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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/5 63% Bring It On (2000) Quote not available. ‐ Hollywood.com
Posted Nov 20, 2008
B 77% The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) By keeping their story threads separate, ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jun 1, 2005
C+ 52% Ice Princess (2005) We get that the heroine is geeky (laying groundwork for the duck-to-swan transformation), but must she babble physics formulas at parties? ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 18, 2005
4/5 83% The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) In a career-making performance, the saxophone-blowing, tantrum-throwing Law plays Dickie with such vigor and energy that when he exits, the light dims slightly from the film... ‐ Hollywood.com
Posted May 14, 2004
C 84% Mean Girls (2004) Sadly, much like an SNL sketch, Mean Girls starts off sharp and juicy, then runs out of gas halfway through. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Apr 29, 2004
B 64% 13 Going on 30 (2004) Garner's performance is uplifting. She's been touted recently as yet another possible heir to Julia Roberts' throne, and her attainable girl-next-door quality makes it's plain to see why. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Apr 22, 2004
C 13% Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004) Try as it might, this glossy action adventure isn't nearly as clever as the Spy Kids franchise. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 11, 2004
C+ 13% Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) Gives [Lohan] ample time to act starry-eyed and show off her dancing and singing, but little chance to prove she can hold her own among the Hilary Duffs of the world. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Feb 19, 2004
C 17% The Perfect Score (2004) Possesses little of the snap or charisma of the films that inspired it. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jan 29, 2004
C+ 16% You Got Served (2004) Tries to be a story about triumph and teamwork. Instead it comes off like a group of high schoolers awkwardly auditioning for a play. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jan 29, 2004
3/4 25% Pearl Harbor (2001) The filmmakers would like you to know that this isn't typical action fare yet they've still created the most spectacular action scene in recent memory. ‐ Hollywood.com
Posted Jan 23, 2004
C 23% Torque (2004) A Fast and the Furious on motorcycles that gets its juice from its road action but little else. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jan 16, 2004
B 23% Bad Boys II (2003) Watching a Bruckheimer with natural comics like Smith and Lawrence makes it all go down easily. If you like this type of movie, that is. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jul 17, 2003
D+ 7% Boat Trip (2003) Unabashedly dumb and pathetically offensive. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 20, 2003
C 14% View from the Top (2003) It dances into Spoofville, then jerks back into straight romantic comedy. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 20, 2003
C 26% Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) A formulaic picture that's entertaining enough, but makes you wonder if Li will ever duplicate his success in Asia in the States. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Feb 27, 2003
A- 75% The Way Home (Jibeuro) (2002) An uncluttered, resonant gem that relays its universal points without lectures or confrontations. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Dec 5, 2002
B+ 55% The Santa Clause 2 (2002) Allen is genuinely affable as Santa with wit. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Oct 31, 2002
B- 16% Abandon (2002) You've convinced yourself it's a drama just before the story twists, after which the throwaway 'filler' scenes become conversation points you'll decipher on the way home. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Oct 18, 2002
5/5 100% Toy Story 2 (1999) Parents should caution: After Toy Story 2, homes will likely be sprinkled with dust from attic boxes, as favorite playthings of yesteryear are brought out for a joyous reunion. ‐ Hollywood.com
Posted Aug 2, 2002
2/5 14% Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew (1999) The film is baffling, amateur and somewhat contradictory about violence. ‐ Hollywood.com
Posted Jun 28, 2002
3.5/5 97% The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (2000) Kempner puts Cole Porter standards to movie clips from Pride of the Yankees, Woman of the Year and others, providing the right amount of baseball nostalgia. ‐ Hollywood.com
Posted Jun 21, 2002
B 31% Murder by Numbers (2002) Doesn't bank on cheap plot twists or unrealistic betrayals, but rather the subtle, juicy roles bestowed on two young actors. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Apr 18, 2002
C- 19% National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002) Had it not wandered into aforementioned eclair territory, it could have been better than a discount video rental. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Apr 4, 2002
D 27% How High (2001) You've seen it before. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Apr 3, 2002
D 13% Sorority Boys (2002) Sorority Boys, which is as bad at it is cruel, takes every potential laugh and stiletto-stomps the life out of it. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 21, 2002
C- 34% Resident Evil (2002) Like many video games, Resident Evil has a drearily long setup, then a lot of blood and gore, then an overextended ending. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 14, 2002
C+ 30% All About the Benjamins (2002) Its generic villains lack any intrigue (other than their funny accents) and the action scenes are poorly delivered. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Mar 7, 2002
B- 38% 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) Mostly fun to watch, buoyed by some strong dialogue and performances by the supporting cast. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Feb 28, 2002
B 35% Super Troopers (2002) The cast, collectively a successful example of the lovable-loser protagonist, shows deft comic timing. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Feb 14, 2002
D+ 14% Crossroads (2002) A charmless road pic slathered in cheese. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Feb 14, 2002
42% Big Fat Liar (2002) The film gets snaps just by attempting the high road, and should be enjoyed by its target audience. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Feb 7, 2002
B- 58% Birthday Girl (2002) Birthday Girl conspicuously shifts between a semiromance, semicomedy and semicrime thriller, which dilutes the best of its parts and results in a confection only half-baked in entertainment. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jan 31, 2002
B- 27% A Walk to Remember (2002) What saves the film is the chemistry between the two leads. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jan 25, 2002
C+ 52% The Mothman Prophecies (2002) The Mothman Prophecies falters in part because it leaves too much, well, out there. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Jan 24, 2002
D+ 29% Not Another Teen Movie (2001) By the time a member of teen-movie royalty makes a cameo in the film's finale, Not Another Teen Movie has long exhausted any hope of succeeding. Instead it becomes, well, just another teen movie. ‐ Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Posted Dec 13, 2001