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Herblock: The Black & the White (2013)

"Overstuffed with talking heads, it is competently yet unimaginatively crafted, but manages to make its point." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jan 27, 2014
4/4 100%

Six By Sondheim (2013)

"Lapine's direction is almost the star of Six by Sondheim. Not only has he used the six songs to illuminate the composer's life, he organizes years and years of interviews as if they are an ongoing conversation - which, in many ways, they are." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Dec 9, 2013
3/4 95%

An Adventure in Space and Time (2013)

"The film is cleverly structured." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Nov 25, 2013
3/4 92%

The Challenger Disaster (2013)

"The film is both dramatically viable and instructive. Yes, we learn about science, but perhaps more important, we also learn about standing your ground no matter what challenges you face." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Nov 17, 2013
2.5/4 56%

Killing Kennedy (2013)

"You won't come away from it with any new answers, but it's a useful reminder of why the drama of that day has transfixed Americans for half a century." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Nov 12, 2013
3/4 100%

American Masters: Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin' (2013)

"If the new American Masters documentary on Jimi Hendrix doesn't seem to do full justice to the late guitar hero, it's only because no film could ever capture what it was like to hear Hendrix live." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Nov 5, 2013
4/4 85%

Seduced And Abandoned (2013)

"The fact that it is so funny eventually becomes strangely sad, which makes the film thoroughly enjoyable but also irresistibly provocative." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 24, 2013
4/4 100%

Burton And Taylor (2013)

"Not only does it capture the essence of the two outsize icons of film and scandal, it also brings them in for a humanizing close-up." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 18, 2013
2/4 38%

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight (2013)

"The actors make Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight seem better than it is, but the real Ali, with all his youth, vigor, bravado and passion, convinces us that he and his case deserved much better." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 4, 2013
1/4 33%

Ring of Fire (2013)

"If there's a soundtrack, buy it, and skip the movie altogether. Sadly, you won't miss much." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Sep 13, 2013
2/4 92%

Side by Side (2012)

"The documentary would have been that much better with a more explicit focus on why the average filmgoer should care." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Sep 10, 2013
2.5/4 No Score Yet

The Lady Vanishes (2013)

"The result is entertaining without either dethroning Hitchcock's 1938 film or embarrassing itself." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 15, 2013
2.5/4 56%

Treasure Island (2012)

"Treasure Island may move at a snail's pace, but it's a modestly entertaining snail." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 14, 2013
2.5/4 60%

Mockingbird Lane (2012)

"Kids will like Mockingbird Lane well enough." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 14, 2013
3/4 83%

Endeavor (2012)

"Endeavour is wonderfully entertaining on its own, but what puts it over the top is its loving respect for John Thaw. In that regard, it is a just tribute to a great and beloved actor." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 14, 2013
3/4 No Score Yet

Dinosaur Train: Submarine Adventure (2012)

"By tapping into childhood fascination with dinosaurs, the series and the special not only teach kids about various prehistoric species, but, in a more subtle way, about the diversity of life in the world." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 14, 2013
3/4 55%

Clear History (2013)

"It will take only a few minutes of Clear History... not only to "forgive" David for repeating himself but to thank him for reminding us why we miss Curb Your Enthusiasm and hope it comes back soon." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 14, 2013

Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean (2012)

"The movie is art and borders on art-film pretentiousness here and there, but there's no question that it's also mesmerizing and sexy." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jul 16, 2013
4/4 49%

Phil Spector (2013)

"Mamet's script and direction are spot on and richly detailed, from the crisply naturalistic dialogue to the details of Spector's reclusive life." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted May 22, 2013
4/4 No Score Yet


"Top of the Lake is Jane Campion and her cast at the top of their game." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Mar 22, 2013
2.5/4 80%

The World According to Dick Cheney (2013)

"The film probably won't change anyone's opinion of the man, but that doesn't make Cheney any less of a fascinating figure." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Mar 15, 2013
4/4 100%

The Loving Story (2012)

"One of the many virtues of Buirski's film is that it doesn't hit viewers over the head with the parallel between the Lovings' case and the debate over same-sex marriage." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jan 25, 2013
3/4 88%

Crossfire Hurricane (2012)

"Hurricane is a whirling impressionistic painting of the band, beautifully conveying the energy, drive and genius of the Stones, more or less chronologically within the basic flashback structure." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Nov 16, 2012
1/4 No Score Yet


"The fatal flaw in the entire project isn't Gwyneth Hughes' serviceable script but Julian Jarrold's just plain creepy direction." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 19, 2012
4/4 88%

Weight of the Nation (2012)

"Weight pulls no punches, spares neither the multibillion-dollar food and advertising industries nor public officials for not only failing to fix the problem but actually making it worse." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 31, 2012
4/4 95%

Sing Your Song (2012)

"The portrait of Belafonte that emerges from the film is also the portrait of the times of his life, the times of the nation's life in the past 60 years. " ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 30, 2012
3/4 100%

Gloria: In Her Own Words (2011)

"By making us wonder what Steinem doesn't declare, we can come to a greater understanding of the complexities of the woman herself, but only if we are willing to venture beneath the surface." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 13, 2012
3/4 67%

Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis (2012)

"It's enough to convince you that Woody Harrelson is right: If you don't appreciate Jerry Lewis, I don't want to hang with you." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 13, 2012

Game Change (2012)

"Game Change is graced by three extraordinary performances in the leading roles, beginning with Moore's portrayal of Palin, which is both complex and entirely credible." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 3, 2012
2/4 82%

The Love We Make (2011)

"I know this is heresy on a number of fronts, but much of "The Love We Make" is boring." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Dec 15, 2011
3/4 95%

Weekend (2011)

"In just a short period of time, a weekend hookup tests the boundaries each man has set for himself." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 7, 2011
3/4 89%

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (2011)

"Sometimes corny, often funny and just as often touching, their act has been wowing Kiwis for decades." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted May 19, 2011
3/4 73%

Heartbeats (2011)

""Heartbeats" charts its own course." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Mar 17, 2011
4/4 55%

Undertow (2004)

Quote not available. ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Sep 17, 2010
4/4 88%

Undertow (2010)

"This small film's accomplishments are many, but not the least is its ability to take a human story and frame it as a parable, without losing a bit of credibility or irresistible heart." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Sep 16, 2010
4/4 84%

Stonewall Uprising (2010)

"On the one hand, Stonewall Uprising shows how far we've come toward enlightenment and tolerance since that hot June night. On the other, it reminds us that there are still many minds to change and rights to win." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jul 8, 2010
3/4 59%

Dancing Across Borders (2010)

"There are times when the subject of a documentary transcends merely adequate filmmaking, and that is very much the case with Dancing Across Borders..." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Apr 30, 2010
4/4 86%

Prodigal Sons (2010)

"Sometimes we forget that when documentary filmmakers begin a project, they don't always know what they'll be filming because, to state the obvious, real life doesn't work from a script." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Mar 4, 2010
3/4 86%

500 Days of Summer (2009)

"An irresistible feel-good movie about love gone bad. And that really isn't bad at all." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jul 17, 2009
3/4 81%

Venkovsk√Ĺ Ucitel (The Country Teacher) (2008)

"The film is graced with lovely performances by Pavel Liska as the teacher, Zuzana Bydzovska as Marie and Ladislav Sedivy as the boy." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jul 10, 2009
4/4 81%

Sex Positive (2009)

"Wein tackles an incredibly complex array of issues surrounding HIV, focusing largely on Berkowitz, once a nice young Jewish kid at Rutgers who found a lucrative career as an S&M hustler before becoming an activist and co-author." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Jul 3, 2009
4/4 92%

Every Little Step (2009)

"The film is as much about the creation of the original show back in 1975 and the genius of the late Michael Bennett, who masterminded it, as it is about the newer version." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted May 8, 2009
2/4 12%

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (2009)

"The charm and drily pointed cultural observations that made Chabon's 1988 debut so auspicious are largely missing in action throughout this earnest but unconvincing film." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Apr 10, 2009
2/4 59%

Eleven Minutes (2008)

"For general audiences, it could use a bit of, ahem, tailoring - taking in here and there." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Feb 20, 2009
2/4 35%

Tru Loved (2008)

"The world is not quite as nicely rainbow-hued as the film wishes it were at the end, but, if nothing else, Tru Loved makes us hope all the more that it can be one day." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 31, 2008
4/4 72%

Hallam Foe (Mister Foe) (2007)

"Bell was a decent kid actor and a terrific dancer in Billy Elliot, but he's grown into a really first-rate actor." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 18, 2008
2.5/4 52%

Breakfast with Scot (2007)

"What elevates way above the merely adequate script by Sean Reycraft based on the novel by Michael Downing and Lynd's competent direction is young Noah Bernett as Scot. This kid is so great, he could give kid actors a good name again." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Oct 10, 2008
2/4 13%

The Women (2008)

"Even those who never saw Cukor's movie will feel something is missing in English's version. Yes, some of what's missing is humor and snappy dialogue, but that could be forgiven, if only some of the characters were more believable." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Sep 12, 2008
3/4 63%

No Regret (2008)

"Even a melodrama can be made credible in the hands of a skilled director, as Leesong Hee-Il reminds us in No Regret." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 29, 2008
3/4 43%

What We Do Is Secret (2007)

"Some of the supporting performances, like those of Phillips and Gonzalez, are very strong, but it's West who lifts the entire film to a whole other level." ‐San Francisco Chronicle
Posted Aug 29, 2008
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