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4/5 91% The Measure of a Man (La loi du marché) (2016) Compassionate, engrossing and utterly relevant. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 31, 2016
88% Elle (2016) With such a poised and meticulously detailed lead performance at its heart, rich in ambiguities and resonant overtones, the film is not only consistently compelling but pleasingly thought-provoking. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 23, 2016
No Score Yet Hissein Habré, une tragédie tchadienne (2016) A very fine piece of work. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 23, 2016
92% I, Daniel Blake (2016) I, Daniel Blake is as timely today as was Kes in the late 60s or Raining Stones in the 90s. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 20, 2016
4/5 96% Paterson (2016) A lovely fable about the fragile, fruitful and occasionally fraught relationship between creativity and everyday life. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 20, 2016
4/5 97% Aquarius (2016) A drama that's credible, complex and very satisfying. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 20, 2016
3/5 80% Ma' Rosa (2016) There's nothing profoundly original here, but there's no denying the atmosphere of squalid authenticity. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 20, 2016
94% Sieranevada (2016) It's a highly persuasive portrait of family life, replete with intimacies, special alliances, tensions, resentments and reconciliations, but also a revealing study of how that may reflect developments in the wider world. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 12, 2016
50% Privilege (1967) There's no denying Watkins' ambition and intelligence in this satire of the rock world being used by the Establishment... but much of the acting is poor, while the tone is frequently far too hysterical for its own good. ‐ Time Out
Posted Apr 12, 2016
85% Applause (1929) This deeply affecting tale of Stella Dallas-style maternal self-sacrifice transcends its sentimental shortcomings through the fluency of direction that was to become Mamoulian's trademark. ‐ Time Out
Posted Apr 7, 2016
79% The Commune (Kollektivet) (2015) Much of the credit here must go to the performances; even though we learn little about most members of the commune, their characters are deftly drawn. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Feb 23, 2016
82% A Quiet Passion (2017) Arguably Terence Davies' most profoundly personal film since Of Time and the City. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Feb 18, 2016
3/5 89% Mountains May Depart (Shan he gu ren) (2016) It's an intelligent and intriguing meditation on issues concerning what it means to be Chinese in today's and tomorrow's world. ‐ Time Out
Posted Feb 9, 2016
87% Mia Madre (2016) To say that the drama is understated is not, however, to say that the film is not dramatically satisfying. On the contrary, Moretti keeps things moving along nicely. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted Sep 11, 2015
3/5 52% In the Name of My Daughter (2015) Téchiné displays a cool, clear-eyed intelligence, though not the wit of the late Claude Chabrol. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 12, 2015
4/5 95% Wild Tales (2015) The funniest of the six stories is a brilliantly extended riot of absurdly brutal road rage. ‐ Time Out
Posted Mar 24, 2015
57% Poor Cow (1967) Not a patch upon Loach's best work, largely because he falls into all the usual traps of kitchen sink realism. ‐ Time Out
Posted Mar 14, 2015
4/5 82% Camille Claudel, 1915 (2013) Juliette Binoche gives a wonderful performance as Camille, conveying the intelligence, anxiety, anger and isolation of an artist abandoned by her family. ‐ Time Out
Posted Jun 17, 2014
95% An Autumn Afternoon (1964) While An Autumn Afternoon is in so many ways wholly typical of Ozu, it's also a very distinct variation, following beautifully from its predecessors. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 20, 2014
99% Timbuktu (2015) Abderrahmane Sissako may not be the most prolific of filmmakers, but he is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and ambitious writer-directors working in film today, and quite possibly one of the best. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 15, 2014
57% The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (1972) Newman and Woodward's daughter Potts steals the movie, but what makes it so watchable is Newman's reluctance to sentimentalise. ‐ Time Out
Posted Jan 14, 2014
2/5 50% Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas (2014) Succeeds neither as a decent adaptation of the book nor as a rewarding movie in its own right ... Dullness prevails. ‐ Time Out
Posted Dec 17, 2013
4/5 99% Gloria (2014) Sebastián Lelio's fine film boasts subtly nuanced, plausible performances, none more so than Paulina García as the strong-willed, fun-loving but sometimes lonely protagonist. ‐ Time Out
Posted Oct 29, 2013
57% Thunderbolt (1929) A museum piece, then, for Sternberg completists only. ‐ Time Out
Posted Oct 3, 2013
80% Breaking the Sound Barrier (The Sound Barrier) (1952) Unfortunately, Terence Rattigan's script, while solidly structured, never probes beyond the basic conceit that an obsession which works towards the glory of mankind in general may wreak havoc on private lives. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 1, 2013
4/5 75% Aurora (2011) Puiu's special approach to the realist aesthetic ensures that 'Aurora' rings unusually true. Superb stuff. ‐ Time Out
Posted Nov 6, 2012
4/5 93% Elena (2012) Sturdy performances, fine photography from Mikhail Krichman, good use of music by Philip Glass and a pleasingly terse script make for incisive, gripping drama. ‐ Time Out
Posted Oct 16, 2012
3/5 100% The Snows of Kilimanjaro (2011) The film succeeds as an ethical enquiry and as populist, politically intelligent drama. ‐ Time Out
Posted Sep 11, 2012
1/5 28% The Taste of Money (2013) As the sexual, financial and criminal shenanigans get ever more complicated, absurd and melodramatic, the film becomes increasingly tiresome; it's not even possible to enjoy its excesses in a 'so bad it's good' way. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 31, 2012
98% Mud (2013) For the most part Nichols' follow-up to Take Shelter feels pleasingly fresh and for-real. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 26, 2012
4/5 86% In the Fog (2013) Loznitsa knows that war exists and won't go away; rather than indulging in patriotic or pacifistic platitudes, he tries to show what it might do to our souls. And, in this writer's opinion, he succeeds. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 25, 2012
2/5 55% Post Tenebras Lux (2013) Yet again, one senses that Reygadas - instead of simply getting on with the job of making a film - has opted instead to go for an opus magnum that reminds us of cinema's greats ‐ Time Out
Posted May 24, 2012
3/5 No Score Yet Mineurs 27 (2011) Quote not available. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 24, 2012
4/5 84% You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! (2013) Whether Resnais will complete another movie remains to be seen, but if this were by any chance to be his swansong, with its distant and resonant echoes of 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' (made 63 years earlier), it would certainly be a lovely one. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 23, 2012
70% Student (2013) It certainly doesn't outlast its welcome and fulfils its admittedly modest ambitions. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 22, 2012
90% Beyond The Hills (2013) While there's an almost tragic inexorability to the events depicted, the film frequently surprises by providing small but telling details and ambiguities. ‐ Sight and Sound
Posted May 22, 2012
4/5 82% Like Someone in Love (2013) Kiarostami is once again taking an intriguingly oblique approach to his material. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 22, 2012
3/5 80% Reality (2013) Garrone just about keeps things under control long enough to make the surprisingly quiet coda emotionally satisfying and resonant. ‐ Time Out
Posted May 20, 2012
86% Betrayal (1983) Hodge is fine, Kingsley tries his best, and Irons is as tight-assed as ever. But it's all so uncinematic as to make one wonder why it was ever made in the first place. ‐ Time Out
Posted Apr 21, 2012
2/5 No Score Yet Memory Lane (2010) Quote not available. ‐ Time Out
Posted Apr 16, 2012
92% Insomnia (2002) Despite its linear storyline, the film is very recognisably the work of the sharp, probing intelligence that gave us Following and Memento. ‐ Time Out
Posted Apr 5, 2012
25% Max My Love (Max Mon Amour) (1996) Despite the potentially subversive material, the film frankly lacks bite. ‐ Time Out
Posted Apr 3, 2012
89% Ornette: Made in America (2012) For the sight and sound of the man in action (including some fine archive footage from the early '70s), it's essential viewing for any jazz aficionado. ‐ Time Out
Posted Mar 27, 2012
100% The Ring (1927) Arguably the finest of Hitchcock's silent films. ‐ Time Out
Posted Mar 20, 2012
3/5 No Score Yet 80 Waves (2012) Quote not available. ‐ Time Out
Posted Feb 11, 2012
83% All This, and Heaven Too (1940) It's a pretty long, gloomy haul, though lavishly mounted (with photography by Ernest Haller) and sensitively acted. ‐ Time Out
Posted Feb 3, 2012
71% America, America (1963) The entire movie benefits from its authenticity, geographical, historical and emotional, and may be seen as one of the peaks of Kazan's career. ‐ Time Out
Posted Feb 3, 2012
100% Hold Back the Dawn (1941) This romantic weepie is both moving and effectively stylish. ‐ Time Out
Posted Feb 3, 2012
86% The Citadel (1938) Sweetened with a happy ending, it's still an effective piece of work, thanks to Donat's typically sturdy performance and Vidor's powerful direction. ‐ Time Out
Posted Jan 31, 2012
78% The Moment of Truth (1965) It's a colourful, cruel world of senseless exploitation (of animals and humans alike) and tyrannical traditions, rendered with vivid brilliance by this uncommonly unsentimental director. ‐ Time Out
Posted Jan 23, 2012