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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/4 95%

War Witch (2013)

"Rebelle is full of such careful detail, and is carried so beautifully by Mwanza's performance, that questions of authenticity slide away." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 21, 2012
3/4 97%

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2012)

"He may still seem enigmatic, but we don't need to know his deepest thoughts. The intensity of his daily life and the persecution he continues to face is more than enough to understand who he is and what he is enduring." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 26, 2012
3/4 92%

Town Of Runners (2012)

"The documentary, a must-see for any runner looking for inspiration, only skirts the reasons why the town of Bekoji seems to provide such an advantage to its young athletes." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 29, 2012
3.5/4 100%

Flamenco, Flamenco (2010)

"Simply captures 21 brief, masterful flamenco performances." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 29, 2012
3.5/4 53%

Patang (2012)

"Using a documentary-like style, the film is India as if captured by Instagram." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 22, 2012
2.5/4 96%

In the Family (2012)

"As Wang holds us in rapt attention, not only with his steady pacing, but with the hard realism of the screenplay, the characters retain a coldness that never breaks." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jun 1, 2012
3.5/4 93%

Indie Game: The Movie (2012)

"This is about developers communicating with the world in the most creative, productive way they know how. It's about the artistic process." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted May 25, 2012
No Score Yet

The Vanishing Spring Light (2011)

"The people on camera seem stunned by the rapid change around them, yet have a far-old wisdom deep within them. It's just that most of the people in all of these films have trouble expressing that." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Apr 6, 2012
3.5/4 No Score Yet

The Guantanamo Trap (2011)

"The Guantanamo Trap not only makes for terrific documentary cinema; it does a tremendous journalistic service." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Mar 30, 2012
3/4 67%

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (2012)

"It's rare for a documentary style to match its subject so ideally." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Mar 16, 2012
2/4 No Score Yet

Necrosis (Blood Snow) (2009)

Quote not available. ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Feb 24, 2012
2/4 No Score Yet

Snow (2010)

"The film depends more on the shadowy, colour-drenched photography to touch on emotions or humanism. It's not enough." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Feb 24, 2012
3/4 77%

The Swell Season (2011)

"The Swell Season wins the documentary prize for beating viewers over the head with gentleness, with the duo accentuated in rich, photographic chiaroscuro." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jan 13, 2012
3/4 95%

Paul Goodman Changed My Life (2011)

"What makes him such an interesting biographic sketch for a film, however, is the way Goodman undercut his own successes." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Dec 9, 2011
3.5/4 91%

Inni (2011)

"The music of Iceland's Sigur Ros fills the cinema, as if reverberating off the walls of some darkly beautiful fjord." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 28, 2011
3/4 No Score Yet

Wiebo's War (2010)

"The documentary shows Ludwig's strong clarity of thought, which nevertheless remains somewhat enigmatic to the listener." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 21, 2011
3/4 67%

Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)

"With its intimacy and (this can't be emphasized enough) fantastic sound, Pearl Jam Twenty is like two hours spent rediscovering the band through excellent headphones." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 23, 2011
3.5/4 63%

Café de Flore (2012)

"Simply a beautiful, intricate film." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 13, 2011
3.5/4 95%

Pina (2011)

"Using 3-D in as ungimmicky a way as possible, Wenders wants simply to immerse viewers in the dance, with all its physicality, protruding collar bones and earthy colours." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 13, 2011
3/4 91%

Ghost Bird (2009)

"An unassuming, clear-headed documentary about the hope that heaven and Earth may have actually produced a miracle, at least this time around, and allowed a species back from extinction." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Aug 5, 2011
3/4 No Score Yet

The National Parks Project (2011)

"The collection clearly aims to be a totemic statement, a link between Canada's thriving indie-arts culture and the land, to commemorate the centenary of the country's national parks service." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted May 20, 2011
2.5/4 73%

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

"The problem is that the film, despite an attempt to examine the intellectual pollution of pervasive marketing, can't help coming off as one big smirk." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted May 6, 2011
3/4 No Score Yet

A Drummer's Dream (2012)

"It's pure emotion. " ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Nov 5, 2010
3/4 96%

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011)

"A historic, invaluable film." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 18, 2010
3/4 90%

Armadillo (2011)

"This is filmmaking of great skill, in documenting what soldiers themselves say are conditions that no one on the outside can really understand." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 17, 2010
4/4 100%

I Wish I Knew (Hai shang chuan qi) (2010)

"The pacing is steady. The stories are told simply, with zero affectation or buildup by the director. The effect is astonishing." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 15, 2010
3/4 No Score Yet

Toronto Stories (2008)

Quote not available. ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 14, 2010
3/4 77%

Examined Life (2009)

Quote not available. ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 14, 2010
3/4 58%

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

"Zach Galifianakis steals the picture as the chronically dysfunctional but eminently wise Bobby, who teaches the adolescent how to like himself. Warts and all." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 14, 2010
3/4 89%

Waiting for Superman (2010)

"The heartbreak among children denied a proper education is irrefutable." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 14, 2010
4/4 82%

Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie (2011)

"As with all great speeches, this one is ultimately not just about the speaker, but the lasting power of the ideas he conveys." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 14, 2010
2/4 No Score Yet

Edison and Leo (2008)

Quote not available. ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 14, 2010
3/4 No Score Yet

Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space (2010)

"It particularly excels at showing the nuances of the militaristic mindset, especially the language it employs." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Jul 2, 2010
2/4 No Score Yet

What's Your Raashee? (What's Your Zodiac?) (2009)

"A straightforward, innocent comedy about arranged marriages, made for already ardent Bollywood fans." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 25, 2009
3/4 93%

The Damned United (2009)

"Add an extra star rating for footie fans." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 11, 2009
3/4 92%

Sugar (2008)

"Rich in texture and colour, music and aura." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Oct 18, 2008
3/4 76%

Nightwatching (2007)

"...the dialogue's hyper-intensity is the whole point, and Greenaway frames it with a heavy reliance on set design, rather than his usual use of overlapping images." ‐Globe and Mail
Posted Sep 8, 2007
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