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A- 90% Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2016) It's a movie for anyone who has ever dreamed big, been knocked down, and dared to dream again. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jun 15, 2016
A- 88% Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) Even if you have no idea who Tab Hunter is, this documentary is riveting and insightful. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 29, 2015
B 100% Two Step (2015) Two Step is definitely a slow burn, but it announces its intentions early and settles into a definitive mood and tempo, and when the sudden bursts of violence do arrive (and they do), they are accompanied by an unexpected power. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jul 29, 2015
B+ 86% X-Men: First Class (2011) For all its many little foibles, X-Men: First Class, is surprisingly well-handled and directed; surging forth with the drama and intensity of a global-looming threat. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jul 14, 2015
D 56% Minions (2015) This is something craftily designed to sell toys and theme park tickets and special cans of Tic-tacs. But it's not a movie. It's an eyesore. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jul 11, 2015
D+ 46% Ted 2 (2015) 'Ted 2' might be enough of a financial success to put MacFarlane back on top, but creatively, he's still bankrupt. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jun 25, 2015
D+ 26% Child 44 (2015) Nothing in "Child 44" adds up to much. The political backdrop and the period setting and all of those subplots and narrative tangents don't mean a lot when the film boils down to a typical fistfight/shoot out scenario we've seen countless times before. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Apr 16, 2015
25% The Divide (2012) "The Divide" is an ugly film, both visually and thematically. But it only really rubs you the wrong way if you take it seriously, which we can't imagine anyone would. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Apr 9, 2015
D 47% Home (2015) This is not the hit film that DreamWorks Animation was hoping for; if anything it will only signal more trouble for the studio. Hopefully they'll get back on their feet but "Home" certainly isn't going to help accomplish that. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 26, 2015
D 17% The Gunman (2015) "The Gunman," as fashioned by Penn and his collaborators, is an ugly, morally nebulous thriller that attempts to offer edification even as it panders to the lowest common denominator. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 20, 2015
D- 29% Get Hard (2015) "Get Hard" is an absolutely horrible, amateurishly assembled comedy that is more offensive than just about anything we've seen lately. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 18, 2015
B 94% Spy (2015) Feig's commitment to the genre, and some truly wonderful set pieces, make "Spy" as lovable as its main character. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 16, 2015
C 62% Unfriended (2015) "Unfriended" is diverting and energetic and should be awarded points for attempting to be the Facebook generation's "Ringu," but it fails to create memorable characters and is awash in tired clichés and muddy mythology. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 14, 2015
B+ 60% Run All Night (2015) While "Run All Night" might be ten minutes too long, it's still an undeniably hardboiled work of crime fiction ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 10, 2015
F 11% Unfinished Business (2015) ...stiff and unfocused and strained for any kind of credibility or realism... ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 6, 2015
B 32% Chappie (2015) Between the charming Copley performance, the ingenious visuals, the absolutely incredible all-electronic Hans Zimmer score, and the propulsive narrative thrust, there is a lot to appreciate and even love about "Chappie." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Mar 4, 2015
C+ 59% My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn (2015) This could have been one of the great behind-the-scenes movie documentaries, a mini-marvel that could rest alongside "Heart of Darkness" or "Burden of Dreams." Instead, it's a fluffy, nearly-feature-length electronic press kit, with way more neuroses. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Feb 26, 2015
D- 14% The Lazarus Effect (2015) Bringing someone back from the dead is one of the horror genre's oldest and most effective tropes, but with "The Lazarus Effect," it just seems tired. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Feb 26, 2015
C 56% Digging Up the Marrow (2015) "Digging Up the Marrow" could have been an effective riff on Barker's "Nightbreed," but instead becomes just another found footage horror lark. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Feb 20, 2015
B+ 80% McFarland USA (2015) While "McFarland, USA" doesn't reinvent the wheel, it does deliver in all the ways you expect that a Disney sports movie should: it's heartwarming, handsome, and features an exceptional Costner performance at its center. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Feb 19, 2015
F 13% Seventh Son (2015) Projecting noise and spectacle without any emotional investment or thematic undercurrents, "Seventh Son" winds up being a monstrous dud. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Feb 6, 2015
B- 80% The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015) This animated movie isn't about anything, really, so don't look for morals or thematic undercurrents. But even at its most mundane, it's still pretty trippy. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Feb 5, 2015
B+ 87% The Royal Road (2015) The experience of watching "The Royal Road," in fact, is like you've gotten ahold of Olsen's diary, where she's written down the most painfully embarrassing details of each new romantic conquest. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 29, 2015
A 96% The Russian Woodpecker (2015) "The Russian Woodpecker" is the story of two countries that may have divided but who are still linked through their politics, exports and the ghosts that still wander the contaminated grounds of both Chernobyl... and the Russian Woodpecker. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 28, 2015
D 24% Hellions (2015) Completely forgettable, "Hellions" is far less cool, smart, and scary than it thinks it is. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 26, 2015
B+ 97% Being Evel (2015) A wild, wooly strut through a period in American history when the country rallied around a man who would probably, at the end of the broadcast, be lying unconscious at the end of the runway, ready to get up and do it again the very next night. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 26, 2015
F 10% The Boy Next Door (2015) The entire movie feels like a warning for women of any age: if you act on your desires, you will be punished. And there seems to be no greater punishment than having to watch "The Boy Next Door." ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 22, 2015
B- 16% Strange Magic (2015) "Strange Magic" is a movie that's easier to appreciate and admire than to actually swoon over. Not bad for an orphan. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 21, 2015
A- 74% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) Vaughn and his collaborators have taken a crude and disposable property and turned it into something more - a thoughtful, exciting, whip-smart spy adventure that doesn't let its smart-ass post-modernism overwhelm its playfulness or its heart. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Jan 8, 2015
D 48% Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014) "Night at the Museum" was always the best when it was closest to complete anarchy, tapping into the zippy, good-natured malevolence of filmmakers like Joe Dante, but here that energy is gone, replaced by a kind of sleepy noncommittal attitude. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Dec 22, 2014
D 13% The Pyramid (2014) "The Pyramid" is cursed. Only, instead of an ancient evil, it's just plagued by inept filmmaking. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Dec 5, 2014
B 59% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) At the end of this entry, we're back to the beginning of the entire franchise. Or, to quote the original novel, we're there and back again. And sometimes that's enough. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Dec 4, 2014
C- 27% Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) "Exodus: Gods and Kings" is a creaky, sometimes painfully boring Old Testament slog, and finds the visionary director unable to successfully wrangle a human story out of a tale of gods and kings. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Dec 4, 2014
A- 100% Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014) Quite frankly, it makes you realize that the "Toy Story" series could easily continue, uninterrupted, to infinity and beyond. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Dec 4, 2014
B 72% Penguins Of Madagascar (2014) Overall, "Penguins of Madagascar" is quick, silly, and enjoyable, which is about all you could ask for. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Nov 25, 2014
D 34% Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) It's hard to imagine a movie less deserving of a high profile follow-up than "Horrible Bosses," but, whether or not anyone really asked for it, "Horrible Bosses 2" is here. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Nov 25, 2014
F 29% Dumb and Dumber To (2014) "Dumb and Dumber To" is the Farrelly's attempt to get back into their groove, but everything feels off and, worse than that, safe. The original film was unpredictable and loose and every so often gave up the aura of dangerousness. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Nov 13, 2014
F 36% Before I Go to Sleep (2014) The story is so poorly-plotted, nonsensical, and misogynist that it's hard to imagine one person liking this material, much less millions of literate book lovers. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Oct 30, 2014
3/5 52% Low Down (2014) Fanning manages to bring soulfulness to a character who mostly reacts to others; you just wish the whole movie were, well, jazzier. ‐ Time Out
Posted Oct 21, 2014
B+ 86% Stretch (2014) "Stretch" is a truly enjoyable oddity, a movie that was too brash, too weird, too idiosyncratic for a major release, but one that should settle into a nice, long shelf life. "Stretch" is a wild ride, and one very much worth going on. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Oct 15, 2014
A 96% Citizenfour (2014) "Citizenfour" shows that Snowden, the guy with the guts to expose these shadowy practices, is the one who pays the biggest price. Senators lie and congressmen squirm, and nobody is held accountable. Nobody, that is, except Snowden. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Oct 15, 2014
D 8% Drive Hard (2014) "Drive Hard" is just a bore, barely registering as a movie, which is a shame, because with the oddball cast and somewhat notable director, it could have been fun and trashy. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Oct 3, 2014
D 29% Annabelle (2014) Intentionally or not, "Annabelle" reeks of being a cynical cash-grab of the highest order. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Oct 2, 2014
88% Gone Girl (2014) David Fincher's Gone Girl is an absolute masterpiece; a uniquely American rumination on marriage and modern society and one of the very best, most thrilling experiences you'll have going to the movies this year. ‐ Movieline
Posted Sep 29, 2014
A- 75% The Boxtrolls (2014) "The Boxtrolls" is charming, with a gorgeous animation style that combines lo-fi with high-tech, with the huggable nature of the characters, and with the boldness of its storytelling and thematic concerns. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 25, 2014
C+ 70% The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) While "Town That Dreaded Sundown" is ambitious and supremely weird, it fails to cohere into something more resonant. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 22, 2014
B 29% Everly (2015) "Everly" is effective and gore-soaked and occasionally shocking. And when it plays to packed audiences, it's easy to imagine them whooping in agreement. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 20, 2014
B- 85% John Wick (2014) "John Wick" is ostensibly a B-grade action movie about a hitman's quest for (bloody) revenge, but in Keanu Reeves' nimble hands, it becomes a much more joyous experience. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 20, 2014
D 65% The Maze Runner (2014) "The Maze Runner," as a film, is free of texture, nuance, or dimensionality. And those wishing for the kind of visceral excitement and subtle socio-political commentary of "The Hunger Games" will be found desperately wanting. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 18, 2014
F 10% No Good Deed (2014) Not only did the "twist" they had been endlessly hyping come across as a limp afterthought, but the movie itself is a gruelingly unpleasant slog. "No Good Deed" deserves to be punished. ‐ The Playlist
Posted Sep 15, 2014