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Eddie Cockrell

Agrees with the Tomatometer 81% of the time.

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Taxidermia (2006)

"Taxidermia sets a benchmark for body horror in the cinema." ‐ Variety
Posted Aug 14, 2009

Disgrace (2008)

"A focused, absorbing meditation on race, class, history and sex." ‐ Variety
Posted Apr 22, 2009

Evelyn (2002)

"A sprightly pace and a fatalistic sense of humor propel the proceedings over a generous amount of drinking jokes and other cliches of Irish life and culture." ‐ Variety
Posted Mar 26, 2009
4.5/5 98%

Let the Right One In (2008)

"A modern genre classic, reinterpreting a familiar story with emotional delicacy and visual force." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Mar 19, 2009
3.5/5 61%

Love the Beast (2009)

"Love The Beast has the mellow glow of affectionate nostalgia for the kind of solid construction and steadfast mateship increasingly hard to come by in these prefab times." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Mar 12, 2009
2/5 58%

The Secret Life of Bees (2008)

"Glossy yet ultimately shallow, this platitudinous, unconvincing drama makes The Colour Purple look like Mississippi Burning." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Mar 6, 2009
3/5 59%

The International (2009)

"As frustrating as the story's shallowness is, this shortcoming is very nearly negated by the sheer physical pleasure of the production." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Feb 26, 2009

Okuribito (Departures) (2009)

"TV scribe Kundo Koyama's first bigscreen script peppers the proceedings with rich character detail and near-screwball interludes that shouldn't fit but somehow do." ‐ Variety
Posted Feb 18, 2009
3/5 37%

Transporter 3 (2008)

"Though director Olivier Megaton exhibits a good bit of that annoyingly jagged editing that's become all the rage in action films, he has the good sense to never cut away from Statham's pecs." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Feb 12, 2009
3/5 57%

My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)

"Though the script is flat and the acting perhaps intentionally stilted, Lussier's trump card is a distinctive blend of new technology and old-fashioned prosthetic effects." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Feb 12, 2009

Valkyrie (2008)

"When he is at the top of his game, as he is here, Cruise's charisma is blinding." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 28, 2009
2/5 29%

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans (2009)

"The numerous action sequences, while imaginative, lack a visual cohesion that allows them to be fully appreciated." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 28, 2009
4/5 95%

The Class (2008)

"[The film] understands that emotional authenticity is just as important as entertainment value." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 22, 2009
4.5/5 98%

The Wrestler (2008)

"Who better than Rourke to sell the idea of a battered, yet proud pugilist in search of redemption?" ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 22, 2009
1/5 10%

Bride Wars (2009)

"There's a good deal of potential squandered in this strained comedy, which suffers from lazy writing, miscalculated acting, perfunctory directing and general bad timing." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 15, 2009

Igor (2008)

"Igor celebrates a defiantly adolescent and suitably caricatured vision of mortality with the potential to have adults and special young malcontents in stitches." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 14, 2009
3.5/5 46%

Yes Man (2008)

"The most even-keeled, pleasant and mainstream movie Jim Carrey has made in many a moon." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 7, 2009

Bolt (2008)

"While it may lack a certain amount of bite, there's plenty of bark to recommend this winning animated adventure." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2009
4/5 65%

Quantum of Solace (2008)

"This Bond is also a bit of a jerk, taking what he wants when he wants it and acting on an instinct that leaves little room for moral debate. Seen in this light, Craig is the perfect storm of Bondian class and mayhem." ‐ Sydney Morning Herald
Posted Nov 20, 2008

Shotgun Stories (2007)

"A precisely modulated yet cumulatively forceful story of a rural family feud turned deadly." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 18, 2008

Faubourg 36 (Paris 36) (2009)

"A bracingly old-fashioned, lushly visualized showbiz meller set against pre-World War II Gallic political unrest." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 18, 2008

The Stone Angel (2007)

"A tastefully reverent, fundamentally sincere treatment of Margaret Laurence's 1964 Manitoba-based novel, a staple for Canada's 12th graders." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 18, 2008

Delta (2009)

"A beautifully atmospheric vessel that will seem infinitely deep to some and chafingly dry to others." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 18, 2008

Indestructible (2008)

"An intimate, lacerating, absorbing visual diary of the three-year onset of terminal disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in aspiring filmmaker Ben Byer." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 18, 2008

Texas Rangers (2001)

"Large cast is uniformly fine with tongue-twisting, pulpy dialogue, though pic presents only brief flashes of what look to be fully realized characterizations jettisoned at some point during production or post." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 17, 2008

Full Battle Rattle (2008)

"A so-so pic on an incendiary subject." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 17, 2008

Passchendaele (2008)

"Toronto fest opener crudely welds the grisly verisimilitude of Saving Private Ryan to the contempo cultural revisionism of Pearl Harbor but can't forge the disparate tones into a powerful whole." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 4, 2008
No Score Yet

Warchild (2008)

"A resolute Bosnian mother grows determined to find the daughter taken from her and given to German foster parents a decade earlier in finely played drama Warchild." ‐ Variety
Posted Aug 22, 2008

Get Over It (2001)

"The kind of movie where only some of the characters have last names, this essentially sweet-natured enterprise feels slightly rushed and distracted." ‐ Variety
Posted Jul 6, 2008

Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2008)

"Pic's chief drawback is onscreen narrator Suroosh Alvi (co-helming with Eddy Moretti), whose fratboy glee at their 'crazy mission' segues to such probing questions as, 'What's the vibe now?'" ‐ Variety
Posted May 9, 2008
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"This Joan is vulnerable, human, headstrong and, finally, empathetic in a way, say, Preminger's never was." ‐ Nitrate Online
Posted Feb 20, 2008

Julia (2009)

"A startling misfire." ‐ Variety
Posted Feb 13, 2008

Kirschblüten - Hanami (Cherry Blossoms) (2008)

"Cast is spot-on, with craft package to match." ‐ Variety
Posted Feb 13, 2008
No Score Yet


"A bright, snappy relationship comedy." ‐ Variety
Posted Feb 7, 2008
No Score Yet

Eat, for This is My Body (Mange, ceci est mon corps) (2007)

"A quietly confident visual poem to Haiti and its turbulent history, Eat, for This Is My Body is a solid achievement in avant-garde ethnographic formalism." ‐ Variety
Posted Jan 30, 2008

The District (Nyocker!) (2004)

"Fifteen credited artists labored over the distinct animated style, a jerky collage in which cutouts of actors' heads are blended with animated bodies and surroundings; result is crude yet novel." ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 18, 2007

Giorni e Nuvole (Days and Clouds) (2007)

"Deliberately paced and naturally limned by all, the family's ups and downs make for a satisfying journey." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 1, 2007

Operation Filmmaker (2008)

"Meaty issues of media responsibility and individual self-determination, coupled with inside-baseball aspects of set politics and immigration policies, elevate this unintentional analogy on U.S. involvement in Iraq to a hot-button level." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 28, 2007

Before the Rains (2008)

"The emotionally charged mysteries of his breakthrough feature, The Terrorist, have given way to laborious narrative convention in Indian helmer Santosh Sivan's latest, English-lingo period meller Before the Rains." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 27, 2007

Diary of the Dead (2007)

"Gore's godfather audaciously and successfully reboots his incalculably influential zombie franchise as a lean, mean teen-survival machine." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 18, 2007

New York City Serenade (2007)

"A series of sour notes." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 17, 2007

Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who (2007)

"It's all here, from the exploding drum kit on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967 to the trampling deaths at the band's 1979 Cincinnati gig." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 17, 2007

Toots (2008)

"A nostalgic, meticulously researched full course meal from granddaughter Kristi Jacobson that will whet appetites of fest, specialty and tube diners." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 14, 2007

Meet Bill (2008)

"Husband-and-wife helmers Melisa Wallack and Bernie Goldmann make all the wrong choices, from the grimacing they've encouraged their large (and largely wasted) cast to indulge in, to the musical riffs that signal each and every dramatic beat." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2007

Cleaner (2008)

"Cleaner suffers from a distracting case of visual jitters and takes a CSI approach to fetishizing the messy nature of the human body." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 13, 2007

My Winnipeg (2007)

"Deep, rich sound accompanies distressed, often unfocused black-and-white shots of nighttime winter streets, garishly lit interiors and archival footage. Splashes of color in cut-out animation segs add to the texture." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 10, 2007

Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise (2008)

"At once hagiographic and revealing, backstage docu Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise follows the never-a-dull-moment rocker during Los Angeles rehearsals and an early 2007 Canadian tour." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 4, 2007
No Score Yet

Das Sichtbare und das Unsichtbare (2007)

"Though Visible exhibits sure signs of [Thome's] novelistic approach to this theme, gaps in the explanations and development of relationships cloud the narrative waters." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 4, 2007
No Score Yet

Before the Storm (2007)

"A quietly confident caper comedy in which a laid-back data processor embezzles the embezzlers of a rural French supermarket in the wake of a squall, Before the Storm is distinguished by a sure narrative hand and a subversively droll demeanor." ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 4, 2007

How to Cook Your Life (2007)

"Tasteful in more ways than one, mischievous and charming docu How to Cook Your Life serves up a heapin' helping of Zen." ‐ Variety
Posted Aug 17, 2007