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100% Ship Of Theseus (2012) Ship of Theseus can be didactic as it nudges audiences toward environmental harmony and economic justice, but it's never preachy or sanctimonious. The credit for that balanced tone goes to its actors, who put real people at the core of these moral tales. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 9, 2017
77% Magnus (2016) Magnus Carlsen, called the Mozart of chess, became world champion in 2013 at the age of 22. Benjamin Ree's rousing documentary shows us how this taciturn prodigy got there, and how his family keeps him sane. ‐ Screen International
Posted Nov 16, 2016
45% Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) It's a radiant debut for young newcomer Joe Alwyn, who plays a Texan war hero uneasy in his own land. It's a shakier curtain-raising for Lee's ambitious weaponising of new technologies. ‐ Screen International
Posted Oct 16, 2016
93% Sand Storm (Sufat Chol) (2016) As Layla, Lamis Ammar carries herself with a self-confidence that's tested, to her chagrin, when her hopes collide with tradition. Playing Jalila, veteran actress Ruba Blal-Asfour carries fatalism in her every glance and movement. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 27, 2016
No Score Yet Soul on a String (2016) Those who find their way to it will see breathtaking surroundings that shape the film's drama. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 13, 2016
70% Sing (2016) If kids aren't drawn to one singing animal (or familiar voice), there's always another around the corner, holding up the tentpole. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 12, 2016
No Score Yet Gaza Surf Club (2016) Gaza Surf Club skirts a direct discussion of politics. It's not necessary. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 11, 2016
83% Little Wing (Tyttö nimeltä Varpu) (2016) Little Wing is an odd dramatic cocktail, but Selma Vilhunen finds enough unexpected turns to make this tale worth watching to the finish line. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 11, 2016
88% I Am Not Madame Bovary (2016) I Am Not Madame Bovary has a sublime visual elegance, telling its story much of the time with wondrous pictorial effects in a round frame that feels like a magnifying glass. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 9, 2016
94% Among the Believers (2016) Revelatory and troubling. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 2, 2016
76% The Lovers And The Despot (2016) The jaw-dropping tale of the kidnappings of a famed South Korean actress and her ex-husband, a leading director from Seoul, places screwball intrigue and storybook lustre inside the frame of Cold War tabloid melodrama. ‐ Screen International
Posted Aug 5, 2016
No Score Yet Atlantic. (2015) In the visually stunning Atlantic, the ocean is frame, medium and subject. It is also the barrier to a Moroccan windsurfer who seeks a life beyond his impoverished village. ‐ Screen International
Posted May 2, 2016
71% Holy Hell (2016) Even by cult documentary standards, this one finds absurd depths in the peddling of enlightenment. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 29, 2016
No Score Yet Custody (2016) Custody may feel long, but it's short by the standard of waiting times at Family Court. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 21, 2016
No Score Yet Tickling Giants (2016) Taksler, a producer on The Daily Show, shows Youssef as a warmhearted and effortlessly amusing man, and his satire is the sugar coating around the bitter truth that democratic revolution has failed in Egypt and almost every other Arab country. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 21, 2016
94% Command and Control (2016) Chilling and prodigiously researched ... ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 17, 2016
38% All We Had (2016) Critical scrutiny has never hurt Holmes's career. It still won't, now that she's a director. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 17, 2016
0% The Book Of Love (2017) This well-meaning debut feature about following your dreams just treads water. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 15, 2016
18% The Adderall Diaries (2016) The result is not altogether intoxicating. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 5, 2016
97% The Fits (2016) The Fits benefits from scrapping a three-act structure and avoiding crescendos and easy moralism. ‐ Screen International
Posted Mar 23, 2016
86% Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) Linklater does connect you with the fun that he must have had in those days. If you can take the testosterone, you'll have a good time. ‐ Screen International
Posted Mar 12, 2016
83% The Wave (Bolgen) (2016) As a moral tale, The Wave warns of the consequences when ordinary people underestimate a behemoth. ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 29, 2016
42% Mr. Right (2016) Mr. Right is aiming to be a tent-pole film that just happens to have a lot of dead bodies and just as many dutiful shots of the New Orleans skyline. The gambit may just work. ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 19, 2016
86% The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (2016) The closer the documentary gets to individual musicians and their histories, the more engaging it becomes. ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 18, 2016
100% Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise (2016) It's Angelou's voice that matters here, and the doc captures it. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 27, 2016
69% Dark Night (2016) You're left at the end of the film with the horror that a lone killer ended the lives of people who came out to watch a Batman movie. You also have the ominous sense that any of the lone souls in this suburb could have lashed out. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 25, 2016
93% Newtown (2016) 12-14-12, like 9/11, is a monumental date. Snyder revisits it on an intimate scale. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 24, 2016
71% Sleight (2017) The element of magic - handled skillfully by Latimore and by Dillard, a magician since childhood - is enough of a novelty and an expansion of the gangbanger playbook to give Sleight some legs. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 24, 2016
100% Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang (2016) Like Cai, the doc is a crowd-pleaser which reveals its complexities in a careful viewing. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 22, 2016
81% Sunset Song (2016) The film gives us a portrait of rural austerity, but even in Davies's limited palette of grey and brown, there is a near-infinite spectrum of hues in dusky interiors and in the surrounding hills. ‐ Screen International
Posted Oct 15, 2015
94% Palio (2015) A rare kind of documentary -- muscular and refined, and a splendour for the eyes. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 29, 2015
77% Into The Forest (2016) It's an inspiring story, acted with heart and grit by Paige and Wood, and film directed with adroitness by Rozema in a ruin of a set in the woods. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 16, 2015
48% Freeheld (2015) Hester's goal was to convince politicians that gay people are like everyone else. In its ultra-mainstream style, and now in its argument for equality (which most of America endorses today), this solidly acted drama drives that point home. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 14, 2015
97% Heart of a Dog (2015) As sweet as a meditation on death can be. ‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 5, 2015
66% Learning To Drive (2015) [A] sputtering comedy ‐ Screen International
Posted Aug 17, 2015
24% The Benefactor (2016) At the core of this clumsy debut feature, there is still the vital insight that philanthropy in America can be an addiction for the rich who seek cleansing and approval, and vent their fury when they don't get it unconditionally. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jul 7, 2015
77% Big Game (2015) Big Game is great fun, yet Helander in his second feature shows that he can handle monumental logistics as well as laughs. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jun 22, 2015
89% Cartel Land (2015) Deftly edited, and filmed with a feel for the deadly volatility of drug violence. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jun 15, 2015
93% Censored Voices (2015) Censored Voices is a reminder that glorious myths of wars and the men who fight them wither under scrutiny, in Israel and everywhere else. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jun 3, 2015
93% An Open Secret (2015) An Open Secret is nothing short of a smoking gun. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jun 1, 2015
93% Slow West (2015) The American frontier is as bloody as ever in Slow West, John Maclean's lean and lyrical coming of age story. ‐ Screen International
Posted May 11, 2015
29% Anesthesia (2016) Anesthesia comes from the heart, as few films do these days. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 23, 2015
58% Maggie (2015) The surprise in Maggie is Abigail Breslin, playing a teenager who flares and burns with dread as she becomes aware of the horror of her infection. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 23, 2015
No Score Yet Mojave (2013) Monahan is nothing if not well-read, and the battle between Thomas and Jack is a duel of words, with plenty of guns to keep the western spirit going. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 20, 2015
82% Dior and I (2015) The venerable Parisian couture house Christian Dior gets a makeover in Dior And I, which follows a new design director's rough journey to the runway. ‐ Screen International
Posted Apr 6, 2015
89% Turbo Kid (2015) Turbo Kid is a wild enough burlesque that the audience can ignore a few things that don't seem quite right. ‐ Screen International
Posted Mar 24, 2015
92% Queen of Earth (2015) [A] delicately calibrated portrait of dissolution which points to the versatility of writer/director Alex Ross Perry. ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 13, 2015
77% I Am Michael (2017) A competent feature debut - elegantly filmed and paced to keep viewers with Franco on an improbable ride. ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2015
97% Listen To Me Marlon (2015) An unprecedented portrait of the actor, culled from 200 hundreds of hours of recordings that Brando made by and about himself. ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 2, 2015
83% The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015) The grim film is sure to make the audience uncomfortable. ‐ Screen International
Posted Jan 30, 2015