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43% Robin Hood (2010) It's a little like making a Johnny Appleseed movie, but having him plant peach trees instead because peaches tested better with the 15-to-27 demographic. ‐ Cinematical
Posted May 14, 2010
8% Furry Vengeance (2010) Sometimes, movies of this nature are quite funny -- Gore Verbinski's Mouse Hunt comes to mind -- but usually they are not. This one isn't. ‐ Cinematical
Posted Apr 30, 2010
1/5 49% The Losers (2010) It's not only stupidly written, it's shot like [director Sylvain] White walked away and handed the reins to a brain-damaged orangatan. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Apr 23, 2010
63% Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) There's a fair amount of genuine retro fun to be had here. ‐ Cinematical
Posted Mar 26, 2010
4/5 100% The Work of Director Michel Gondry (2003) [Gondry's] ingenuity and technical acumen raise these works from mere promotional tools to cinematic art. ‐ DVDJournal.com
Posted Jan 21, 2010
B- 81% Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Oct 28, 2009
C- 20% Amelia (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Oct 23, 2009
2.5/5 25% Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Butler's character starts murdering people simply to get them out of his way so that his diabolically exact and completely preposterous plan can fully bloom. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Oct 16, 2009
B 84% Whip It (2009) Juliette Lewis and her crazy eyes pretty much make any movie better. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Oct 2, 2009
C- 16% Love Happens (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Sep 18, 2009
44% The Proposal (2009) The acting is decent, the writing competent, and the DP kept everything in focus most of the time. This may seem like faint praise, but given the state of the modern American rom-com, that places it head-and-shoulders above most of the genre. ‐ Cinema Sideshow
Posted Aug 26, 2009
C+ 45% Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Aug 21, 2009
B 61% A Perfect Getaway (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Aug 7, 2009
D+ 30% The Collector (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Jul 31, 2009
4/5 68% Funny People (2009) This is the most adult, sophisticated, smartly funny film Apatow's made yet. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Jul 31, 2009
C+ 22% G-Force (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Jul 24, 2009
B- 45% Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) (2009) Quote not available. ‐ Movies.com
Posted Jul 1, 2009
22% Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Yeah, there's the scene with the zombie dogs, but most of the film involves scientists sitting around a big table talking about what they plan to do next.‐ FADPOV.com
Posted Sep 24, 2007
3/5 43% The Brave One (2007) (Since) most ticket-buyers will fail to see beyond the gun violence to the more human story, The Brave One is simply a competent failure by a very good director. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Sep 14, 2007
1/5 57% Transformers (2007) Considering that the whole movie is being sold as nothing more than a CGI version of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, one kind of expects there to be more rockin' and sockin' and less funny business with Optimus Prime destroying Mom's flower bed. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Jul 3, 2007
2/5 29% Lucky You (2007) Hanson's an excellent director, and there are swaths of "Lucky You" that are admittedly very well executed. But without a main character to root for, a believable romance or any reason to give a crap about the story, the whole thing just rolls over on its ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted May 4, 2007
3.5/5 100% The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) Hope's tale of identical cousins, treachery, and adventure touches something in the cultural consciousness in the same manner as Shakespeare's plays. ‐ DVDJournal.com
Posted Apr 10, 2007
4/5 86% The Naked City (1948) ... a seminal work that's not to be missed. ‐ DVDJournal.com
Posted Apr 10, 2007
2/5 50% Fast Food Nation (2006) Linklater's Fast Food movie covers all of Schlosser's bases, but is surprisingly anemic in its execution. ‐ DVDJournal.com
Posted Apr 10, 2007
21% You, Me and Dupree (2006) The slow decline of Owen Wilson's career continues with this pedestrian sitcom-on-celluloid. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
32% The Black Dahlia (2006) It's hard to tell what De Palma wanted to achieve with this film. Whatever it was, what ended up on the screen is a confused, ugly mess. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
98% The War Tapes (2006) A moving, very personal document, one that's as revealing as it is disturbing. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
4/5 76% Catch a Fire (2006) A scathing examination of how oppression and torture breed terrorism. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Apr 10, 2007
91% Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) Cohen uses his characters to point out our sacred cows, whatever they may be, and then shoot them with a well-placed dart. ‐ DVDJournal.com
Posted Apr 10, 2007
32% Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) Shainberg manages the tricky task of showing us how the decidedly strange Arbus [saw] the world. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
92% Volver (2006) ... teeters delicately on the edge of black comedy while still warming the heart. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
87% Notes on a Scandal (2006) A thriller for those who might not otherwise be drawn to one, with performances that will knock your socks off ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
93% The Lives of Others (2006) ... delivers on several levels, offering multitextured characters who make no facile decisions, and re-creating the paranoia of Cold War-era Germany with an assured hand. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
5/5 60% 300 (2007) ... an epic action film that literally rewrites the way such stories can be told, using all the latest cinematic tricks and gadgetry to pull the audience smack into the middle of battles that are as exquisite in their presentation as they are horrifying i ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Apr 10, 2007
87% The Namesake (2006) Whatever your background, the yearning of Nair's characters for a place in the world where they truly belong is a feeling that strikes deep in the heart. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Apr 10, 2007
1/5 8% The Reaping (2007) Hillary Swank is a minister AND a scientist! No, I'm not making this up. Please, stop laughing. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Apr 6, 2007
5/5 83% Grindhouse (2007) Tarantino and fellow sleaze merchant Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) attempt to recreate the experience of watching a double bill of craptastic 70's low-budget movies [but] they fail in one important respect -- both their films are just too damn good. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Apr 6, 2007
3/5 65% Apocalypto (2006) The film is drenched with Gibson's unique brand of crazy ... coming off as a sort of a fantasy in which Jesus, after suffering the more brutal lashings at the hands of the Centurians, is able to escape into the jungle and turn into Rambo. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Dec 8, 2006
1/5 69% Babel (2006) Babel isn't actually about anything. It's just 140 minutes of self-conscious cinematic navel-gazing dressed up in Oscar-bait clothing. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Nov 10, 2006
2/5 3% The Covenant (2006) If Dawson's Creek had been about warlocks, it would look like this. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Sep 8, 2006
85% Old Joy (2006) ... a beautiful, melancholy film that illustrates the inevitable losses that accompany adulthood. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Aug 25, 2006
5/5 69% Snakes on a Plane (2006) There is much screaming and hissing and biting and ... oh, it's marvelously stupid. And exciting. And just plain fun. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Aug 18, 2006
76% The Devil Wears Prada (2006) The Devil Wears Prada is like that perfect couture sundress -- feather light, amusing and just the sort of thing for a warm summer evening. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Aug 15, 2006
No Score Yet Scoop (1987) ... a delightful return to Allen's sillier territory. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Aug 15, 2006
68% World Trade Center (2006) ... a thoughtful, sensitive and ultimately despairing film that avoids both nut job proselytizing and sugarcoated sentimentality. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Aug 15, 2006
40% Nacho Libre (2006) Jack Black capers, cavorts and makes funny faces in an attempt to wring comedy out of wood, and it's just plain embarrassing to watch. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted Jun 18, 2006
2/5 27% The Omen (2006) The first one wasn't all that great, so we're talking about a competent remake of a decent, but mediocre, film. There are more monkeys, though, so that's something. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Jun 6, 2006
4/5 33% The Break-Up (2006) An intelligent comedy that shines a truthful light on the fools we make of ourselves during a relationship's last, dying gasps. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted Jun 2, 2006
58% X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Ratner's slick, smugly inept take on the X-Men is more than an ending to a series -- it's like a stake in its heart, making the entire enterprise smell like a rotting corpse. ‐ Portland Tribune
Posted May 26, 2006
2/5 8% See No Evil (2006) Dark obviously did a lot of research for his big-screen debut, watching hours of David Fincher movies and Nine Inch Nails videos for inspiration. ‐ eFilmCritic.com
Posted May 21, 2006