surprisingly engaging, thanks at least in part to a pair of very stinky feet. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jun 13, 2003
4/5 99% Finding Nemo (2003) One of the strongest releases from Disney in years, thanks to the work of Andrew Stanton, possibly one of the most successful directors you've never heard of. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted May 30, 2003
4/5 33% Casomai (If by Chance) (2003) Tommaso and Stefania's relationship turns out to be a tender and wise reminder of what we all already know about love: It's beautiful. And it's damned. But we must do it anyway. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted May 16, 2003
1/5 40% The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) The story is essentially flawed, and so is the presentation. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted May 2, 2003
2/5 31% Malibu's Most Wanted (2003) Maybe in a half-hour format, the idea would stand up. But in a feature film, B-Rad's schtick seems like a one-note song. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Apr 18, 2003
3/5 80% Ghosts of the Abyss (2003) The footage from the dives shows perfectly preserved details from the inside of the ship. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Apr 11, 2003
2/5 35% What a Girl Wants (2003) What A Girl Wants doesn't satisfy. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Apr 4, 2003
4/5 39% Agent Cody Banks (2003) Agent Cody Banks provides the kind of high-quality entertainment one would expect in an adult action adventure that is expected to rake in major bucks. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Mar 14, 2003
1/5 19% The Jungle Book 2 (2003) A pathetic excuse for an animated feature, with only slightly more than an hour of action, a thin plot that returns to very familiar details and themes, and only two new songs. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Feb 14, 2003
4/5 57% The Guru (2002) It feels like an upstart indie, thanks to its original script, endearing performances, colourful aesthetic, uplifting soundtrack, parodic undertones and the compelling theme of ethnic assimilation. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jan 31, 2003
1/5 48% Final Destination 2 (2003) The filmmakers clearly set out to make a film that featured lots of footage of really disgusting annihilations, then threw together a haphazard script and hired a few hot actors to play the corpses. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jan 31, 2003
2/5 8% Kangaroo Jack (2003) It's clear it was intended to cash in with audiences of all ages, but the antics are distinctly childish, while the romance is sexually suggestive. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jan 17, 2003
1/5 11% National Security (2003) The film is clearly an anti-racist warning, but Earl's silly, closed-minded anger is a major distraction from the comedy though most of the movie. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jan 17, 2003
3/5 80% The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) The soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Dec 20, 2002
3/5 82% Drumline (2002) Drumline is -- the mere suggestion, albeit a visually compelling one, of a fully realized story. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Dec 13, 2002
3/5 69% Treasure Planet (2002) There's enough meaty plot and character left beneath the fancy effects to make watching the film a satisfying experience. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Nov 29, 2002
1/5 14% Pokémon 4Ever (2002) The animation and game phenomenon that peaked about three years ago is actually dying a slow death, if the poor quality of Pokemon 4 Ever is any indication. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Oct 11, 2002
3/5 54% Welcome to Collinwood (2002) This first-time feature by writer/director brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, with its light plot, short run time and derivative script, feels like a tentative trial run in film, but the Russos are clearly ones to watch. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Oct 4, 2002
2/5 75% Igby Goes Down (2002) Holden Caulfield did it better. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Sep 27, 2002
3/5 82% Barbershop (2002) As a slapstick adventure, Barbershop is unfunny and unoriginal. But as a character-driven drama, Barbershop works well, with its quirky, sweet characters and authentic dialogue. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Sep 13, 2002
4/5 92% Mostly Martha (Bella Martha) (2001) While this film is not in the least surprising, it is still ultimately very satisfying. Think of it as a sort of comfort food for the mind. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 23, 2002
1/5 5% The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002) There is nothing redeeming about this movie. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 16, 2002
4/5 73% El Último Beso (2002) Muccino seems to be exploring the idea of why human beings long for what they don't have, and how this gets us in trouble. But even while his characters are acting horribly, he is always sympathetic. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 9, 2002
3/5 39% Martin Lawrence Live - Runteldat (2002) He's just so damn likeable, you can't help but laugh, even when his language is littered with four-letter words and his stories draw up images you might later wish you'd never imagined. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Aug 2, 2002
2/5 30% The Country Bears (2002) It's just that it's so generally mediocre, bland and predictable that I found myself moaning every time I looked at my watch, which was often. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 26, 2002
4/5 81% Stuart Little 2 (2002) A simple, charming little movie that's fit for both kids and parents. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 19, 2002
2/5 12% Halloween: Resurrection (2002) While the production values here are more cool than crappy, there's nothing really new about Resurrection. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jul 15, 2002
1/5 29% Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002) It all unfolds predictably, and the adventures that happen along the way seem repetitive and designed to fill time, providing no real sense of suspense. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jun 28, 2002
4/4 86% Lilo & Stitch (2002) With its feel-good plot, superior art direction and memorable characters, Lilo & Stitch could well become one of those timeless Disney classics, one that sticks around for decades and never loses its appeal. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Jun 21, 2002
3/5 52% The Mystic Masseur (2001) A worthwhile way to spend two hours. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted May 31, 2002
3/5 69% Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) It is perhaps Spirit's greatest achievement that the horses upstage the human actors, but it's also its greatest weakness. The human characters have no depth or personality, but are rather completely forgettable, stiff stereotypes. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted May 24, 2002
1/5 46% Shiner (2001) It's hard to like a film about a guy who is utterly unlikeable, and Shiner, starring Michael Caine as an aging British boxing promoter desperate for a taste of fame and fortune, is certainly that. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted May 4, 2002
3/5 48% The Triumph of Love (2002) As the princess, Sorvino glides gracefully from male persona to female without missing a beat. Ben Kingsley is truly funny, playing a kind of Ghandi gone bad. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Apr 19, 2002
2/4 48% Big Trouble (2002) I don't think I laughed out loud once. And when you're talking about a slapstick comedy, that's a pretty big problem. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Apr 5, 2002
2/4 29% Clockstoppers (2002) If the director had committed to one genre rather than dropping in on many, he might have been able to pull it off. ‐ Toronto Star
Posted Mar 29, 2002