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Manchester by the Sea (2016)

"The centerpiece of Kenneth Lonergan's drama Manchester by the Sea is a relatively short scene, a conversation between two characters that contains the most moving moments I've seen on screen in years." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Dec 2, 2016

Past Life (2016)

"Avi Nesher's brilliant, haunting Past Life may be his best film yet -- and that's saying a lot." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Nov 29, 2016
No Score Yet

Our Father (The Bouncer) (2016)

"In spite of Cohen's performance and the director's obvious affection for and understanding of the hero, the movie becomes heavy and tedious, and it is an ordeal to sit through." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Nov 17, 2016

American Pastoral (2016)

"The best thing I can say about this movie is that I hope it inspires people to read, or re-read, the novel." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Nov 10, 2016
No Score Yet

The Wedding Plan (2016)

"Koler is a real gem in the lead role." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Nov 3, 2016

The Sense Of Wonder (Le Goût des Merveilles) (2015)

"Everything in The Sense of Wonder may be just a little too good to be true, but it's intelligent escapism." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Oct 27, 2016
No Score Yet

The Women's Balcony (2016)

"Emil Ben-Shimon's The Women's Balcony proves that a movie doesn't have to be mean spirited in order to be funny." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Oct 10, 2016

My King (Mon roi) (2016)

"The movie not have much to say that is new about how an insecure woman can be tormented by a sexy, narcissistic man who alternately overwhelms her with affection and rejects her coldly, but it tells this ageold story in a way that held my interest." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Sep 29, 2016

Umrika (2015)

"Although it's set in the 1970s and '80s, it couldn't be more timely." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Sep 22, 2016

Sand Storm (Sufat Chol) (2016)

"A fascinating glimpse into the lives of Bedouin women, Elite Zexer's Sand Storm reveals drama and complexity in this usually hidden world." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Sep 16, 2016

Indignation (2016)

"All the elements of the movie -- the acting, production design, music and cinematography -- are beautifully and meticulously done." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Sep 8, 2016

One Week and a Day (Shavua ve Yom) (2016)

"It's a universal story, and Polonsky manages to tell it in a way that is engaging and not so bleak that audiences will want to stay away." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Sep 1, 2016

Captain Fantastic (2016)

"Captain Fantastic is a highly engrossing story of an unusual (and exasperating) man and family that raises some interesting questions." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Aug 11, 2016

Love & Friendship (2016)

"The movie, filled with the beautiful costumes and country real-estate porn that are de rigueur for a story set in this period, is fast-paced and enjoyable from start to finish." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Jul 20, 2016

Julieta (2016)

"In spite of excellent performances by the three main cast members -- Emma Suarez, Adriana Ugarte and Daniel Grao -- you may find your mind wandering." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Jul 13, 2016

Jeruzalem (2016)

"The movie is saved from being too formulaic by two elements. The first is Yael Grobglas... The second element is the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the movie." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Jul 8, 2016
No Score Yet

Barash (2015)

"The two lead actresses both give appealing and believable performances. Had the characters, especially Dana, been a bit more developed, the movie would be far more vivid and distinctive." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Jul 1, 2016
No Score Yet

The Settlers (2016)

"The Settlers is an ambitious film, and Dotan manages to cover a great deal of ground during the film's approximately 105-minute running time." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Jun 17, 2016

Ma ma (2016)

"While it's fun watching [Cruz], in the end Ma Ma is a wasted opportunity." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Jun 10, 2016
No Score Yet

Mountain (Ha'har) (2015)

"Klein is on screen virtually every moment of the movie, and just as she was utterly convincing as the ambitious but awkward soldier in Zero, here she is just as compelling as a lonely Orthodox married woman." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted May 20, 2016

The Commune (Kollektivet) (2015)

"The movie is kept afloat by the extremely lively and likable Dyrholm's performance as Anna." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Apr 27, 2016

Sweet Bean (An) (2016)

"An (aka Sweet Bean) starts out as part of a Japanese minigenre of feel-good food movies and gradually turns into something quite different, and very moving." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Apr 21, 2016

Chocolat (2016)

"The movie works best as a showcase for Sy, who is outstanding in every aspect of the role." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Apr 13, 2016
No Score Yet

Who's Gonna Love Me Now? (2016)

"Who's Gonna Love Me Now? is both entertaining and powerful." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Apr 7, 2016
No Score Yet

Un + une (2015)

"Claude Lelouch's film Un + Une is a genial romance, with gorgeous locations and charming actors." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Apr 6, 2016

Presenting Princess Shaw (2016)

"A moving look at how the human spirit and technology can intersect to produce art." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Apr 6, 2016
No Score Yet

Valley (Emek) (2014)

"Sophie Artus's carefully observed and moving Valley paints a bleak picture of the cold new world in which they live." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 24, 2016

Munich (2005)

"It's an incoherent film, as if Spielberg desperately wanted to say something important and could only come to the conclusion that killing is bad and we're all human. " ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
3/4 68%

Mrs. Henderson Presents (2006)

"The movie may be slight and a bit predictable, but these two actors are wonderful to watch." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
3/4 51%

For Your Consideration (2006)

"This isn't a movie meant to inspire much reflection. It aims to entertain and that it does." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
4/4 91%

United 93 (2006)

"It's a difficult and upsetting experience but a worthwhile one, which will linger in your mind long after the film ends." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Sweet Mud (Adama Meshuga'at) (2007)

"The plot may sound familiar, but director/writer Dror Shaul makes it fresh with his vivid and often bitterly funny depiction of the film's setting, a kibbutz in the 1970s." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Ha-shoter (Policeman) (2014)

"This is a lifeless filmschool exercise, an A+ final project that is utterly uninvolving. But the director has made it with such style, that he has lulled many into thinking it is a great film." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Hunting Elephants (2015)

"Levi, who made Lost Islands, a melodrama that was quite popular here a few years ago, is an accomplished showman and has made an entertaining comedy." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

The Exchange (Hahithalfut) (2011)

"While I often enjoy cinematic journeys into other worlds and altered states of consciousness, I was very pleased to return to the planet Earth when The Exchange ended." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Orhim le-rega (Off-White Lies) (2012)

"The performances, especially by Bentwich and Inbar, are wonderful. And Kenig is clearly a director to watch." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Under the Hawthorn Tree (Shan zha shu zhi lian) (2010)

"Zhang skillfully tells an emotionally compelling love story that focuses on the deep injustices of the Cultural Revolution era. It's probably his most emotionally resonant film since To Live." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Playoff (2011)

"While Klein may have been a fascinating person, this isn't a fascinating film." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Amador (2012)

"While on paper this may not sound like a movie you would enjoy, it is almost inexplicably entertaining while you are watching it." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

The Debt (2011)

"The film does have some suspense and makes some interesting points about our need to make heroes out of flawed people; but in the end, even with this wonderful cast, it's still a disappointment." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Reality (2013)

"It's all very well done, with evocative character actors like those used by Fellini, and settings reminiscent of Vittorio De Sica's 1960s comedies." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Zion et son frère (Zion and His Brother) (2009)

"The two young actors, Reuven Badalov and Ofer Hayoun, are both excellent, and I look forward to seeing them in their next movies." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Valley of Strength (2012)

"One of the strongest elements of the film is its two lead actors, Alkan and Ashkenazi." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
2/4 No Score Yet

Year Zero (2005)

"Year Zero has moments and scenes that work well, but they never have time to build, since the director always has to cut away to another storyline before anything gets resolved." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Infiltration (2010)

"Dover Kosashvili's Infiltration is a kind of muddled, Israeli M*A*S*H." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

The Snows of Kilimanjaro (2011)

"While the central conflict that the film attempts to explore may not be that compelling, it's still an engaging film and works as a slice-of-life drama." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
No Score Yet

Ponevezh Time (2012)

"Yehonatan Indursky's Ponevezh Time is a poetic and affectionate look at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in B'nei Brak." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Like Father, Like Son (2014)

"[Hirokazu Kore-eda] uses an attractive and talented cast to find a fresh take on a subject that has been mined by television movies and series ad infinitum." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Wadjda (2013)

"A cinematic gem, Wadjda is a movie that combines pointed political and social commentary, wonderful performances and an extraordinarily charming young heroine you can root for." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Cupcakes (2015)

"It's a stylized, gossamer-light musical comedy with gorgeous production design, a great pop score and, best of all, a group of actors who get to have fun on screen, singing and dancing together." ‐Jerusalem Post
Posted Mar 22, 2016
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