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4/5 100%

The Square (2013)

"The Square offers more than just pictures of a revolution; it lets you into the mind-set of those fighting for their future, and that makes all the difference." ‐Time Out
Posted Oct 22, 2013
3/5 70%

American Promise (2013)

"While Stephenson and Brewster's big-picture attempt to tackle a sociopolitical issue from the most personal of perspectives lacks the state-of-the-nation impact of [Hoop Dreams], it doesn't mean you won't feel the pleasure of these kids' triumphs." ‐Time Out
Posted Oct 15, 2013
2/5 41%

As I Lay Dying (2013)

"The past may never be done with us, but Lord, do we wish Franco was done with our literary heritage." ‐Time Out
Posted Oct 8, 2013
4/5 61%

The Summit (2013)

"As you watch these actors, you appreciate the endeavor the climbers went through all the more-and as triumph turns to tragedy, you feel the grief winding its way through your shaken nervous systems." ‐Time Out
Posted Oct 1, 2013
4/5 98%

Let The Fire Burn (2013)

"A first-rate piece of forensic filmmaking." ‐Time Out
Posted Oct 1, 2013
2/5 46%

All Is Bright (2013)

"The cinematic equivalent of a half-baked fruitcake." ‐Time Out
Posted Oct 1, 2013
5/5 100%

The Wicker Man - Final Cut (2013)

"It remains a how-to model for making something that fancies itself a slow-burn thriller-until it isn't slow-burning whatsoever." ‐Time Out
Posted Sep 24, 2013
4/5 86%

Shepard & Dark (2013)

"An ode to a long-lost era of bohemia, an insightful look into male psychology and pathology, a valentine to the art of letter writing and an illustration of how the past is never dead, because it's not even past." ‐Time Out
Posted Sep 24, 2013
2/5 48%

Zaytoun (2013)

"Zaytoun wants to milk a historical moment as a plea for tolerance; its only accomplishment is to channel the forgettable foreign-film exotica of decades past." ‐Time Out
Posted Sep 17, 2013
3/5 67%

99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (2013)

"It's remarkably fragmented, tangential and all over the place, which may make it the ideal vehicle for portraying the OWS experience." ‐Time Out
Posted Sep 3, 2013
3/5 36%

Salinger (2013)

"You wonder why Salerno thought the man who created Holden Caulfield would be best served by an abundance of sentimentalism, a stock sap-tastic score and some genuinely cheesy dramatizations on a black stage (the director is no Hollywood phony, but still)." ‐Time Out
Posted Sep 3, 2013
3/5 33%

Abigail Harm (2013)

"The gorgeous cinematography and generosity to Plummer's emotive gifts almost make up for the mumbo-jumboness of it all. Almost." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 27, 2013
3/5 83%

Drinking Buddies (2013)

"The stars sell the cutesiness, and the rawness-equals-real go-nowhereness that seemingly infects every conversation in a microbudget indie, with equal professionalism and vigor; if they can't stick the landing in the end, it's because no one could." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 21, 2013
3/5 73%

Paradise: Faith (2013)

"It's hard to say if Faith works better as part of a whole instead of a triptych's single panel until the trilogy is complete, but the unconverted may find this too much of a cross to bear." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 21, 2013
4/5 99%

Short Term 12 (2013)

"You'd have to go back to Half Nelson to find such a beautifully organic combo of spot-on performances, tough-love storytelling and tender treatment of deep-rooted emotional damage." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 20, 2013
2/5 27%

Jobs (2013)

"We walk away knowing nothing about what made this revolutionary tick. He deserves a 360-degree portrait. What you get is a mini recap of a pioneer's life-a biOpic shuffle." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 15, 2013
3/5 86%

The Patience Stone (2013)

"Farhani ... almost single-handedly carries the film; the range the Iranian actor displays here proves that she's destined for bigger things. Fans will just have to be patient." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 13, 2013
2/5 69%

The Happy Sad (2013)

"Reducing complex relationship issues to a typical indie-flick blatherathon-complete with performances of varying quality and stilted dialogue-isn't helping anyone." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 13, 2013
2/5 47%

We're The Millers (2013)

"Do you find insults revolving around the words Marky Mark, churros and/or #YOLO hilarious? How about the notion of a dorky white kid flawlessly rapping TLC's "Waterfalls"?" ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 6, 2013
1/5 54%

I Give It a Year (2013)

"Nothing works: not the haphazard stabs at conjuring a sweet-and-sour comic tone, not the reliance on people saying horribly inappropriate things in lieu of actual jokes, and not the one-note characters ..." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 6, 2013
3/5 50%

Blood (2013)

"That he [Nick Murphy] can't sustain the level of dramatic tension that Bill Gallagher's script requires (the movie is adapted from the BBC veteran's TV series Conviction) is a bummer, though you still get to bask in wonderful performances." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 6, 2013
3/5 67%

Elysium (2013)

"Elysium may point with a singularly pulpy brio toward where we could be headed. But in terms of how its fictional heroes try to transcend such brave new worlds, it's not showing us a future we haven't seen a million times before." ‐Time Out
Posted Aug 6, 2013
5/5 93%

Our Children (2013)

"It's a near-perfect portrait of a domestic tragedy as a master-and-servant psychodrama, one that leaves catastrophic collateral damage in its wake." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 30, 2013
5/5 88%

The Servant (1964)

"A perfect storm of perversity, pre-Persona identity transference, prole pole-positioning and mutually assured psychological destruction, Joseph Losey's masterpiece immediately transformed the director from has-been Hollywood exile to European auteur." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 23, 2013
2/5 25%

The Time Being (2013)

"[Viewers] won't find much here besides Langella's typically austere performance, some lazy character sketches (what's up with the one-note shrewish wife?) and the sensation one gets after having watched paint dry, painfully slowly, on a canvas." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 23, 2013
3/5 70%

Terraferma (2013)

"Except for two contrasting (pot)shots-a dance-party ship bursting with vulgarians (take that, Berlusconi's Italy!) and night-swimming immigrants being beaten off a boat's prow-Terraferma's second half feels like a slow hike over too-familiar ground." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 23, 2013
2/5 63%

The Rise (Wasteland) (2013)

"Seems aimed specifically at folks who still subscribe to lad mags." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 23, 2013
2/5 67%

Turbo (2013)

"All Turbo does is give Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson and Snoop Dogg the easiest paychecks they'll ever make, and its corporate overlords the chance to sell a few toys." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 16, 2013
3/5 67%

Les Coquillettes (2013)

"Grafts its heroines' uncouth behavior onto a weak satire of hedonism and high-school cliquery on the festival circuit yet, crucially, forgets the honesty." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 16, 2013
3/5 62%

Israel: A Home Movie (2013)

"Filling in the gaps about the who, what and where, much less the why, of it all isn't on the menu." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 10, 2013
3/5 92%

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2013)

"Whether this love letter is more preaching to the converted than a corrective is arguable." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 2, 2013
2/5 7%

Just Like A Woman (2013)

"Movies genuinely attuned to the nuances of female bonding are regrettably rare; so, it seems, are ones that know how to make good on their promise without breaking just like a little girl." ‐Time Out
Posted Jul 2, 2013
4/5 94%

Museum Hours (2013)

"The real strength of Cohen's occasionally didactic drama ... is in the way the film redirects your focus to the periphery and reminds you of the richness that resides there." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 25, 2013
1/5 49%

Redemption (2013)

"There's a need for redemption here, to be certain, and it has nothing to do with the narrative." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 25, 2013
2/5 55%

Some Girl(s) (2013)

"If you've seen any of the playwright's previous forays into XY-ugliness, you can probably skip this one and still sleep soundly at night." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 25, 2013
3/5 86%

The Attack (2013)

"The Attack turns into a listless verbal assault, batting easy back-and-forth arguments on fundamentalist dogma, bomber hero worship, the Occupation blues, etc., that simply rehash the usual talking points." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 18, 2013
3/5 67%

World War Z (2013)

"The movie essentially becomes little more than cool set pieces ... jammed together and interspersed with underdeveloped family-strife scenes." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 18, 2013
2/5 83%

Aliyah (2013)

"A character piece should have some sense of a character's who, what and why, right?" ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 11, 2013
4/5 99%

20 Feet From Stardom (2013)

"[Neville] nails the sense of joie de vivre these extraordinary artists put into every note-a tribute to doing it for the love of the expression over stardom that provides incalculable amounts of inspiration." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 11, 2013
3/5 67%

La proie (The Prey) (2013)

"The closer we get to a climax (and the more that absurd reversals keep getting piled on), the less effective Dupontel's brutish charisma is in keeping things interesting and afloat." ‐Time Out
Posted Jun 4, 2013
3/5 50%

Doomsday (2008)

Quote not available. ‐Time Out
Posted May 30, 2013
2/5 82%

Shadow Dancer (2013)

"There's slow-burning, and then there's simply slow; the difference between the two has never been so apparent." ‐Time Out
Posted May 28, 2013
3/5 70%

Student (2013)

"A sense of existential dread that would make the Russkie novelist beam is channeled beautifully, but for a filmmaker lauded for his minimalist aesthetic, Omirbayev sure loves broad-stroke symbolism and sloganeering." ‐Time Out
Posted May 28, 2013
4/5 96%

Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself (2013)

"A layered look at a man who was a jack of all trades, but a master of one: being George." ‐Time Out
Posted May 21, 2013
3/5 92%

We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks (2013)

"You'll leave knowing slightly more about the who, what and why of WikiLeaks; you'll also wish the whole shebang didn't fell like such a tone-deaf data dump overall." ‐Time Out
Posted May 21, 2013
1/5 20%

The Hangover Part III (2013)

"'Part III' has curiously little interest in being even remotely funny." ‐Time Out
Posted May 21, 2013
3/5 81%

Becoming Traviata (2013)

"Those unfamiliar with Verdi's tragedy won't understand why this production was significant, nor see much of the fruits of such hard work ..." ‐Time Out
Posted May 14, 2013
4/5 100%

Khyi rgan (Old Dog) (2011)

"It's both a sly piece of ethnography and a social satire that reads like a cosmic joke...right up until its climax makes the chuckle catch in your throat." ‐Time Out
Posted May 14, 2013
3/5 77%

Venus And Serena (2013)

"Once Venus and Serena flips through the duo's collection of greatest hits and hissy fits, it settles into a groove of lip service from famous people ..." ‐Time Out
Posted May 7, 2013
3/5 No Score Yet

Fragments of Kubelka (2013)

"A whirling tour of one man's wide-ranging thoughts that requires stamina but leaves you rewarded." ‐Time Out
Posted May 2, 2013
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