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2/5 14% Ride Along 2 (2016) Gives us more of what we expect, but less of what we want. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 29, 2016
3/5 78% Where to Invade Next (2016) What seems to be missing this time around is the righteous troublemaker outrage and much of the caustic sarcasm and pointed irony. And Where to Invade Next is a better film because of it. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 29, 2016
2/5 63% The Finest Hours (2016) The action is big and bold and in your face; the melodrama shouldn't be. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 29, 2016
4/5 77% Rosewater (2014) Stewart handles this change of tone like a veteran director, never allowing the snide humor to undermine the gravity of Bahari's situation. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Nov 18, 2014
2/5 28% Broken City (2013) Planted smack-dab in the middle of the January dumping season -- where cinematic stinkers are unleashed to dirty the elbows of Oscar hopefuls -- Broken City is slotted exactly where it belongs. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 22, 2013
50% Hit & Run (2012) Not genuinely funny enough to be anything more than a silly slapstick comedy without much stick to slap. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Aug 27, 2012
2/5 57% Hysteria (2012) Ultimately, Hysteria isn't much more than a modest trifle of a movie, soon to be forgotten before we hit the parking lot. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jun 4, 2012
2/5 51% The Three Stooges (2012) Neither as laugh-out-loud funny as many had hoped for, nor as excruciatingly dreadful as most feared it would be. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Apr 16, 2012
2/5 25% Act of Valor (2012) Act of Valour is a dud. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Mar 23, 2012
4/5 72% Like Crazy (2011) For a film with virtually no plot, little scripted dialogue, and only the most basic of character sketches, Like Crazy manages to say more about true love than even the grandest of classic love stories. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Nov 17, 2011
1/5 23% What's Your Number? (2011) In spite of efforts to instill in our young women the notion that self-worth shouldn't be measured by her ability to attract a husband, filmmakers continue to craft comedy from that very outmoded belief. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Oct 10, 2011
5/5 84% The Ides of March (2011) One of the year's most intensely chilling films. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Oct 10, 2011
3/5 40% Straw Dogs (2011) It's a good movie, but not a better remake. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Sep 19, 2011
4/5 76% The Debt (2011) A taut, suspenseful ride through the doldrums of the late summer movie dead season. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Sep 5, 2011
3/5 68% Our Idiot Brother (2011) More clever than laugh-out-loud funny, the comedy is mostly driven by our observations of Ned, who can't help screwing up the lives of his sisters one-by-one, despite his good intentions. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Aug 29, 2011
3/5 44% 30 Minutes or Less (2011) Balancing the film's raunchy comedic tone with just the right amount of action and slap-to-the-face reality takes a deft hand. And that's exactly what he does here. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Aug 15, 2011
2/5 25% The Change-Up (2011) A film that fails to counter its smutty better half with anything other than schmaltzy, sentimental hogwash. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Aug 8, 2011
4/5 84% Beginners (2011) Mike Mills has taken a particularly confusing and painful part of his own life and turned it into a moving expression of acceptance, compromise, and the struggle to overcome obstacles. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jul 18, 2011
3/5 86% Submarine (2011) A fresh, quirky, teen-angst drama that plays out somewhat like a Welsh Rushmore. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jun 13, 2011
2/5 84% The Tree of Life (2011) Yes, Malick's Tree of Life is a beautiful film and its visuals will stay with you for a long time. There's no question he's a master visual filmmaker. But his storytelling must now be seriously examined. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jun 6, 2011
4/5 63% True Legend (2011) This gnarly beast -- written by To Chi-long -- is epic in scope ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted May 30, 2011
4/5 65% Hobo With a Shotgun (2011) Hobo with a Shotgun certainly delivers on its promises of excess. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted May 30, 2011
5/5 90% Bridesmaids (2011) Bridesmaids is not a movie for those looking for a pleasant, uneventful night out at the movies. Yes, it's touching. And yes, it resonates with a heart of gold. But it's also awkward, raunchy, and disgusting. Just like real life. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted May 16, 2011
2/5 15% Something Borrowed (2011) We're never given any legitimate reason why Rachel would consider the self-absorbed Darcy such a dear friend for so many years. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted May 9, 2011
2/5 49% Super (2011) Yes, Super is dark, twisted, funny, and insolent, but finding success by putting an audience in an uncomfortable place is a tricky gimmick to pull off with success. The maneuver worked in Kick-Ass, not so much in Super. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Apr 25, 2011
4/5 55% The Conspirator (2011) Historians and lovers of fascinating storytelling about little-known historical events will be captivated by the powerful and true story about America then and now. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Apr 18, 2011
4/5 71% Hanna (2011) Artfully photographed and cleverly themed, the simple story is elevated by director Joe Wright who combines elements of a James Bond adventure thriller, and an innocent coming-of-age story, framing it all within the structure of a fairy tale. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Apr 11, 2011
5/5 94% Win Win (2011) Win Win is an all-around solid, well-written, brilliantly acted film that challenges and entertains. It's a no-lose proposition. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Apr 4, 2011
3/5 78% Mooz-lum (2011) Poignant, relevant, and often quite moving in its characterizations. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Apr 4, 2011
4/5 83% The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) The Lincoln Lawyer mines most of its success from a talented stable of actors, especially that of lead Matthew McConaughey. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Mar 26, 2011
35% Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Too caught up in trying to be a no-nonsense, Marine-recruitment war movie than on being an entertainment vehicle. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Mar 18, 2011
28% Take Me Home Tonight (2011) This film succeeds (just barely) not by poking fun at the '80s but by embracing the charm of its endearing lead actors. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Mar 11, 2011
3/5 28% Take Me Home Tonight (2011) A film that succeeds (but just barely), not by poking fun at the decade of leg warmers, big hair, and even bigger cell phones, but rather by embracing the charm of its endearing lead actors. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Mar 7, 2011
5/5 82% Four Lions (2010) The amount of edge to this edgy comedy and Morris's chutzpah for demanding that the film's tone and its uneasy ending remain intact throughout the film's financing. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Feb 28, 2011
80% Barney's Version (2011) Paul Giamatti once again bringing sweetness, compassion and lovability to a miserable cad of a character is a beautiful thing to see. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Feb 19, 2011
4/5 80% Barney's Version (2011) While sometimes a little scatter-brained and occasionally a bit uneven, this wise, witty character piece feels much lighter and breezier than it actually is. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Feb 14, 2011
4% The Roommate (2011) This almost straight knock-off of 'Single White Female' is told in a colorless, A-to-Z manner with very little suspense, no clever twists, and no visual style. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Feb 10, 2011
92% Another Year (2010) An unassuming little masterpiece. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Feb 5, 2011
5/5 92% Another Year (2010) Downbeat, slow, calculated and muted, Leigh's slice-of-life film often just lies there, studying a facial wrinkle, an empty wine glass, or a ripened fruit in the garden. But the linger displays a vividly intelligent knowledge of filmmaking. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 31, 2011
4/5 67% The Company Men (2011) It's so well acted and constructed in such a manner it allows viewers the opportunity to absorb the concept of job loss, and more closely sympathize with those affected. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 24, 2011
5/5 88% Blue Valentine (2010) It's this slow grinding down of the gears of marriage that Cianfrance brings so realistically to the big screen, aided by the heartfelt performances of Gosling and Williams that'll surely garner recognition come Oscar time. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 24, 2011
64% Biutiful (2010) 'Biutiful' is not one of the year's five best films, but Javier Bardem's performance may very well be. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Jan 23, 2011
5/5 93% 127 Hours (2010) The psychological and physiological effects of a desperate man are played to maximum effect. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 17, 2011
5/5 87% Black Swan (2010) Aronofsky owes a bit of debt to Roman Polanski as he masterfully depicts the slow burn of the human spirit and the endless cycle of good and evil with Black Swan. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 17, 2011
2/5 88% White Material (2010) While we get the idea Denis knows what she's doing with the metaphor of racial recompense in her movie, whether or not she "gets" the idea of fleshy, full-bodied characters grounded in a sense of viewer compassion is still up in the air. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Jan 17, 2011
95% The King's Speech (2010) The film begins to crackle with life the moment Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth first appear on screen together. Their playful banter offsets the story's gloomy backdrop. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Dec 20, 2010
20% The Tourist (2010) Two of Hollywood's most glamorous and cherished Hollywood heartthrobs team up for what will likely go down as one of the year's most disappointing misfires. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Dec 13, 2010
73% Megamind (2010) A lively cast and an interesting flip on the superhero concept make 'Megamind" a fun time at the movies for viewers of all ages. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Nov 11, 2010
4/5 73% Megamind (2010) The lively cast and interesting flip on the superhero concept make it a fun time at the movies for all ages. ‐ Reel Reviews
Posted Nov 8, 2010
67% Conviction (2010) The real driving force behind the picture is the strong showing from a cast well-heeled in these emotionally hefty, dogged-determination films. ‐ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Posted Oct 29, 2010