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70% Pink Floyd - The Wall (1982) "Parker's visual synthesis with the music, much aided by Scarfe's rip-roaring visions of doom and destruction which turn light into darkness at the flick of a pen rather than a switch, is almost perfect. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Jul 15, 2016
99% Taxi Driver (1976) "This is a wholly remarkable film, flaws and all. In fact, even the flaws are significant. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Feb 17, 2016
88% The Shining (1980) " If The Shining isn't trivial, it certainly encourages one to think that it is. But, perhaps, even that's a change for the better. Generally, it's the other way around. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Feb 17, 2016
97% The Princess Bride (1987) "The Princess Bride easily transcends expectations, as a fantasy that has a few pertinent things to say about the genre, including the odd fact that the heroes of such things are often prettier than the heroines. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Feb 17, 2016
100% Three Colors: Red (Trois couleurs: Rouge) (1994) "For all its cleverness, remains in essence the story of a friendship which, across the generations, leaves both parties a little easier with themselves but still prey to fate. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Feb 17, 2016
100% Blue (1993) "Blue remains an intense and moving tribute to the woman at its centre who, in coming back from tragedy, almost refuses, but ultimately accepts the only real love that's on offer. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Feb 17, 2016
90% A Clockwork Orange (1971) "If pride of place must go to A Clockwork Orange, it is because this chilling and mesmeric adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel could well become one of the seminal movies of the seventies. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Feb 17, 2016
96% Back to the Future (1985) "Though it is hardly one of the greater flights of cinematic imagination to be seen since science fantasy reared its head as mass appeal material again, it would be virtually impossible not to enjoy it in some way or another. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Oct 21, 2015
77% Grease (1978) "A grave disappointment to anyone in search of style or substance. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Sep 14, 2015
94% Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) "It is technically even more proficient [than Star Wars], has virtually the same ingredients and bursts forth into a world that still seems ripe for its special blend of nostalgically simple story-telling and complicated technology. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Jun 29, 2015
93% Spider-Man 2 (2004) "This is a better picture than the first because it makes its characters human, doesn't camp it up and refuses to believe that Kerpow! Kerching! is more than a constituent part of the proceedings. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 29, 2015
93% Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) "Enormous and exhilarating fun for those who are prepared to settle down in their seats and let it all wash over them. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Jun 23, 2015
88% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) "Morally retrograde it may be, but then so are nightmares. The point is that this one, though often crude and raw, really leads the imagination. What also works in its favour is that it doesn't pretend to do anything more than scare the pants off you. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Apr 7, 2015
100% Man of the West (1958) "Mann's direction is immaculate, making Reginald Rose's clearly allegorical, and sometimes forced, screenplay seem even better than it is. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Mar 12, 2015
96% Andrei Rublev (1973) "You can object to [Tarkovsky's] vision as messianic and sometimes fundamentalist. It is hard, however, to mock the impact of his films. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Mar 4, 2015
88% Naked (1993) "This is an astonishing film in a number of ways, a tour de force that's brilliantly played and written and directed with total conviction. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Mar 4, 2015
91% Million Dollar Baby (2004) "Anyone who doesn't believe that Clint Eastwood is one of the best film-makers in America ought to see Million Dollar Baby. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Feb 27, 2015
78% Braveheart (1995) "This is by no means a bad effort in the historical epic genre, since Gibson has made himself into a more than passable director and, for the battles of Stirling Bridge and Falkirk alone, deserves an Oscar of some sort. " ‐ Mail & Guardian
Posted Feb 24, 2015
76% Gladiator (2000) "This may be fundamentally Saturday night entertainment, but Scott attempts rather more than that on occasion, and at least succeeds in creating a memorable sense of a dark and often frightening period of time." ‐ Screen International
Posted Feb 24, 2015
4/5 83% Chariots of Fire (1981) "The film is not just about the race between Abrahams, the Jewish law student (Ben Cross), and Scottish missionary Eric Liddell (the late Ian Charleson). It's a character study and a social history too. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Feb 21, 2015
74% Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) (2006) "It isn't exactly All Quiet on the Western Front or Oh! What a Lovely War. What it lacks is proper finesse. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Dec 14, 2014
85% Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2) (2008) "This, like the first Hellboy, is del Toro on holiday in Hollywood, having as much fun as he can without totally compromising his considerable powers of invention. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Dec 8, 2014
98% How to Train Your Dragon (2010) "Based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the movie from writer-director Dean Dubois is funny, well-drawn and imaginatively structured so that adults need have no fear about taking the kids to it. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Dec 8, 2014
89% Tangled (2010) "If this is what old-fashioned means, then bring it on. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Dec 8, 2014
87% Howl's Moving Castle (2005) "[Miyazaki] may have made better films than Howl's Moving Castle, but it still exhibits his amazing imagination and astonishing detail. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Dec 8, 2014
88% Shrek 2 (2004) "The animation by which it stands or falls is as brilliant as ever and, though it wouldn't really be right to call it totally anti-Disney, it certainly trumps that institution for sharpness of focus, notably as far as the screenplay is concerned. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Dec 6, 2014
97% Life Itself (2014) "[A] warm, well structured and affecting tribute as someone who lived a full life and refused to be afraid of dying. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Nov 14, 2014
48% Saw (2004) "As a study in the macabre, it barely suffices; as a sick and bloody joke, it's bloody sick. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Oct 27, 2014
69% Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) "It is a film of great economy and precision (it lasts only 80 minutes), with the terrifying inevitability of Greek tragedy and a pervading sense that man is his own worst enemy. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Oct 15, 2014
4/5 78% Queen and Country (2015) "Boorman has not lost his skill for deploying actors well. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted May 23, 2014
4/5 86% Adieu au langage (Goodbye to Language) (2014) "The master still knows what he is doing even if we often don't. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted May 23, 2014
88% Persona (1966) "One of the most complicated and radical films even Bergman ever made. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Apr 23, 2014
94% A Story Of Children And Film "Its basic merit comes through consistently, and the children themselves are wonderfully real. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Apr 4, 2014
4/5 93% Le passé (The Past) (2013) "This is an exquisitely made film which probes away at the rawest, most intimate emotions of its characters with a delicacy and insight reminiscent of Krzysztof Kieslowski in his prime. " ‐ Independent (UK)
Posted Mar 28, 2014
4/5 75% Nymphomaniac: Volume I (2014) "Is it any good? Von Trier has done better and worse, but remains a film-maker you can't ignore. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Feb 14, 2014
4/5 92% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) "It's a typical Anderson film, flourishing in a world of its own, which Fiennes inhabits and oversees to the manor born. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Feb 7, 2014
90% Midnight Cowboy (1969) "We can identify with them without false sentimentality and it is impossible not to do so. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Jan 13, 2014
98% 8 1/2 (1963) "8 1/2 is probably the most potent movie about film-making, within which fantasy and reality are mixed without obfuscation, and there's a tough argument that belies Fellini's usual felicitous flaccidity. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Jan 6, 2014
4/5 92% Philomena (2013) "The film is one of the few capable of allowing its watchers to shed a tear and laugh within more or less the same sequence. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Sep 3, 2013
4/5 85% Under the Skin (2014) "It works with very little in the way of a screenplay and even less obvious explanation - but with a sense of mystery and wonder that a good film-maker can manufacture through style and atmosphere. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Sep 3, 2013
4/5 96% Gravity (2013) "The film's raison d'etre is its considerable technical prowess, enhanced by 3D but in a determinedly ungimmicky way. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Aug 29, 2013
100% The Birth of a Nation (1915) "The quasi-Victorian Griffith was in so many respects way ahead of his time even if his philosophy and mind-set could often be said to be behind it. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Aug 19, 2013
97% Alien (1979) "If you want cinematic kicks, Ridley Scott's massively successful Alien will give you them in profusion. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Aug 2, 2013
95% Unforgiven (1992) "[Unforgiven] belongs to a tradition that includes such giants of the genre as Mann, Boetticher, Peckinpah and Hawks. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Aug 2, 2013
93% Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) "Cameron has done an honourable and undoubtedly skilful job of tailoring his new film to the tastes of the times without too much sloppy compromise. He's made a science fiction film with verve, imagination and even a little wit. " ‐ Guardian
Posted Jul 29, 2013
3/5 57% I Am Nasrine "As a coming-of-age tale it allows for hope as well as despair and has a particularly fine performance from Micsha Sadeghi as the indomitable Nasrine. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 14, 2013
2/5 39% Admission (2013) "Intermittently sharp but often dully over-extended. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 14, 2013
2/5 57% Stuck in Love (2013) "First-time director Josh Boone gets performances from his cast but fails to make the story about first loves and second chances work. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 14, 2013
3/5 34% Summer in February (2014) "In the end, it seems to be much ado about nothing very much, despite the pleasing performances and scenery. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 14, 2013
3/5 73% Paradise: Love (2013) "Some will feel too uncomfortable watching this but there's an ironic humour there too ... " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 14, 2013
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