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1.5/5 41% Oldboy (2013) "Dreary, flat, oversimplified, uninspired. Surely the failure of Oldboy will prove many right who decried this remake years ago. I wonder what a more nuanced, imaginative director might've done with a script that wasn't dumbed down for the masses? " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Nov 30, 2013
2/5 37% The Fifth Estate (2013) "Flat, boring, the antithesis of a thriller, the fascinating story of WikiLeaks is a letdown. Even Benedict Cumberbatch's show-stopping octopus dance - which will surely be the rage at all the hottest clubs - can't breathe life into The Fifth Estate " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Oct 22, 2013
5/5 96% 12 Years a Slave (2013) "Some might dread its violence, but in its truth in showing us the American slavery experience, 12 Years a Slave is glorious in its brutality. It's required viewing for all Americans and a vital universal lesson about man's inhumanity to man. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Oct 21, 2013
4.5/5 89% The World's End (2013) "Retaining the hilarious chaos and offhand hipness expected of Mssrs. Wright, Pegg and Frost, The World's End doesn't quite spark with Shaun of the Dead's audacious freshness, but is great fun and a definite improvement over the fizz-free Hot Fuzz. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Oct 1, 2013
3/5 96% Muscle Shoals (2013) "Featuring interviews with R&B and rock royalty while exploring the uniquely American sound that crossed racial boundaries, Muscle Shoals is oddly paced and tone-deaf to its own message at times, but still important viewing. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Sep 28, 2013
3/5 67% Elysium (2013) "More admirable for its ideas than its execution, the film manages to balance its iniquities with capable performances that keep Elysium from being completely forgettable. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Aug 9, 2013
4/5 No Score Yet 9 Muses Of Star Empire "Fascinating viewing for fans, non-fans and the genre's increasing number of new fans, 9 Muses of Star Empire is a bitter pill to swallow in the face of the bubblegum joy usually associated with the danceable, disposable perfection of K-Pop. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jul 30, 2013
4.5/5 71% Pacific Rim (2013) "Del Toro's love letter to otaku everywhere is kept from perfection by doltish dialog and overly dark battle scenes, but Pacific Rim is an incredibly enjoyable blast of summer fun worth seeing on the largest screen possible. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jul 13, 2013
3/5 67% World War Z (2013) "With its lowest common denominator super-fast flesh eaters and SFX set pieces, there are worse mindless enjoyments than World War Z. Like zombies of yore, it could've done with more brains. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 24, 2013
3/5 55% Man of Steel (2013) "An unceasing torrent of CGI explosions, destruction and superhuman Kryptonian combat, Man of Steel is more bang for your summer movie buck, but would there was magic and spark to go along with all that muscle. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 24, 2013
4.5/5 99% 20 Feet From Stardom (2013) "With its pulsating soundtrack and compelling subject matter 20 Feet from Stardom is an exuberant celebration of some of modern music's most invaluable and unsung heroines. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 23, 2013
2/5 11% After Earth (2013) "For anyone who ever wanted to see a Will Smith summer blockbuster where Smith does nearly all his acting sitting down while his miscast, out-of-his-depth offspring does all the work, After Earth is the movie for you. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 3, 2013
4.5/5 86% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) "Maintaining its reverence for the source material while employing an exuberant and clever script with one heck of a plot twist, Star Trek: Into Darkness is great fun and a more than worthy successor to the excellent first film. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 27, 2013
3/5 48% The Great Gatsby (2013) "Baz Luhrmann's vision of the Roaring Twenties dazzles as a purely sensory piece of sight and sound. The hollow narrative doesn't stop The Great Gatsby from entertaining as a gorgeous, glittering work of visual art. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 12, 2013
2.5/5 79% Iron Man 3 (2013) "While not a complete failure as visceral eye-candy, Iron Man 3 substitutes schmaltz for inspiration and novelty. It's disappointing that what appears to be the franchise's last chapter goes out not with a bang, but with a shrug. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 5, 2013
3.5/5 54% The Company You Keep (2013) "Redford's idealism is at the forefront of The Company You Keep, but it's the portrayal of decades-old friendships and trust by an ensemble of some of cinema's finest actors that really makes it worth watching. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Apr 25, 2013
4.5/5 64% New World (2013) "Tense, dark, violent and brilliantly acted, if New World is any indication of what's in store for the future of the Asian cop drama; harder, sharper, yet finessed and even elegant, then carry on Korea. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 31, 2013
2/5 48% Olympus Has Fallen (2013) "Even a mindless popcorn movie needs to bear some plausibility and this one pulls too hard on my belief suspenders. All the explosions and bombastic violence in the world cannot hide a dumb flick and there we have Olympus Has Fallen. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 25, 2013
4/5 62% Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey (2013) "Powered by subject Arnel Pineda's charm and humour as well as that excellent classic rock soundtrack, Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey is an inspiring and entertaining fairy tale you really can believe in. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 8, 2013
4/5 100% A Werewolf Boy (2012) "Drenched in fairy tale romance and beautifully acted with one of the screen's most charismatic teen couples, I'll take A Werewolf Boy's sweet, quiet charms over the overwrought, turgid Twilight films and their CGI puppies any day. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Feb 20, 2013
1.5/5 14% A Good Day To Die Hard (2013) "A dumb, noisy generic actioner that someone copied and pasted John McClane into to make a buck. Fans of the Die Hard franchise have every right to be insulted as should any movie lover with half a brain. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Feb 19, 2013
3/5 60% The Last Stand (2013) "Less the unpredictable zeitgeist fans expect of innovative director Kim Ji-woon and more like the stunt action comedies of the 1970s and 80s The Last Stand is serviceable fun on the visceral level of those films. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jan 22, 2013
3/5 65% Mama (2013) "While neither groundbreaking or memorable and burdened by a weird resolution, somehow its pop-up shocks and younger cast's beguiling performances make Mama entertaining enough. After all, mothers can be very scary. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jan 20, 2013
2.5/5 64% The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a story stretched too thin; dragged out by drudging slowness and obvious padding that its handful of thrilling action sequences can't improve. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jan 3, 2013
5/5 88% Django Unchained (2012) "The director pulls off this look at the horrors of slavery with respect for its subject. With Django Unchained, Tarantino, through his incredible, outrageously violent Spaghetti Western Superman fantasy, tells the truth. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Dec 27, 2012
4.5/5 96% West of Memphis (2012) "The intelligent storytelling, wise use of access and emotional depth that separates West of Memphis from other documentaries about the murders in Robin Hood Hills, also elevates it to required viewing. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Dec 23, 2012
4/5 73% Rise of the Guardians (2012) "Lovely to look at with thrilling action and a funny script, Rise of the Guardians delivers a sweet and hopeful message about the importance of embracing the magic of childhood " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Nov 24, 2012
2.5/5 66% Cloud Atlas (2012) "While the pure ambition of telling a story in such bravura, non-linear fashion is surely to be applauded, Cloud Atlas is a model of form over function that never quite comes together or compels the viewer to care. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Oct 27, 2012
4/5 87% Frankenweenie (2012) "Frankenweenie gets back to basics with Burton's trademark oddball style, absurdist charm and ghastly-but-sweet humor and shows the director recharged and remembering why he became a filmmaker. The result is joyous. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Oct 9, 2012
3.5/5 45% Hotel Transylvania (2012) "Charming, with a lot of laughs and even more heart, Hotel Transylvania is a fun time out at the movies the entire family can enjoy. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Sep 30, 2012
3/5 67% Lawless (2012) "Weird, gory and ├╝ber-violent, Lawless is strangely pleasing in pulpy, thoroughly B-movie way, held to the earth by the thinnest thread of gravity provided by its cast's game and exuberant performances. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Sep 1, 2012
3/5 66% The Expendables 2 (2012) "Reveling in the pure, visceral enjoyment of watching stuff blow up on a big screen and rampant destruction where nobody really gets hurt, leave your brain at the door and dig The Expendables 2 for the bombastic blast it is. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Aug 18, 2012
2.5/5 87% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) "The Dark Knight Rises is by far the worst of the trilogy and surprising in its ineptitude. Lifeless and overlong, one can't make many excuses for this dull, empty, unfocused mess that is a sad end to what was a wonderful ride. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jul 20, 2012
3/5 78% Brave (2012) "Brave's wonderful animation, hilarious comedy, excellent voice cast and Pixar's first female lead character is compromised by its lack-of-faith decision to switch mid-plot to a tired, silly device that's unworthy of everything that came before it. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 24, 2012
3.5/5 35% Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) "With its outrageous premise of turning Honest Abe into a slayer of the undead, one would expect to see the president snuffing out vamps in astounding ways. To this end, and as pure, thrill-ride entertainment, the movie certainly delivers. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 23, 2012
4/5 97% Paul Williams Still Alive (2012) "Charming, poignant and very funny, Paul Williams: Still Alive is a wonderful testament to a truly gifted artist for whom the end of fame was not remotely the end for him. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 10, 2012
3/5 49% Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) "Led by a perfectly cast Charlize Theron devouring the scenery as the evil queen, Snow White and the Huntsman is an entertaining spin on the classic tale, combining great-looking visuals and exciting action. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Jun 3, 2012
4/5 53% Patang (2012) "Beautifully acted and hypnotically staged, Patang is a feast for the senses that doesn't fail to deliver its story of family love and healing with real warmth and heart. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 14, 2012
2/5 37% Dark Shadows (2012) "Not funny enough to be called a comedy nor remotely frightening or dramatic enough to portray the original TV show's scarier leanings. Dark Shadows has no idea what it wants to be and ends up being nothing. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 13, 2012
3/5 57% The Dictator (2012) "Good for more than its share of riotous laughs if a bit disjointed, The Dictator's timely material and Baron Cohen's outrageous, perceptive humour carry the day, with the comedian's fearlessness evident if not as keenly focused as it could be. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 11, 2012
4/5 92% Marvel's The Avengers (2012) "Whedon's obvious love for The Avengers' characters, world and fandom makes for a superhero epic that's packed with exciting action, faithful details for comic fans and his signature off-hand wit. It's pure fun and entertainment. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted May 6, 2012
4/5 92% The Cabin in the Woods (2012) "Utterly novel and audacious, The Cabin in the Woods completely rewrites the scary movie as we know it. Intelligent, imaginative and too much fun, it redefines and sets a new standard for the horror movies that will come after it. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Apr 15, 2012
4/5 88% Oki's Movie (2012) "Oki's Movie's original and clever premise, charming execution and memorable performances come together beautifully to create a picture that's both captivating and emotional. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Apr 13, 2012
3/5 26% Wrath of the Titans (2012) "Much more cohesive, fun and thrilling than its predecessor, Wrath of the Titans is a good time at the movies that does the audience the boon of helping it forget the first film ever happened. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Apr 1, 2012
3/5 49% Mirror Mirror (2012) "Far below par for a Tarsem picture, if seen solely on the basis of the family film Mirror Mirror wants so badly to be; the very youngest viewers will be sufficiently entertained by the dwarves' hijinks and silly, slapstick humour. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 31, 2012
3/5 84% The Hunger Games (2012) "Maintains the novel's romance to satisfy faithful fans while supplying plenty of action to keep the whole audience entertained. I'll take The Hunger Games over the Twilight series any day, but it's still no Battle Royale. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 24, 2012
4.5/5 86% Boy (2012) "One might predict that Boy, loosely based on the 1980s New Zealand childhood of Taika Waititi, would be funny and offbeat, but the surprise is how refreshingly original, charming and emotional it is. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 11, 2012
2/5 51% John Carter (2012) "Based on a 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, John Carter is an overlong, muddled mess of a film that should've waited another hundred years for a good script. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 10, 2012
3.5/5 85% 21 Jump Street (2012) "Canny enough to know how to laugh with its subject, not at it, 21 Jump Street is a lot of fun thanks to a fast-flying, clever script and affectionate regard for its 1980s television roots. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Mar 9, 2012
4/5 95% The Secret World of Arrietty (2012) "The Secret World of Arrietty is an engaging and warm story of a lovely friendship that has enough action and humour to satisfy all ages, and boy, it's awfully pretty. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Feb 18, 2012
4/5 89% Carol Channing: Larger Than Life (2012) "In her ninth decade, Carol Channing is the subject of a documentary about her incredible life and devotion to entertainment that is as delightful and effervescent as the bubbly star herself. " ‐ TheDivaReview.com
Posted Feb 14, 2012
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