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8/10 71%

Hanna (2011)

"Wright applies an artful eye to carnage; he and production designer Sarah Greenwood exhaustively deploy their love for finding colors that mirror the characters' psychological states." ‐Movieline
Posted Apr 7, 2011
6/10 40%

Henry's Crime (2011)

"Caan is the spicy mustard on this fatty corned beef sandwich of a movie; without him, Henry's Crime is a filling meal that wouldn't linger in the memory." ‐Movieline
Posted Apr 7, 2011
4/10 92%

Source Code (2011)

"Saddled with CG effects that will only be passable on your smart phone, or from the back seat of a minivan, it's as if the looniness of the Code plot is out to undermine the highly wound, tightly cut beginning -- the camera shakes from too much adrenaline." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 31, 2011
5/10 49%

Super (2011)

"The action in Super is clumsy and triggers cringe-producing consequences that make you wonder about the sanity of its protagonist." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 31, 2011
3/10 23%

Sucker Punch (2011)

"All that's missing is the excitement." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 24, 2011
3/10 44%

White Irish Drinkers (2011)

"[The] film teems with characters who are in fact white, Irish and drinkers. And, as you might have guessed from its title, Drinkers is as full of cheap sentimentality and predictable behavior as a Hell's Kitchen bar would have been in the 1970s." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 24, 2011
7/10 71%

Paul (2011)

"What's funniest about Paul however, is that each of its characters is stunned out of their complacency, right down to a humorous and touching revelation in the climax." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 17, 2011
6/10 88%

Certified Copy (Copie Conforme) (2011)

"Certified Copy is something unique to Kiarostami's career, bringing to mind an adjective I never thought I'd append to him: adorable." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 10, 2011
7/10 40%

HappyThankYouMorePlease (2011)

"Radnor shows an assured hand with his cast, and rather than try to force a plot the actor-director defines his film by the characters." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 9, 2011
4/10 72%

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

"Damon's resolve is admirable -- a purity of heart that shows he's trying to will a movie into being." ‐Movieline
Posted Mar 3, 2011
7.5/10 72%

We Are What We Are (2011)

"You might want to catch We Are What We Are before its inevitable, much-too-glossy remake brightens the walls of American multiplexes." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 24, 2011
6.5/10 34%

Hall Pass (2011)

"The pleasantly crude Hall Pass reminds us of what's been missing from movies: Those squirm-inducing moments in comedy that produce enough discomfort that at points what we're watching is half a heartbeat away from a horror film." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 24, 2011
4/10 56%

Unknown (2011)

"The notion of combining Taken and Roman Polanski's Frantic makes for a clean graft here." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 17, 2011
5/10 25%

Certifiably Jonathan (2011)

"It's got a great subject -- the extraordinarily voluble comedian Jonathan Winters, whose constant rush of words can be like a blizzard: beautiful, maddening, exhausting and finally beautiful again. But it's not a great film." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 10, 2011
5/10 39%

The Eagle (2011)

"Nearly everything in The Eagle feels like text carved into a tablet, and the stolid Tatum's lack of an inner life reinforces that miscalculation." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 9, 2011
0.5/10 4%

The Roommate (2011)

"In the theater where I saw it, the tedium was broken only by the sound of Angry Birds being played on iPhones." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 4, 2011
5/10 38%

The Other Woman (2011)

"The on-the-nose, audience tested feel of the film's current title also sums up the way the movie plays; what nuance it had went out the window with the original name." ‐Movieline
Posted Feb 3, 2011
7/10 75%

The Way Back (2011)

"Weir's artisan's sureness grants a bewitching calm -- his trademark ambience -- to this harrowing tale." ‐Movieline
Posted Jan 20, 2011
7/10 85%

A Somewhat Gentle Man (2011)

"Man has the confidence of knowing exactly where it wants to go, and when it wants to arrive; however, you may be just as familiar with the territory as the driver." ‐Movieline
Posted Jan 14, 2011
4.5/10 43%

The Green Hornet (2011)

"While this latest Rogen-penned iteration is a game try, it feels a bit like he's trying to make a volume out of a footnote." ‐Movieline
Posted Jan 12, 2011
8/10 92%

Of Gods and Men (2011)

"The movie has a mournful electricity, as we come to realize it's about accepting the inevitable." ‐Movieline
Posted Sep 13, 2010
3.5/5 84%

Mean Girls (2004)

"This tart and often charming new comedy is a version of the heart-of-darkness teen social comedy Heathers for the tweener audience." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 29, 2004
4.5/5 89%

The Clay Bird (2002)

"Set in Bangladesh in the 1960's, Tareque Masud's intelligent drama questions the nature of dedication to Islam." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 29, 2004
1.5/5 4%

Godsend (2003)

"You'd be better off downloading the trailer: a much more convincing piece of storytelling." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 29, 2004
3.5/5 88%

MC5: A True Testimonial (2002)

"A riveting, all-elbows- and-knuckles documentary about the proto-punk warriors known as the MC5." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 22, 2004
3/5 99%

The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) (2004)

"The director Yoji Yamada's devotion to somber, everyday detail will test the patience of many viewers of this initially slow-going character drama." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 22, 2004
3/5 64%

13 Going on 30 (2004)

"While essentially a retread of Big, what keeps this body-switch comedy going is the director's love for actors, and his refusal to judge them by the characters they play." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 22, 2004
4/5 84%

Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004)

"Quentin Tarantino's deliciously perverse semisequel is the most voluptuous comic-book movie ever made." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 15, 2004
2/5 33%

Klezmer on Fish Street (2004)

"After all the squirming and twisting, the film never secures a strong grip on its subject." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 15, 2004
2/5 4%

The Whole Ten Yards (2003)

"The sequel to The Whole Nine Yards is more afterthought than accomplishment, a cocktail made with orange juice and Champale instead of actual bubbly." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 8, 2004
2/5 29%

The Alamo (2004)

"In re-enacting the actual events surrounding the storied 1836 battle, this oppressively solemn historical-action movie is both elegiac and trivial." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 8, 2004
1.5/5 54%

Home on the Range (2004)

"Disney's western cartoon comedy may be the first film to require cortisone treatments from jamming its elbow in the audience's ribs so often." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 1, 2004
3/5 91%

Shaolin Soccer (2004)

"This kung-fu comedy is so unabashed in its cheesiness that it could be spread on crackers; it may spike your cholesterol levels." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 1, 2004
3.5/5 81%

Hellboy (2004)

"Guillermo del Toro lets loose with a vaudevillian rambunctiousness that makes his adaptation of the Hellboy comic book series daffy, loose and lovable." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 1, 2004
3/5 94%

Vodka Lemon (2004)

"This movie has an antic, mordant visual poetry that matches up with the rancor and feeling in its population's souls." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 1, 2004
3/5 No Score Yet

B-Happy (2003)

"This cooled-out melodrama from Chile is often so natural it has the on-the-fly illumination of improvisation." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 31, 2004
4/5 80%

Gori vatra (2005)

"Featured in the New Directors/New Films series, this droll, soulful comedy-drama tells us that after the smoke clears, life goes on." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 31, 2004
3.5/5 87%

Untold Scandal (2004)

"This viciously purring Korean comedy of sexual conquest in the New Directors/New Films Series employs many of the plot mechanisms used in Christopher Hampton's version of Liaisons Dangereuses." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 31, 2004
3.5/5 70%

Silent Waters (2004)

"Silent Waters, in the New Directors/New Films series, is several different movies, and most of them feel negligible and meandering, until the film finally packs a wallop." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 31, 2004
3/5 94%

The Story of the Weeping Camel (2004)

"The title of this movie isn't a metaphor. The filmmakers have actually made a movie about a pale and needy newborn camel whose mother ignores it." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 25, 2004
4/5 25%

Never Die Alone (2004)

"DMX is the perfect actor for this stylized and often satisfying film adaptation of Donald Goines's novel." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 25, 2004
4/5 100%

Des épaules solides (2003)

"In this dazzling and minimalist drama, the director Ursula Meier has created an unforgettable portrait of a young woman desperate to prove she's as good as any man." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 25, 2004
4/5 75%

Everyday People (2004)

"Jim McKay's ensemble drama, the opening feature in the annual New Directors/New Films series, has a roaming, lived-in quality." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 24, 2004
3.5/5 73%

Intermission (2003)

"Surprise hovers over this dry-roasted and altogether compelling Irish comedy-drama like a creature waiting to stun the cast of the movie into submission." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 18, 2004

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

"Michel Gondry's angular and intelligent romantic comedy isn't entirely consistent. Even as you laugh, it's a movie you admire more than love." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 18, 2004
2/5 75%

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

"Mr. Snyder's blood feast is strictly by the numbers: this second-rater could be the world's most expensive Troma film." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 18, 2004
1.5/5 46%

Secret Window (2004)

"Johnny Depp's performance as a trebly beset writer is the highlight of this underwhelming suspense thriller based on a Stephen King novella." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 11, 2004
3/5 88%

Uzak (Distant) (2004)

"Nuri Bilge Ceylan's wry, modest meditation on pettiness works on a minimalist scale." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 11, 2004
1/5 47%

Hidalgo (2004)

"This primitively plotted family action adventure is one of the few movies that seem to be making up their plots as they go along." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 4, 2004
3/5 64%

Starsky & Hutch (2004)

"The big-screen adaptation of the 1970's television cop show Starsky & Hutch has a crafty, can-you-dig-it? spirit." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 4, 2004
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