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2.5/4 76%

Welcome To New York (2015)

"Who better to play a world-class letch than Depardieu, whose Rabelaisian excesses on and off screen are legendary?" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Apr 12, 2015
2.5/4 63%

The Harvest (2015)

"'Secret Garden' meets 'Misery,' anyone? McNaughton's first feature in too long has much to recommend it, including a deceptively bucolic setting and a shriek-worthy performance by Morton. 'No wire hangers, EVER!'" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Apr 12, 2015
3/4 88%

Backcountry (2015)

"The alone-in-the-wilderness survival number gets a serious kick in the hindquarters ... MacDonald harvests gooseflesh the old-fashioned way, by suggesting much, showing little. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 22, 2015
2/4 17%

The Gunman (2015)

" ... some decent shootouts and hand-to-hand combat but the writing mostly stinks, allowing for gaping narrative holes and more improv rants by Bardem ... Penn seems less enigmatic than just plain bored. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 21, 2015
3/4 60%

Run All Night (2015)

"Exhausting, relentless ... Neeson and Collet-Serra's third pairing is by far their best ... Fuses vertiginous CG effects with some of the most elaborate action scenes since Michael Mann's 'Heat.' " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 14, 2015
3/4 72%

The Salvation (2015)

"... a revenge Western, photographed and designed in the grand, hyperbolic style of Leone's 'Once Upon a Time in the West,' complete with wide-angle interiors and dynamic close-ups ... Mikkelsen subs nicely for Jimmy Stewart on Vengeance Trail." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 11, 2015
3/4 61%

Maps to the Stars (2015)

"Scurvy, hilariously over-the-top ... as much Grand Guignol as show-biz farce ... Cronenberg and Moore get down and dirty, luxuriating in the fetid underbelly of a business built on greed and insecurity. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Feb 28, 2015
3/4 80%

McFarland USA (2015)

"Initially Costner's coach is all about ego; he may even be using the boys to land a cushy new job. And it's this unsportsmanlike conduct that makes this one of the more memorable recent sports movies." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Feb 25, 2015
4/4 96%

What We Do In The Shadows (2015)

"... the funniest horror spoof since 'Shaun of the Dead' ... Our Down Under hosts are less interested in creeping us out than in introducing us to the most charmingly dotty homebodies since the Addamses." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Feb 21, 2015
2/4 25%

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

"As silly and, yes, sanctimonious as this adaptation is, it deserves mention as one of the first major studio releases in ages to promote sex over vigilante violence or superherodom ... And that, in a peculiar way, makes the film a refreshing departure." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Feb 14, 2015
2/2 58%

Preservation (2015)

"If you've seen the Spanish 'King of the Hill,' the denouement will come as no surprise. Still, the basic situation is so primal, what young filmmaker wouldn't want to attempt a knockoff? " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jan 12, 2015
3.5/4 58%

Flamenco (2014)

"A new film by Spain's Carlos Saura is always an event. One shot by the legendary Vittorio Storaro is doubly so ... a blindingly beautiful blend of concert, Goya tableaux and Brechtian stagecraft." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jan 3, 2015
2/4 90%

Wild (2014)

"A sloggy, New Age-y variant on 'Eat Pray Love' ... Instead of survival tips, we get a feature-length selfie ... Belongs in the self-help bin at Barnes & Noble " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Dec 27, 2014
3.5/4 98%

The Babadook (2014)

"... a minor masterpiece of the macabre ... Be afraid, be very afraid: the Babadook is more than a Down Under Freddy Krueger ... Reminds us that the real monsters under the bed are Mommy and Daddy." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Dec 22, 2014
3.5/4 93%

Force Majeure (2014)

"... a what-would-you-do thriller from Sweden ... appropriately, more Bergman-esque than Hitchcockian ... Add this one to your short list of year's most intriguing offerings." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 16, 2014
3/4 85%

John Wick (2014)

"... as close to a pure adrenaline rush as you're likely to find at the moment ... Forget the Bogeyman, Reeves' titular character is the Baryshnikov of professional killers." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 9, 2014
2/4 71%

Interstellar (2014)

"Cornpone existentialism ... Overlong, talky and, depending on the crisis, either dopey or pretentious ... a New Age-y, fuzzy-headed sci-fi'er that borrows liberally from Kubrick, 'Contact' and Nolan's own "Inception." " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 9, 2014
4/4 95%

Nightcrawler (2014)

"... the best Martin Scorsese movie not directed by Scorsese. It's that good, that assured ... that unshakable ... Scores as both urban thriller and 'Network'-like comment on the media." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 8, 2014
3/4 77%

Fury (2014)

"Ayer's long-awaited World War 2 saga earns its stripes the old-fashioned way -- with plenty of blood and guts ... Pitt, baring both battle scars and killer pecs, has his best (read most grim) character role to date." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Oct 18, 2014
2/4 32%

The Expendables 3 (2014)

"... bigger, slicker and better directed than the earlier installments ... the opening rescue mission, obviously inspired by 'Runaway Train,' brings out the mad demolition expert in us." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Aug 14, 2014
1.5/4 21%

Into The Storm (2014)

"... latest Storm of the Century doubles as bonding experience and first date (Callies is literally swept off her feet) ... Those who go looking for airborne cows a la 'Twister' will be disappointed. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Aug 10, 2014
2/4 91%

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

"... retro space opera plays more like a bad spoof of a 'Star Wars' spoof ‒ and even then it's closer to 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash' than 'Spaceballs.'" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Aug 7, 2014
3/4 51%

The Calling (2014)

"More than 'Fargo' meets 'Se7ven' ... Sarandon's portrayal of the surly, embittered small-town police chief is so assured and nuanced, we'd welcome a Hazel Micallef mystery franchise." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Aug 5, 2014
3/4 80%

Get On Up (2014)

"Papa's got a secondhand bag? ... As self-consciously arty and formulaic as it sometimes is, the film stays with you thanks to Chadwick Boseman's shrewd, powerhouse performance ... " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Aug 3, 2014
3/4 67%

Lucy (2014)

"French action ace Besson comes full circle ... a bravura blend of sci-fi, comic-book action, National Geographic cutaways ... like watching the primeval forest scenes from 'Tree of Life' spliced into 'Taken.'" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jul 29, 2014
2/4 56%

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

"How do you take your dystopian nightmares? Sunny side up or hardboiled? If you're taste runs to the latter, you're a "Purge" person." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jul 20, 2014
3/4 89%

Venus in Fur (2014)

"S&M dance or feminist tract? Late career breather ... or Polanski answering his harshest critics? A cagey two-hander with tour-de-force turn by the sexy Seigner." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jul 12, 2014
2/4 90%

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)

"... a fairly monotonous sci-fi adventure ... Serkis and Kebell peering out from beneath digitized fur and prosthetics impart far more emotion than their human counterparts. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jul 11, 2014
1.5/4 14%

Rage (2014)

"... a pulp-y, no-nonsense vigilante number that sounds like it was scripted by a computer program ... Say what you will about Cage, he gives the viewer his money's worth in tics and mad-dog froth." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jul 11, 2014
4/4 97%

Life Itself (2014)

"The ultimate cineaste to the end, Ebert saw himself as James's collaborator rather than as his compliant subject ... Fascinating, engaging, and life-affirming ‒ without being in the least mawkish." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jul 10, 2014
3/4 86%

Borgman (2014)

"Itinerant crooks or satanists? This bizarre import has the feel of a fever dream. Characters, most especially the eponymous gardener, float through the narrative as if in a Dr. Caligari-induced haze. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jun 18, 2014
3/4 86%

Cold in July (2014)

"... easily the squirreliest crime saga since 'Killing Them Softly' ... edgy, suspenseful, cathartic ... Sam Shepard has his juiciest role in far too long." ‐CinemaDope
Posted May 26, 2014
3/4 83%

In Fear (2014)

"... young couple takes a very wrong turn. UK helmer Lovering tightens the screws the old-fashioned way, through atmosphere and suggestion ... (It) possesses a bleakly funny Pinter-esque quality." ‐CinemaDope
Posted May 25, 2014
2/4 24%

Devil's Knot (2014)

"You'll have little patience with this fact-based indie, especially if you're a fan of HBO's 'True Detective' series, which also deals with ritualistic slayings. The difference? A little something called edge." ‐CinemaDope
Posted May 18, 2014
1.5/4 74%

Godzilla (2014)

"Gawd-zero ... Take a lesson, Hollywood. Light-years ahead of this $160-million boondoggle ‒ the jittery, zero-budget 'Cloverfield.'" ‐CinemaDope
Posted May 17, 2014
21/2/4 49%

Wolf Creek 2 (2014)

"With apologies to Nicole Kidman and Crocodile Dundee, Australia's new No. 1 export is Mick Taylor, the ruddy-faced psycho with the muttonchops and maniacal snort-laugh." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Apr 20, 2014
2/4 76%

Noah (2014)

"Baby, the rain must fall! ... Noah's climactic transformation from knife-wielding crazy to loving grandfather was obviously inspired by Ethan Edwards' change of heart in 'The Searchers.'" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 30, 2014
3/4 93%

Child's Pose (2014)

"... both acerbic character study and understated indictment of Romania's justice system and entitled inner circle ... Like Angela Lansbury in 'Manchurian Candidate,' Gheorghiu's mother remains oblivious to the damage she has wrought. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 21, 2014
4/4 39%

In the Blood (2014)

"Carano's newlywed with a dark past ‒ think Jeanne Moreau in 'The Bride Wore Black' meets Michelle Yeoh -- kicks some serious butt ... One of the best payback thrillers since 'Death Wish' and 'First Blood.' " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Mar 17, 2014
2/4 60%

Non-Stop (2014)

"... an airborne game of cat-and-mouse ... 'Non-Stop' comes with as many suspects as passengers. Think of it as 'Ten Little Indians' at 30,000 feet." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Feb 28, 2014
3/4 47%

Almost Human (2014)

"It's gruesome, sure, but Begos is hardly your run-of-the-mill grue merchant. He knows how to tighten the screws and, with a tip of the hat to 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers,' ensnarl us in an ever-widening web of paranoia." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Feb 23, 2014
4/4 77%

Big Bad Wolves (2014)

"Quite a find for genre buffs -- a horror entry that's at once unnerving, sardonic and, in a sick way, almost playful ... Sholem Aleichem by way of Stephen King, anyone?" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jan 18, 2014
3/4 75%

Lone Survivor (2014)

"The battle sequences are as grueling, as excruciating, as the running gunfights in 'The Wild Bunch.' Indeed, in places 'Lone Survivor' feels more like a revisionist western than a war movie." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jan 11, 2014
1.5/4 15%

Open Grave (2014)

"... another genre head-scratcher from López-Gallego, who last brought us 'Apollo 18' ... It won't impress the more literal-minded fans of 'World War Z' or 'The Crazies.' " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jan 4, 2014
2.5/4 77%

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

"... overlong, repetitive, and like 'The Departed' too often partakes of self-parody ... It's almost as if Scorsese, in his rush to sate every sophomoric urge, ceded the reins to shock-jock Howard Stern. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Jan 2, 2014
3/4 20%

The Last Days On Mars (2013)

"... fairly elemental sci-fier from UK that, during its creepier moments, will remind genre buffs of Hammer's top-drawer Quatermass series. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Dec 13, 2013
2/4 53%

Out of the Furnace (2013)

"... cried out to be a tough, stripped-down exploitation number on the order of such B classics as 'First Blood' and 'Rolling Thunder.' Unfortunately, Cooper had something more ambitious in mind. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Dec 7, 2013
3/4 89%

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

"... a sequel that, for once, doesn't coddle its target audience ... Lawrence's quick-draw archer is, if anything, more intense and single-minded, all glowering charisma. " ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 24, 2013
3.5/4 94%

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

"... unrelievedly downbeat, but provides McConaughey with his juiciest role yet, that of a good ol' boy hustler/AIDS advocate ... Leto can start honing his Oscar acceptance speech. He's that good." ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 17, 2013
2.5/4 67%

How I Live Now (2013)

"Don't be put off by the ridiculous R rating. This is definitely a film to be shared with your teens and preteens. Think of it as a warm up to the next installment of 'The Hunger Games.'" ‐CinemaDope
Posted Nov 13, 2013
Showing 51 - 100 of 649