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93% Being John Malkovich (1999) Fabulously funny and delightfully disturbed, "Being John Malkovich'' is the ultimate voyeur movie, a dark and at times malevolent take on what it's like to be in someone else's skull, looking out.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jun 12, 2018
39% Hannibal (2001) The story line of Hannibal is far less interesting than Silence of the Lambs and lacks the emotional subtlety of its predecessor. However, Hannibal is visually and aurally sumptuous, powered by Hans Zimmer's lovely score and brimming with flashy imagery.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
43% The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) While the movie continually teeters on the brink of abject corniness, it never quite topples off. And it doesn't hurt to have Robert De Niro, Rene Russo and Jason Alexander camping it up as cartoon villains come to life.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
84% Chuck & Buck (2000) Chuck & Buck is a dark misfit of a movie that's sweet, scary, thought-provoking and off-putting all in one package. It's a bold, original achievement.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
9% Say It Isn't So (2001) Like the failed humor, the sight gags aren't so much bad taste as merely bad.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
76% The Contender (2000) The movie has plenty going for it: a terrific cast led by Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges and Gary Oldman, a captivating story line, a sharp script. Most important, The Contender has timing.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
46% Rent (2005) High hopes, flat results.‐ Associated Press
Posted Jan 17, 2018
15% Sleepover (2004) Sleepover objectifies early teenage girls in a manner that's disagreeable and indelicate at best, cheap and vulgar at worst.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
85% X2: X-Men United (2003) Performances are solid throughout, with the actors managing to straight-face their way through some truly inane dialogue.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jul 14, 2015
57% Blade II (2002) Blade II is a better vampire movie than recent entries such as Queen of the Damned or Dracula 2000. That said, Wesley Snipes' return as slayer of the undead still is fairly anemic.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jul 14, 2015
49% Saw (2004) How such a cruelly empty and infantile movie got made is mystery enough. More puzzling is why Cary Elwes, Danny Glover and Monica Potter would sign on as co-stars.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Oct 27, 2014
23% Bad Boys II (2003) Producer Bruckheimer and director Bay have sunk to a new low for irresponsible, inhuman violence, dragging Will Smith and Martin Lawrence along for a ghastly, deafening display of bloodshed.‐ Associated Press
Posted Jun 6, 2014
25% Pearl Harbor (2001) For all the 118 actors listed, the movie offers almost no sense of authentic humanity. The faces the filmmakers plaster on their characters are as flat and stereotyped as those on war-recruitment posters.‐ Associated Press
Posted May 27, 2014
84% The Rookie (2002) Morris ultimately lasted two partial seasons in the majors, and the film's rendering of his minor-league struggle is so enjoyable you want to see more of that and less of the everyday life preceding it.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted May 12, 2014
80% The Royal Tenenbaums (2002) While the situations sometimes feel forced, Anderson has mounted an elegant production, beautifully filmed and accentuated by pleasant narration from Alec Baldwin and classy storybook transitions.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Mar 4, 2014
55% The Polar Express (2004) People in Hollywood should never work with children or animals, W.C. Fields once said. Maybe that should be expanded to hyper-realistic computer-generated children and reindeer, too.‐ Associated Press
Posted Dec 9, 2013
95% The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Part two is more a straight-ahead action flick, substituting brawn and brawling for the pastoral radiance of the first film.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Nov 19, 2013
87% Howl's Moving Castle (2005) A strange delight awash in visual splendor, understated humor and clever body-and-soul transmogrifications among its bonny band of weirdos.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Nov 19, 2013
93% The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) With The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Peter Jackson delivers a decent ending to his fantasy trilogy -- actually, about 12 endings.‐ Associated Press
Posted Nov 19, 2013
91% The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Masterfully paced, the movie builds slowly, introducing the mythology, habitats and lifestyles of Tolkien's creatures.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Nov 18, 2013
92% Insomnia (2002) The highlight is Pacino, who gives his best performance in years.‐ Associated Press
Posted Aug 5, 2013
99% Finding Nemo (2003) Finding Nemo is laced with smart humor and clever gags, and buoyed by another cheery story of mismatched buddies: a pair of fish voiced by Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Aug 5, 2013
90% Spider-Man (2002) With earnest, unpretentious delivery, Maguire is an eminently likable hero audiences will root for from his earliest moments as the class wimp.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Aug 3, 2013
6% The Perfect Man (2005) The movie is a toxic buzz of sweetness that Duff's teen gal fans might lap up, while all others suffer through a prolonged sugar fit.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jun 7, 2013
2/4 85% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) An excessively derivative what-if rehash of themes and interactions that came before, most of the characters lesser copies and even caricatures of the originals.‐ Associated Press
Posted May 14, 2013
2/4 37% Peeples (2013) These all are amiable people, decent people, sometimes funny people. But unfortunately, the peeps of ''Peeples'' just aren't very memorable people.‐ Associated Press
Posted May 8, 2013
49% Pain & Gain (2013) All but the faintest flashes of humanity and pathos are flattened by the cinematic cyclone that is Michael Bay.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Apr 24, 2013
77% Sin City (2005) With a huge, well-chosen cast and the blessing of Miller, who was on set as Rodriguez's co-director, Sin City is a gloriously stylized world unlike anything you've seen before on screen.‐ Associated Press
Posted Apr 14, 2013
80% 42 (2013) For all the hate and hostility it depicts, 42 is a film about decent-hearted people. Hate can be infectious, but so can decency. It's the decency you'll take away from 42.‐ Associated Press
Posted Apr 10, 2013
3% Rollerball (2002) Loud, crude and outlandish, Rollerball is a parody of itself, a frenzy of extreme-sports stunts masquerading as social commentary on violence and the corporate forces that feed off it.‐ Associated Press
Posted Mar 26, 2013
65% Fever Pitch (2005) Stripped of almost all the brothers' usual crudeness, Fever Pitch proves what we've suspected all along: That beneath the gross-out gags and freak-show humor, Peter and Bobby Farrelly are just a couple of lovable romantics.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Mar 20, 2013
77% Gladiator (2000) Time for a little gladiatorial gore with your Milk Duds. Gladiator is here, and it's big, glorious and eminently dumb.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2013
3.5/4 96% West of Memphis (2012) "West of Memphis" is nonfiction filmmaking at its best, a film with a fierce point of view yet one that doesn't pretend to have all the answers or a monopoly on truth.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Dec 21, 2012
2/4 87% Django Unchained (2012) ''Django Unchained'' is Tarantino at his most puerile and least inventive, the premise offering little more than cold, nasty revenge and barrels of squishing, squirting blood.‐ Associated Press
Posted Dec 21, 2012
3/4 70% Not Fade Away (2012) If you weren't in a failed band yourself, you know people who were, and Chase's story IS their story, if not in the particulars, then in the spirit and the passion. The music may fade, but what's behind it never does.‐ Associated Press
Posted Dec 19, 2012
2.5/4 65% The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) Tolkien's brisk story of intrepid little hobbit Bilbo Baggins is drawn out and diluted by dispensable trimmings better left for DVD extras.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Dec 4, 2012
95% Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Guillermo del Toro has crafted a masterpiece, a terrifying, visually wondrous fairy tale for adults that blends fantasy and gloomy drama into one of the most magical films to come along in years.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Nov 26, 2012
2.5/4 60% Hitchcock (2012) If "Hitchcock" ultimately feels inconsequential, it always aims to please, and for the most part, it does.‐ Associated Press
Posted Nov 19, 2012
3.5/4 86% Life of Pi (2012) Lee and screenwriter David Magee find rich and clever ways to translate even Pi's stillest moments, the film unfolding through intricate flashbacks, whimsical voice-overs, harrowing sea hazards and exquisite flashes of fantasy and hallucination.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Nov 19, 2012
1.5/4 12% Alex Cross (2012) Casting Perry as Cross was a bad idea, though it's not necessarily the worst in a movie built on bad ideas.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Oct 17, 2012
2/4 40% Here Comes the Boom (2012) When [James] starts winning some bouts and becoming a contender, the movie's credibility skyrockets into "Rocky" territory and beyond.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2012
2/4 34% Won't Back Down (2012) "Won't Back Down" lives down to its bland, us-against-them title with a simple-minded assault on the ills of public schools that lumbers along like a math class droning multiplication tables.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Sep 26, 2012
2.5/4 49% Hit & Run (2012) The good time clearly had by the filmmakers rubs off on the audience.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2012
2/4 35% The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012) Fantastic though the story may be, the people in it need to make it feel real, and no one in "Timothy Green" has any claim to authenticity.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Aug 13, 2012
2/4 45% To Rome with Love (2012) It's not Nero who's fiddling, but Allen, bopping and dithering around the city like a tourist so desperate to cram in all the sights that he comes away only with a few crisp highlights and a lot of out-of-focus snapshots.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jun 19, 2012
1.5/4 20% That's My Boy (2012) In short, we get Sandler, doing what he always does, with whatever edge he once had continuing to erode as he ages and looks sillier at what he's doing.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jun 14, 2012
2/4 37% Lola Versus (2012) "Lola Versus" deals with relationships in standard-issue Sundance style, ostensibly smarter and more genuine than what flows from the Hollywood rom-com pipeline yet really just as shallow at heart.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted Jun 6, 2012
2/4 79% Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012) The animation is grand, and the lovely images may be enough to send really young kids away happy. Their parents might leave feeling they've been taken in by some carny sleight-of-hand, though.‐ Associated Press
Posted Jun 5, 2012
2.5/4 58% Hysteria (2012) Dancy, Jones and Pryce are dull, while Gyllenhaal plays the spitfire with far too much spit, thumping the other characters and the audience over the head with her do-gooder crusading.‐ Associated Press
Read More | Posted May 15, 2012
1.5/4 22% The Raven (2012) It's just a bore; quoth the raven, "Go see something else."‐ Associated Press
Posted Apr 26, 2012