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3.5/5 45% Lakeview Terrace (2008) An intriguing and provocative thriller.‐ Film Threat
Posted Oct 18, 2008
2/5 40% The Rocker (2008) It's exactly the kind of film that I'll forget having ever seen by the time Summer is over and that's too bad as I do love the premise of the film and I'm a fan of Rainn Wilson.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 17, 2008
4/5 78% Standard Operating Procedure (2008) Since most mainstream documentaries take a clearly leftist view of things, I liked the fact Morris wasn't trying to cram his opinion down our throats.‐ Film Threat
Posted May 27, 2008
2/5 85% Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) While the film has some laugh out-loud moments, it's very poorly constructed and what we see onscreen seems to be the victim of either bad editing, poor direction or a script that was rushed into production too quickly.‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 8, 2008
5/5 47% Mister Lonely (2007) Let's hope we don't have to wait so long to see what Korine will do next.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 18, 2008
4/5 79% Baghead (2008) Being creative is scary and personal and when you involve other people in the creative process you have to trust them or find a way to get what you want. And that happens here as do laughs, gasps, confusion and terror both real and internalized.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 29, 2008
1/5 36% August (2008) August doesn't make a lot of sense nor does it seem to have a message or point.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 22, 2008
2/5 56% We Own the Night (2007) Unravels from about the twenty minute mark on and makes no attempt to recover. Rather, it becomes more cliché and ham fisted as it rolls along.‐ Film Threat
Posted Oct 16, 2007
4/5 73% In the Valley of Elah (2007) One of the most powerful films I've seen in years.‐ Film Threat
Posted Oct 2, 2007
3/5 76% Sunshine (2007) Visually rich and yet cold and claustrophobic.‐ Film Threat
Posted Sep 22, 2007
4.5/5 89% Quiet City (2007) In order for such a small film like this to work, you have to kind of fall in love with the leads, and both Fisher and Lankenau make that easy to do.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 30, 2007
4/5 43% Choose Connor (2008) I wouldn't say there's any big life lessons being told here, but the story of Owen Norris coming of age in the harsh light of reality is intriguing stuff.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 23, 2007
4/5 100% Things to Do (2006) Things to Do is a funny, charming, sad and thoughtful film.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 4, 2007
3/5 61% Bug (2006) A nice textbook on how to use the camera in a confined space.‐ Film Threat
Posted May 29, 2007
4/5 75% Black Book (2007) You won't be disappointed.‐ Film Threat
Posted May 29, 2007
3.5/5 58% First Snow (2007) It's suspenseful and kind of scary.‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 2, 2007
4/5 59% Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007) Each film [director Swanberg] does is a little more of an evolution in style and form and Hannah Takes the Stairs is like watching a natural progression of talent.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 24, 2007
3/5 83% You're Gonna Miss Me (2007) You're Gonna Miss Me is still a great meld of rock history, the sociological and familial impacts of mental disability and some courtroom intrigue.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 4, 2007
5/5 82% S&Man (2010) The question you then have to ask is: if it's so "offensive," why didn't you turn away?‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 20, 2007
5/5 72% Inland Empire (2006) Imagine what the cinema world would be like if more great directors threw caution to the wind and followed their artistic vision.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 19, 2007
4.5/5 80% Little Children (2006) Little Children is outstanding and I think it will be one of those films that people don't really recognize it's greatness until a few years down the road.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 2, 2007
4.5/5 95% Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Pan's Labyrinth is one of those underdog films that needs to be seen and I encourage anyone who likes movies of any kind to check it out.‐ Film Threat
Posted Dec 29, 2006
4/5 50% Fast Food Nation (2006) Fast Food Nation makes you really think. It's also really sad and fairly disgusting. But if that's the bitter pill we have to swallow in order to look at what we're doing to ourselves, then it's a bad taste I can live with.‐ Film Threat
Posted Nov 21, 2006
3.5/5 No Score Yet 2 A.M. (2006) 2 A.M. isn't a perfect film, but there's quite a lot to be admired of here. I look forward to seeing what Coleman does next and I really believe Sonya Tsuchigane is someone to watch.‐ Film Threat
Posted Sep 23, 2006
5/5 97% When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (2006) It's an honest, fair and unflinching look at one of the greatest, and saddest, natural disasters to hit our shores.‐ Film Threat
Posted Sep 5, 2006
3.5/5 68% Hollywoodland (2006) The film manages to draw the viewer in by combining a biography with classic elements of mystery, suspense and family drama.‐ Film Threat
Posted Aug 22, 2006
4/5 41% Jersey Girl (2004) Smith reinvents the romantic-comedy by making a film about a man in love with his kid.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jul 22, 2006
4.5/5 81% A Prairie Home Companion (2006) A Prairie Home Companion is nothing short of a real treat and an experience lovers of the radio show and future lovers of it shouldn't miss.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jun 9, 2006
2/5 29% Silent Hill (2006) As I sat through this two hour stumble through what looked like fog, I just kept thinking to myself how this might be the best looking bad film I've ever seen.‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 24, 2006
2.5/5 40% Live Free or Die (2006) It just feels contrived when a good comedy like this should feel clever.‐ Film Threat
Posted Apr 4, 2006
2/5 86% Slither (2006) [I] have to admit to not getting much out of a big budget B movie. B movies are fun because they're rinky dink.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 28, 2006
3.5/5 83% Gretchen (2006) A really dry, funny and sad film.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 15, 2006
3/5 No Score Yet OilCrash (2006) I do think people need to see this movie to understand where we're headed due to wasteful and greedy pigheadedness.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 15, 2006
4/5 100% LOL (2006) Swanberg continues to grow as a filmmaker and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.‐ Film Threat
Posted Mar 14, 2006
4/5 85% Old Joy (2006) This film reminded me of a Raymond Carver short story or a John Cassavettes film in that emotions rule the day, but their root is never fully explained. You just get a feeling.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 7, 2006
2/5 40% The Night Listener (2006) By the time the credits rolled I was bored rather than stunned by the revelations within the movie and I just want these type of reversal/twist movies to get better, or go away.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 7, 2006
4/5 25% The Darwin Awards (2006) While the film has some funky flaws, it's a terrific satire and is downright hilarious.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 7, 2006
4/5 No Score Yet KZ (2006) A totally engrossing and extremely disturbing doc on many levels.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
4.5/5 76% A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006) A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints is a great film. It's the truthfulness to the time and the characters that elevate the film to something far above a cliche.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
4/5 86% Quinceañera (2006) A pretty great little movie.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
1/5 51% Flannel Pajamas (2006) These chatty, pedantic, annoying characters are simply not interesting enough to follow for five minutes, let alone over two hours.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
4/5 No Score Yet Pine Flat (2005) The most fun I've had in a movie in a long time.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
2/5 80% Wide Awake (2006) To make a personal documentary click, you really have to be willing to get in the trenches with the subject and that just doesn't happen here.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
3/5 100% The Trials of Darryl Hunt (2007) I don't want to give to much away in terms of this film because it really is fascinating, but I will say that the film helps crystalize major flaws in our legal system.‐ Film Threat
Posted Feb 4, 2006
4/5 90% Half Nelson (2006) Half Nelson pulls it all together with a closing scene that's very touching and highly memorable.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
3/5 65% Wild Tigers I Have Known (2007) Archer proves that he has a unique way of storytelling through the medium of film.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
2/5 No Score Yet Cinnamon (2006) The film drags on (no pun intended) and doesn't impart the kind of emotional immersion I think Everson was aiming for.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
3/5 No Score Yet Little Red Flowers (2006) The film has a fairy tale feel to it and it's sort of fun.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
2/5 73% In the Pit (2007) After 45 minutes of seeing this hard work, we get the point.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006
2/5 No Score Yet By the Ways: A Journey with William Eggleston (2007) Stories are told about Eggleston but he's never asked to comment on them. It's highly frustrating.‐ Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2006