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C 76% Transamerica (2006) Issues of gender differrence are employed only to reinforce less original dilemmas -- family dysfunction, dating woes and (eek) meeting the grandparents. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 30, 2005
A+ 49% The Dying Gaul (2005) Rarely has a film exposed the tender, brutal line between love and cruelty so magnificently. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 30, 2005
B 89% Paradise Now (2005) Essential cinema not because it answers questions about terrorist ideology, but because it discovers those questions are disturbingly similar to those about ourselves. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 30, 2005
A 85% Mysterious Skin (2005) A raw and unadorned look at child abuse and its idiosyncratic repercussions. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 30, 2005
B 57% Breakfast on Pluto (2005) Effortlessly nailing coquettish mannerisms and employing a hilarious come-hither vocal quality, Murphy is magnetizing, fascinating, and eminently likeable. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 30, 2005
B+ 68% North Country (2005) An unusually taut film about misogyny that, for the most part, escapes the clichés that often bog down the battle of the sexes. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 29, 2005
B-- 65% Dorian Blues (2005) Ultimately has little insight into the experience it chronicles. News flash: growing up gay is rough. Who did not know this already? ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 19, 2005
C- 43% Three Dancing Slaves (2005) Darkly rich in character and mood, provocative in intent...but ultimately foiled by inattention to its own story. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Aug 6, 2005
C- 32% The Baxter (2005) It argues, ironically, that pretty people should only end up with pretty people, and the best we can do is hope that the temp with bad hair will find us equally nerd-hot. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Aug 1, 2005
B 38% The Brothers Grimm (2005) Bombastic, whimsical, and delicious, The Brothers Grimm is really a comic ghost story wrapped in the postmodern folds of Shakespeare In Love. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Aug 1, 2005
C 27% Fantastic Four (2005) You can feel the flopsweat of the screenwriters, laboring to make their jokes work and their scenes interesting. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jul 7, 2005
B+ 82% Hustle & Flow (2005) Meditative and fierce, quiet and pounding, HUSTLE AND FLOW runs the board in a way that few films even attempt. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jul 1, 2005
D 74% War of the Worlds (2005) The man who gave human dimension to the effects of holocaust in Schindler's List has now prostituted human extermination for entertainment. Bread and circuses, indeed. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jul 1, 2005
A 55% Lords of Dogtown (2005) Reaches beyond the cinematic frame as far as it can to catch big air, giving its audience a you-are-there viscerality. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jun 4, 2005
C+ 87% Howl's Moving Castle (2005) The straightforward narrative constantly seems at odds with Miyazaki's dreamy landscapes and fanciful flourishes. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jun 3, 2005
C 64% Heights (2005) At times the film seems to have nothing more on its mind than the predictable rhythms of soap opera. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jun 3, 2005
C- 39% Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Ultimately, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN can't change actual history. So instead, everyone has to grow a conscience...even the Crusaders have to feel bad about the Crusading. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted May 8, 2005
B+ 79% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) An unexpectedly sweet pleasure... a dark and gripping slice of space opera, it successfully avoids the pitfalls of its predecessors. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted May 5, 2005
B+ 78% Sin City (2005) As close to a museum-quality work of visual art as Hollywood as ever seen. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Apr 5, 2005
B- 90% Kung Fu Hustle (2005) With everything bigger and grander in Chow's singular universe, it's easy to overlook one small detail...that Kung Fu Hustle is less satisfying than its predecessors. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Mar 20, 2005
C No Score Yet It's got moments, it's got performances to recommend, but they still haven't figured out how to create the magic of Bollywood in a form for the US market. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Mar 6, 2005
B+ 64% Robots (2005) A smart, snappy energy to the dialogue that gives the film a zesty flavor rarely found in the genre. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Mar 6, 2005
A 44% Nabbeun namja (Bad Guy) (2001) Desire, violence, revenge, and obsession play out against a map of sex and love. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Feb 14, 2005
D+ 5% Harry and Max (2005) You can almost hear the filmmakers exhale with nervous relief, having made it through a film about incest without actually having an opinion on the subject. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Jan 25, 2005
C 72% William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (2004) Radford has made a grim drama with some incomprehensible moments of failed levity. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Dec 12, 2004
C- 88% The Woodsman (2004) Although The Woodsman's subject matter is shocking and disturbing, perhaps the most unsettling quality is its matter-of-fact attitude ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Dec 7, 2004
A 59% Enduring Love (2004) Love is a delicate thing, and identity even more so. Enduring Love breathtakingly tears both asunder to find them is, in a word, exquisite. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Dec 5, 2004
C+ 42% Beyond the Sea (2004) A vain attempt not only to restore Darin's place in history, but to improve upon it... Colick's underdeveloped screenplay has trouble placing Darin's life onto a heroic scale. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Nov 28, 2004
B+ 68% The Assassination of Richard Nixon (2004) A moving, poignant parable of another America, where the dreams aren't quite so rosy. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Nov 25, 2004
C 84% The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro) (The Sea Within) (2004) As beautiful, assured, and professional as it is, the film lacks edge and power, ending up being significantly less affecting than it should be. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Nov 20, 2004
B 90% Kinsey (2004) Instead of approaching the radical and groundbreaking scientist with an equally innovative spirit, Condon's film opts for the generic trademarks of biopic melodrama. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Nov 14, 2004
C- 96% Sideways (2004) It is, in almost every way, less than it could or should be. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Nov 14, 2004
A- 80% Last Dance (2002) Stripped of pretentions, Last Dance offers up a wholly human, tantalizingly imperfect struggle to create beauty and resonance. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Nov 9, 2004
B+ 83% Finding Neverland (2004) Intertwines imaginative fantasy with real life -- and like Neverland itself, it is a beguiling, intoxicating mix. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 29, 2004
A 88% Bad Education (2004) Even when he's paying homage to other great filmmakers, it still remains an indisputably Almodovar experience. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 27, 2004
B+ 71% Primer (2004) There are stumbles in this twisting science fiction tale about the perils of prescience, but even so, Primer is one of the most auspicious debuts in recent memory. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 11, 2004
B 62% I Heart Huckabees (2004) Think of it less as a deconstruction of philosophies, and more like an episode of Last Comic Standing where the jokesters are Nietzsche, Heidegger and Kant. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 11, 2004
A+ 88% House of Flying Daggers (2004) Yimou's explosive imagination threatens to burst the seams of the movie screen...sublime, luscious filmmaking. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 11, 2004
C 76% Tropical Malady (2005) A purposefully incomplete vision of magic, myth, and love that requires the viewer to fill in the gaps. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 6, 2004
C++ 55% Undertow (2004) Lacks the gravity and the power to transcend its genre roots. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Oct 5, 2004
B- 64% Stage Beauty (2004) one can see the potential in the idea of Stage Beauty, as well as the lines that demarcate Eyre's moderately good film from the extraordinary one it could have been. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 27, 2004
C+ 92% Vera Drake (2004) Even with his film's solid foundation, Leigh seemingly cannot resist the pulpy histrionics. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 25, 2004
C 76% Being Julia (2004) If A Room with a View looked inside the repressed passions of its characters, Being Julia seems content to just put a frame around them and call it a day. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 23, 2004
B+ 72% Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) Both a throwback and a leap forward, an odd yet satisfying marriage of now and then. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 21, 2004
A- 84% The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) Eloquently and remarkably captures the budding ethical, emotional, and political sensibilities of a legendary man of history. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 5, 2004
A- 95% Mou gaan dou (Infernal Affairs) (2002) Recalls classics like Serpico and The French Connection, but features a contemporary sophistication and of-the-moment vivacity that sets it apart. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 3, 2004
D+ 0% Merci Docteur Rey (2002) Lacks the sophistication it needs to be truly effective, hopelessly lost in its unfunny gags and weak plotting. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 2, 2004
B- 57% Cowboys & Angels (2003) Without anything unique to add to the dramatic landscape, Gleeson's film is a fleeting glimpse at a world we already is a film in search of a reason to exist. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 2, 2004
C+ 69% Criminal (2004) Produced by Soderbergh, Criminal bears an uncanny resemblance to the master's films. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Sep 1, 2004
B 85% Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004) If Michael Moore is the shaggy dog hero of the Left these days, then Robert Greenwald is the pit bull. ‐ Mixed Reviews
Posted Aug 18, 2004